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Of the 513 words in


61-2 Peter


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z.



A,a.       35 Words


    A,1       a

  A,73       able

  A,85       abound

A,104       abundantly

A,129       according

A,131       account

A,136       accusation

A,186       add

A,245       adultery

A,265       afar

A,289       afraid

A,291       after

A,298       again

A,299       against

A,406       all

A,417       allure

A,437       also

A,450       always

A,451       am

A,475       Amen

A,501       among

A,515       an

A,538       and

A,547       angels

A,587       any

A,605       apostle

A,606       apostles

A,688       are

A,705       arise

A,754       as

A,786       ashes

A,809       asleep

A,817       ass

A,853       astray

A,924       away



B,b.       30 Words


  B,73       Balaam

B,139       barren

B,181       be

B,198       beasts

B,229       been

B,248       before

B,263       beginning

B,268       beguiling

B,284       being

B,311       beloved

B,372       beside

B,453       better

B,461       beware

B,531       blameless

B,551       blemishes

B,560       blind

B,619       bondage

B,651       Bosor

B,654       both

B,662       bought

B,727       brethren

B,751       bring

B,755       bringing

B,770       brother

B,773       brotherly

B,775       brought

B,784       brute

B,830       burned

B,850       but

B,863       by



C,c.       29 Words


  C,28       called

  C,32       calling

  C,41       came

  C,69       cannot

C,114       carried

C,130       cast

C,158       cease

C,184       chains

C,240       charity

C,313       chiefly

C,320       children

C,353       Christ

C,387       cities

C,403       clean

C,447       clouds

C,485       come

C,501       coming

C,510       commandment

C,585       concerning

C,597       condemned

C,710       continue

C,725       conversation

C,779       corruption

C,805       count

C,847       covetous

C,848       covetousness

C,868       creation

C,934       cunningly

C,947       cursed



D,d.       28 Words


  D,21       damnable

  D,22       damnation

  D,43       dark

  D,49       darkness

  D,66       dawn

  D,68       day

                to day

  D,70       days

D,108       decease

D,122       deceivings

D,151       deeds

D,202       deliver

D,205       delivered

D,225       denying

D,273       despise

D,284       destroyed

D,290       destruction

D,307       devised

D,347       dignities

D,351       diligence

D,352       diligent

D,471       dissolved

D,501       divine

D,511       do

D,525       dog

D,562       down

D,639       dumb

D,656       dwelleth

D,657       dwelling



E,e.       23 Words


  E,16       Earth

  E,79       eighth

E,105       election

E,107       elements

E,222       end

E,226       endeavour

E,287       ensample

E,295       entangled

E,310       entrance

E,350       epistle

E,351       epistles

E,370       error

E,377       escaped

E,403       established

E,442       even

E,448       ever

E,449       everlasting

E,457       evil

E,485       exceeding

E,490       excellent

E,514       exercised

E,556       eyes

E,560       eyewitnesses



F,f.        25 Words


    F,1       fables

  F,22       faith

  F,27       fall

  F,34       false

  F,73       Father

  F,76       fathers

F,104       feast

F,124       feigned

F,129       fell

F,159       fervent

F,206       filthy

F,223       fire

F,231       first

F,283       flesh

F,297       flood

F,331       follow

F,332       followed

F,336       following

F,349       for

F,351       forbad

F,414       forgotten

F,426       forsaken

F,452       found

F,507       from

F,528       full



G,g.       15 Words


G,143       ghost

                Holy Ghost

G,201       give

G,202       given

G,206       giving

G,230       glory

G,251       God

G,255       godliness

G,256       godly

G,274       Gomorrha

G,275       gone

G,298       government

G,304       grace

G,336       great

G,337       greater

G,387       grow



H,h.       24 Words


  H,16       had

H,132       happened

H,142       hard

H,211       hasting

H,224       hath

H,238       have

H,242       having

H,267       he

H,286       heard

H,292       hearing

H,298       heart

H,303       hearts

H,306       heat

H,312       Heaven

H,315       heavens

H,332       heed

H,361       Hell

H,391       her

H,406       heresies

H,474       him

H,496       his

H,540       holy

                Holy Ghost

H,552       honour

H,624       how



I,i.         9 Words


    I,1        I

  I,27        if

  I,33        ignorant

  I,87        in

I,148        iniquity

I,195        interpretation

I,200        into

I,231        is

I,278        it



J,j.        3 Words


J,223       Jesus

                Jesus Christ

                Lord Jesus Christ

J,367       judgment

J,379       just



K,k.       8 Words


  K,38       kept

  K,71       kindness

  K,78       kingdom

K,137       know

K,139       knoweth

K,140       knowing

K,141       knowledge

K,142       known



L,l.        20 Words


  L,17       lacketh

  L,84       last

  L,91       latter

L,159       led

L,193       lest

L,217       liberty

L,237       life

L,245       light

L,261       like

L,282       lingereth

L,302       live

L,343       long

L,349       longsuffering

L,351       look

L,355       looking

L,364       Lord

                Lord Jesus Christ

L,374       Lot

L,383       loved

L,418       lust

L,422       lusts



M,m.     29 Words


  M,27      made

  M,33      madness

  M,83      majesty

  M,85      make

  M,91      making

M,117      man

M,118      man’s

M,136      manner

M,147      many

M,233      may

M,236      me

M,275      meet

M,304      melt

M,316      men

M,340      merchandise

M,427      might

M,457      mindful

M,459      minds

M,467      ministered

M,481      mire

M,507      mist

M,568      more

M,570      moreover

M,598      mount

M,616      moved

M,626      much

M,632      multiplied

M,661      must

M,670      my



N,n.       14 Words


  N,66       natural

  N,68       nature

N,121       negligent

N,136       neither

N,171       never

N,172       nevertheless

N,173       new

N,190       night

N,207       no

N,209       Noah

N,221       noise

N,231       nor

N,238       not

N,253       now



O,o.       14 Words


  O,37       obtained

  O,55       of

  O,56       off

  O,87       old

O,102       on

O,106       one

O,180       other

O,186       ought

O,188       our

O,191       our

O,212       overcome

O,216       overflowed

O,242       overthrow

O,257       own



P,p.       37 Words


  P,75       partakers

  P,98       pass

P,123       patience

P,134       Paul

P,149       peace

P,186       people

P,198       perdition

P,225       perish

P,226       perished

P,235       pernicious

P,253       person

P,254       persons

P,261       pertain

P,277       Peter

P,394       place

P,439       pleased

P,442       pleasure

P,486       pollutions

P,552       power

P,555       practices

P,576       preacher

P,582       precious

P,602       present

P,620       presumptuous

P,660       private

P,662       privily

P,700       promise

P,703       promises

P,715       prophecy

P,721       prophet

P,724       prophets

P,746       proverb

P,799       punished

P,807       pure

P,812       purged

P,843       put

P,849       putting



R,r.       15 Words


  R,34       railing

  R,82       rather

R,115       reason

R,131       rebuked

R,138       receive

R,139       received

R,261       remembrance

R,300       repentance

R,353       reserve

R,354       reserved

R,434       reward

R,468       right

R,469       righteous

R,471       righteousness

R,484       riot



S,s.        51 Words


    S,74     salvation

    S,78     same

  S,139     saved

  S,143     saviour

  S,156     saying

  S,188     scoffers

  S,215     scripture

  S,216     scriptures

  S,249     second

  S,266     see

  S,271     seeing

  S,301     selfwilled

  S,352     servant

  S,354     servants

  S,420     shall

  S,577     shewed

  S,626     shineth

  S,677     shortly

  S,681     should

  S,785     Simon

  S,790     sin

  S,793     since

  S,812     sinned

  S,818     sins

  S,863     slack

  S,865     slackness

  S,914     slumbereth

  S,953     so

  S,968     Sodom

  S,998     some

S,1004     son

S,1043     soul

S,1045     souls

S,1055     sow

S,1065     spake

S,1070     spared

S,1080     speak

S,1084     speaking

S,1137     spoken

S,1143     sporting

S,1144     spot

S,1145     spots

S,1206     standing

S,1208     star

S,1232     stedfastness

S,1263     stir

S,1293     store

S,1421     such

S,1479     sure

S,1520     swelling

S,1524     swift



T,t.        35 Words


    T,9       tabernacle

  T,34       take

  T,35       taken

T,103       teachers

T,143       temperance

T,146       tempest

T,153       temptations

T,203       than

T,215       that

T,216       the

T,223       their

T,226       them

T,227       themselves

T,228       then

T,232       there

T,236       therefore

T,238       therein

T,247       these

T,251       they

T,257       thief

T,264       thing

T,265       things

T,267       think

T,282       this

T,292       those

T,294       though

T,298       thousand

T,326       through

T,373       time

T,408       to

                to day

T,587       true

T,600       truth

T,612       turn

T,613       turned

T,616       turning



U,u.       17 Words


  U,23       uncleanness

  U,39       understand

  U,43       understood

  U,54       unfruitful

  U,57       ungodly

  U,64       unjust

  U,68       unlawful

  U,69       unlearned

  U,90       unrighteousness

U,101       unstable

U,106       until

U,108       unto

U,117       up

U,129       upon

U,151       us

U,161       us-ward

U,169       utterly



V,v.       5 Words


  V,24       vanity

  V,58       vexed

  V,94       virtue

V,108       voice

V,114       vomit



W,w.     42 Words


    W,4      wages

  W,21      walk

  W,26      walking

  W,31      wallowing

  W,45      wantonness

  W,68      was

  W,70      washed

  W,96      water

W,119      way

W,122      ways

W,124      we

W,171      well

W,176      wells

W,183      were

W,192      what

W,200      when

W,203      where

W,205      whereas

W,206      whereby

W,207      wherefore

W,208      wherein

W,215      whereunto

W,221      which

W,222      while

W,241      who

W,245      whom

W,256      whose

W,260      wicked

W,277      will

W,279      willing

W,280      willingly

W,316      wisdom

W,329      with

W,345      without

W,389      word

W,391      words

W,403      works

W,405      world

W,412      worse

W,445      wrest

W,456      write

W,463      written



Y,y.       5 Words


    Y,2       ye

    Y,3       yea

    Y,9       years

  Y,27       you

  Y,31       your





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