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A,a.       36 Words


    A,1       a

  A,88       abounding

  A,90       above

  A,99       absent

A,129       according

A,161       acknowledgement

A,216       admonishing

A,270       affection

A,281       afflictions

A,291       after

A,299       against

A,306       ages

A,402       alienated

A,406       all

A,437       also

A,449       alway

A,450       always

A,451       am

A,475       Amen

A,501       among

A,515       an

A,538       and

A,547       angels

A,549       anger

A,565       another

A,567       answer

A,587       any

A,605       apostle

A,618       appear

A,682       Archippus

A,688       are

A,708       Aristarchus

A,754       as

A,840       assurance

A,859       at

A,924       away



B,b.       32 Words


  B,92       bands

B,103       baptism

B,117       barbarian

B,134       Barnabas

B,181       be

B,188       bear

B,229       been

B,248       before

B,263       beginning

B,266       beguile

B,278       behind

B,282       beholding

B,284       being

B,311       beloved

B,461       beware

B,517       bitter

B,542       blasphemy

B,565       blood

B,576       blotting

B,602       bodily

B,603       body

B,604       body’s

B,618       bond

B,624       bonds

B,671       bowels

B,727       brethren

B,754       bringeth

B,770       brother

B,804       built

B,827       buried

B,850       but

B,863       by



C,c.       26 Words


  C,28       called

C,147       cause

C,158       cease

C,240       charity

C,320       children

C,353       Christ

C,363       church

C,379       circumcised

C,381       circumcision

C,479       Colosse

C,485       come

C,490       cometh

C,491       comfort

C,494       comforted

C,511       commandments

C,534       communication

C,567       complete

C,594       concupiscence

C,629       conflict

C,661       consist

C,710       continue

C,717       contrary

C,848       covetousness

C,866       created

C,870       creature

C,899       cross



D,d.       27 Words


  D,49       darkness

  D,68       day

  D,70       days

  D,77       dead

  D,90       dear

  D,93       death

D,110       deceit

D,132       declare

D,133       declared

D,150       deed

D,151       deeds

D,205       delivered

D,216       Demas

D,258       desire

D,407       discouraged

D,437       disobedience

D,442       dispensation

D,511       do

D,515       doctrines

D,524       doeth

D,532       dominions

D,533       done

D,534       door

D,544       doth

D,599       drink

D,652       dwell

D,656       dwelleth



E,e.       12 Words


  E,16       Earth

E,102       elect

E,243       enemies

E,308       enticing

E,327       Epaphras

E,350       epistle

E,352       equal

E,406       estate

E,442       even

E,451       every

E,457       evil

E,558       eyeservice



F,f.        32 Words


    F,2       face

  F,22       faith

  F,23       faithful

  F,73       Father

  F,76       fathers

F,102       fearing

F,144       fellowprisoner

F,147       fellowservant

F,151       fellowworkers

F,160       fervently

F,195       fill

F,196       filled

F,206       filthy

F,233       firstborn

F,250       fit

F,283       flesh

F,286       fleshly

F,349       for

F,356       forbearing

F,397       forgave

F,408       forgiven

F,409       forgiveness

F,412       forgiving

F,421       fornication

F,434       forth

F,484       free

F,507       from

F,516       fruit

F,517       fruitful

F,525       fulfil

F,528       full

F,533       fulness



G,g.       16 Words


G,113       generations

G,116       Gentiles

G,201       give

G,202       given

G,206       giving

G,228       glorious

G,230       glory

G,251       God

G,254       Godhead

G,276       good

G,291       gospel

G,304       grace

G,336       great

G,348       Greek

G,353       greet

G,384       grounded



H,h.       33 Words


  H,96       hand

H,102       handle

H,111       hands

H,113       handwriting

H,203       hast

H,224       hath

H,238       have

H,242       having

H,267       he

H,268       head

H,286       heard

H,298       heart

H,302       heartily

H,303       hearts

H,312       Heaven

H,332       heed

H,399       here

H,448       hid

H,457       Hierapolis

H,474       him

H,475       himself

H,496       his

H,528       holding

H,540       Holy

H,541       holyday

H,552       honour

H,563       hope

H,617       house

H,624       how

H,639       humbleness

H,643       humility

H,680       husbands

H,692       hymns



I,i.         16 Words


    I,1        I

  I,23        idolatry

  I,27        if

  I,43        image

  I,87        in

I,101        increase

I,104        increaseth

I,105        increasing

I,109        indeed

I,142        inheritance

I,161        inordinate

I,200        into

I,205        intruding

I,213        invisible

I,231        is

I,278        it



J,j.        8 Words


J,223       Jesus

J,233       Jew

J,292       joints

J,345       joyfulness

J,346       joying

J,361       judge

J,379       just

J,389       Justus



K,k.       8 Words


  K,71       kindness

  K,78       kingdom

K,126       knew

K,129       knit

K,137       know

K,140       knowing

K,141       knowledge

K,142       known



L,l.        18 Words


    L,5       labour

  L,10       labouring

  L,35       laid

  L,71       Laodicea

  L,72       Laodiceans

L,138       learned

L,193       lest

L,194       let

L,229       lie

L,237       life

L,245       light

L,268       likewise

L,303       lived

L,309       living

L,349       longsuffering

L,364       Lord

L,381       love

L,412       Luke



M,m.     30 Words


  M,27      made

  M,85      make

M,108      malice

M,117      man

M,129      manifest

M,147      many

M,160      Marcus

M,202      master

M,206      masters

M,233      may

M,236      me

M,253      meat

M,274      meekness

M,275      meet

M,311      members

M,316      men

M,324      menpleasers

M,345      mercies

M,427      might

M,432      mightily

M,455      mind

M,466      minister

M,467      ministered

M,472      ministry

M,563      moon

M,583      mortify

M,612      mouth

M,616      moved

M,670      my

M,677      mystery



N,n.       11 Words


  N,36       nailing

  N,42       name

N,120       neglecting

N,136       neither

N,173       new

N,207       no

N,231       nor

N,238       not

N,251       nourishment

N,253       now

N,265       Nymphas



O,o.       19 Words


  O,16       obey

  O,55       of

  O,56       off

  O,87       old

O,102       on

O,106       one

O,109       Onesimus

O,112       only

O,117       open

O,123       openly

O,124       operation

O,146       or

O,156       order

O,162       ordinances

O,186       ought

O,188       our

O,191       out

O,208       over

O,257       own



P,p.       31 Words


  P,65       parents

  P,75       partakers

P,123       patience

P,134       Paul

P,149       peace

P,204       perfect

P,209       perfectness

P,225       perish

P,254       persons

P,323       philosophy

P,333       physician

P,439       pleased

P,441       pleasing

P,552       power

P,554       powers

P,567       pray

P,569       prayer

P,570       prayers

P,573       praying

P,574       preach

P,575       preached

P,585       preeminence

P,602       present

P,648       principalities

P,649       principality

P,760       provoke

P,774       psalms

P,789       puffed

P,826       purpose

P,843       put

P,849       putting



Q,q.       2 Words


    Q,6       quarrel

  Q,22       quickened



R,r.       21 Words


  R,42       raised

  R,97       read

R,138       receive

R,139       received

R,158       reconcile

R,159       reconciled

R,162       record

R,177       redeeming

R,178       redemption

R,231       rejoice

R,256       remember

R,283       renewed

R,365       respect

R,434       reward

R,454       riches

R,455       richly

R,468       right

R,493       risen

R,548       rooted

R,574       rudiments

R,582       rule



S,s.        52 Words


      S,3     sabbath

    S,44     saints

    S,47     sake

    S,64     salt

    S,69     salutation

    S,71     salute

    S,73     saluteth

    S,78     same

  S,133     satisfying

  S,154     say

  S,220     Scythian

  S,239     seasoned

  S,271     seeing

  S,272     seek

  S,280     seen

  S,325     sent

  S,352     servant

  S,354     servants

  S,356     serve

  S,366     set

  S,375     settled

  S,402     shadow

  S,420     shall

  S,575     shew

  S,681     should

  S,755     sight

  S,793     since

  S,805     singing

  S,807     singleness

  S,818     sins

  S,829     sister’s

  S,835     sitteth

  S,953     so

  S,998     some

S,1001     sometime

S,1004     son

S,1007     songs

S,1080     speak

S,1095     speech

S,1119     spirit


S,1121     spiritual

S,1129     spoil

S,1130     spoiled

S,1177     stablished

S,1200     stand

S,1212     state

S,1232     stedfastness

S,1333     strengthened

S,1362     striving

S,1395     subject

S,1398     submit

S,1436     sufferings



T,t.        40 Words


  T,34       take

  T,87       taste

  T,93       taught

T,106       teaching

T,206       thankful

T,209       thanks

T,210       thanksgiving

T,215       that

T,216       the

T,223       their

T,226       them

T,228       then

T,232       there

T,236       therefore

T,238       therein

T,247       these

T,251       they

T,265       things

T,266       things’

T,282       this

T,292       those

T,293       thou

T,294       though

T,322       thrones

T,326       through

T,373       time

T,382       Timotheus

T,408       to

T,418       together

T,438       took

T,463       touch

T,466       touching

T,468       toward

T,479       tradition

T,504       translated

T,534       treasures

T,548       trespasses

T,566       triumphing

T,600       truth

T,637       Tychicus



U,u.       12 Words


  U,13       unblameable

  U,19       uncircumcision

  U,23       uncleanness

  U,35       under

  U,42       understanding

  U,87       unreproveable

U,108       unto

U,117       up

U,129       upon

U,151       us

U,157       using

U,165       utterance



V,v.       4 Words


    V,5       vain

    V,7       vainly

  V,98       visible

V,113       voluntary



W,w.     42 Words


  W,21      walk

  W,22      walked

  W,60      warning

  W,68      was

  W,83      watch

W,119      way

W,124      we

W,171      well

W,183      were

W,192      what

W,193      whatsoever

W,200      when

W,203      where

W,207      wherefore

W,208      wherein

W,211      whereof

W,215      whereunto

W,220      whether

W,221      which

W,241      who

W,245      whom

W,259      why

W,260      wicked

W,277      will

W,316      wisdom

W,329      with

W,330      withal

W,345      without

W,356      wives

W,389      word

W,391      words

W,392      work

W,396      worketh

W,398      working

W,403      works

W,405      world

W,413      worship

W,418      worshipping

W,423      worthy

W,426      would

W,438      wrath

W,464      wrong



Y,y.       5 Words


    Y,2       ye

  Y,17       yet

  Y,27       you

  Y,31       your

  Y,33       yourselves



Z,z.        1 Word


  Z,47       zeal





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