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A,a.†††††† 83 Words


††† A,1†††††† a

A,43†††††† abide

A,44†††††† abideth

A,45†††††† abiding

A,73†††††† able

A,77†††††† abode

A,89†††††† about

A,90†††††† above

A,91†††††† Abraham

A,92†††††† Abrahamís

A,95†††††† abroad

A,104†††††† abundantly

A,125†††††† accomplished

A,129†††††† according

A,136†††††† accusation

A,137†††††† accuse

A,140†††††† accusers

A,141†††††† accuseth

A,171†††††† act

A,245†††††† adultery

A,264†††††† Aenon

A,288†††††† aforetime

A,289†††††† afraid

A,291†††††† after

A,293†††††† afterward

A,294†††††† afterwards

A,298†††††† again

A,299†††††† against

A,303†††††† age

A,311†††††† agreed

A,406†††††† all

A,428†††††† aloes

A,429†††††† alone

A,436†††††† already

A,437†††††† also

A,445†††††† altogether

A,449†††††† alway

A,450†††††† always

A,451†††††† am

A,475†††††† Amen

A,476†††††† amend

A,501†††††† among

A,515†††††† an

A,538†††††† and

A,539†††††† Andrew

A,545†††††† angel

A,547†††††† angels

A,552†††††† angry

A,553†††††† anguish

A,558†††††† Annas

A,560†††††† anointed

A,565†††††† another

A,566†††††† anotherís

A,567†††††† answer

A,569†††††† answered

A,571†††††† answerest

A,587†††††† any

A,601†††††† apiece

A,619†††††† appearance

A,688†††††† are

A,702†††††† Arimathaea

A,705†††††† arise

A,706†††††† ariseth

A,712†††††† arm

A,731†††††† arose

A,741†††††† art

A,754†††††† as

A,764†††††† ascend

A,765†††††† ascended

A,767†††††† ascending

A,801†††††† aside

A,803†††††† ask

A,804†††††† asked

A,806†††††† askest

A,807†††††† asketh

A,808†††††† asking

A,817†††††† ass

A,818†††††† assís

A,825†††††† assembled

A,859†††††† at

A,899†††††† authority

A,918†††††† awake

A,924†††††† away



B,b.†††††† 101 Words


B,40†††††† back

B,51†††††† backward

B,57†††††† bag

B,90†††††† band

B,107†††††† baptize

B,108†††††† baptized

B,109†††††† baptizest

B,110†††††† baptizeth

B,111†††††† baptizing

B,113†††††† Barabbas

B,122†††††† bare

B,124†††††† barest

B,132†††††† barley

B,155†††††† baskets

B,157†††††† bason

B,181†††††† be

B,188†††††† bear

B,192†††††† bearest

B,193†††††† bearest

B,194†††††† bearing

B,211†††††† because

B,214†††††† beckoned

B,216†††††† become

B,218†††††† bed

B,229†††††† been

B,248†††††† before

B,252†††††† began

B,259†††††† begged

B,263†††††† beginning

B,265†††††† begotten

B,276†††††† beheld

B,279†††††† behold

B,284†††††† being

B,294†††††† believe

B,295†††††† believed

B,297†††††† believest

B,298†††††† believeth

B,299†††††† believing

B,305†††††† belly

B,325†††††† beneath

B,379†††††† besought

B,384†††††† bestowed

B,388†††††† Bethabara

B,391†††††† Bethany

B,407†††††† Bethesda

B,420†††††† Bethlehem

B,434†††††† Bethsaida

B,446†††††† betray

B,447†††††† betrayed

B,450†††††† betrayeth

B,455†††††† between

B,465†††††† beyond

B,501†††††† birth

B,536†††††† blasphemest

B,542†††††† blasphemy

B,553†††††† blessed

B,559†††††† blew

B,560†††††† blind

B,561†††††† blinded

B,565†††††† blood

B,578†††††† bloweth

B,596†††††† boat

B,597†††††† boats

B,601†††††† bodies

B,603†††††† body

B,612†††††† boldly

B,619†††††† bondage

B,629†††††† bone

B,632†††††† book

B,633†††††† books

B,643†††††† born

B,644†††††† borne

B,650†††††† bosom

B,654†††††† both

B,663†††††† bound

B,670†††††† bowed

B,687†††††† brake

B,691†††††† branch

B,692†††††† branches

B,706†††††† bread

B,714†††††† breast

B,720†††††† breathed

B,727†††††† brethren

B,735†††††† bride

B,737†††††† bridegroom

B,738†††††† bridegroomís

B,749†††††† brim

B,751†††††† bring

B,754†††††† bringeth

B,762†††††† broken

B,767†††††† brook

B,770†††††† brother

B,775†††††† brought

B,802†††††† building

B,830†††††† burned

B,832†††††† burning

B,838†††††† bury

B,839†††††† burying

B,850†††††† but

B,856†††††† buy

B,863†††††† by



C,c.†††††† 105 Words


††† C,5†††††† Caesar

††† C,6†††††† Caesarís

††† C,9†††††† Caiaphas

C,27†††††† call

C,28†††††† called

C,31†††††† calleth

C,41†††††† came

C,46†††††† camest

C,52†††††† can

C,53†††††† Cana

C,69†††††† cannot

C,70†††††† canst

C,71†††††† Capernaum

C,78†††††† captain

C,91†††††† cared

C,99†††††† careth

C,117†††††† carry

C,124†††††† case

C,130†††††† cast

C,140†††††† catcheth

C,143†††††† cattle

C,144†††††† caught

C,147†††††† cause

C,148†††††† caused

C,155†††††† cave

C,164†††††† Cedron

C,174†††††† Cephas

C,176†††††† certain

C,212†††††† changers

C,213†††††† changersí

C,267†††††† cheer

C,311†††††† chief

C,314†††††† child

C,320†††††† children

C,351†††††† chosen

C,353†††††† Christ

C,378†††††† circumcise

C,381†††††† circumcision

C,390†††††† city

C,402†††††† clay

C,403†††††† clean

C,422†††††† Cleophas

C,429†††††† climbeth

C,432†††††† cloke

C,442†††††† clothes

C,457†††††† coals

C,460†††††† coat

C,462†††††† cock

C,471†††††† cold

C,483†††††† colt

C,485†††††† come

C,490†††††† cometh

C,491†††††† comfort

C,494†††††† comforted

C,496†††††† comforter

C,499†††††† comfortless

C,501†††††† coming

C,503†††††† command

C,504†††††† commanded

C,510†††††† commandment

C,511†††††† commandments

C,519†††††† commit

C,520†††††† committed

C,522†††††† committeth

C,545†††††† company

C,572†††††† comprehended

C,585†††††† concerning

C,595†††††† condemn

C,596†††††† condemnation

C,597†††††† condemned

C,614†††††† confess

C,615†††††† confessed

C,646†††††† conscience

C,656†††††† consider

C,678†††††† consulted

C,687†††††† contain

C,690†††††† containing

C,710†††††† continue

C,711†††††† continued

C,728†††††† converted

C,733†††††† conveyed

C,734†††††† convicted

C,737†††††† convinceth

C,754†††††† cords

C,760†††††† corn

C,784†††††† costly

C,794†††††† could

C,795†††††† couldest

C,798†††††† council

C,800†††††† counsel

C,813†††††† country

C,883†††††† crew

C,885†††††† cried

C,899†††††† cross

C,903†††††† crow

C,904†††††† crown

C,911†††††† crucified

C,912†††††† crucify

C,921†††††† crying

C,924†††††† cubits

C,935†††††† cup

C,941†††††† cured

C,947†††††† cursed

C,960†††††† custom

C,962†††††† cut



D,d.†††††† 74 Words


D,22†††††† damnation

D,24†††††† damsel

D,43†††††† dark

D,49†††††† darkness

D,61†††††† daughter

D,64†††††† David

D,68†††††† day

D,70†††††† days

D,77†††††† dead

D,87†††††† dealings

D,93†††††† death

D,117†††††† deceived

D,120†††††† deceiveth

D,132†††††† declare

D,133†††††† declared

D,139†††††† decrease

D,149†††††† dedication

D,151†††††† deeds

D,153†††††† deep

D,173†††††† defiled

D,205†††††† delivered

D,220†††††† denied

D,226†††††† depart

D,227†††††† departed

D,245†††††† descending

D,252†††††† desert

D,259†††††† desired

D,265†††††† desirous

D,283†††††† destroy

D,303†††††† devil

D,329†††††† did

D,331†††††† didst

D,332†††††† Didymus

D,333†††††† die

D,334†††††† died

D,365†††††† dine

D,366†††††† dined

D,372†††††† dipped

D,396†††††† disciple

D,397†††††† disciples

D,398†††††† disciplesí

D,416†††††† disease

D,417†††††† diseased

D,430†††††† dishonour

D,444†††††† dispersed

D,485†††††† distributed

D,505†††††† division

D,511†††††† do

D,514†††††† doctrine

D,523†††††† doest

D,524†††††† doeth

D,533†††††† done

D,534†††††† door

D,537†††††† doors

D,541†††††† dost

D,544†††††† doth

D,550†††††† doubt

D,554†††††† doubting

D,558†††††† dove

D,560†††††† doves

D,562†††††† down

D,567†††††† dragging

D,571†††††† drank

D,574†††††† draw

D,578†††††† drawing

D,594†††††† drew

D,599†††††† drink

D,601†††††† drinketh

D,619†††††† drove

D,624†††††† drunk

D,647†††††† durst

D,655†††††† dwellest

D,656†††††† dwelleth

D,661†††††† dwelt



E,e.†††††† 38 Words


††† E,6†††††† ear

††† E,9†††††† early

E,16†††††† Earth

E,18†††††† earthly

E,30†††††† eat

E,31†††††† eaten

E,35†††††† eateth

E,76†††††† eight

E,82†††††† either

E,97†††††† eldest

E,122†††††† Elias

E,172†††††† else

E,222†††††† end

E,230†††††† ended

E,240†††††† endureth

E,278†††††† enquire

E,279†††††† enquired

E,298†††††† enter

E,299†††††† entered

E,300†††††† entereth

E,339†††††† Ephraim

E,352†††††† equal

E,361†††††† ere

E,372†††††† Esaias

E,377†††††† escaped

E,419†††††† eternal

E,442†††††† even

E,443†††††† evening

E,448†††††† ever

E,449†††††† everlasting

E,450†††††† evermore

E,451†††††† every

E,457†††††† evil

E,479†††††† example

E,493†††††† except

E,504†††††† execute

E,526†††††† expedient

E,556†††††† eyes



F,f.††††††† 67 Words


††† F,2†††††† face

F,26†††††† faithless

F,27†††††† fall

F,50†††††† far

F,73†††††† father

F,74†††††† Fatherís

F,76†††††† fathers

F,86†††††† fault

F,95†††††† fear

F,96†††††† feared

F,104†††††† feast

F,115†††††† feed

F,122†††††† feet

F,129†††††† fell

F,135†††††† fellow

F,138†††††† fellowdisciples

F,168†††††† fever

F,175†††††† fields

F,180†††††† fifteen

F,185†††††† fifty

F,186†††††† fig

F,187†††††† fight

F,195†††††† fill

F,196†††††† filled

F,208†††††† find

F,210†††††† findeth

F,215†††††† finger

F,218†††††† finish

F,219†††††† finished

F,223†††††† fire

F,228†††††† firkins

F,231†††††† first

F,239†††††† fish

F,242†††††† fisherís

F,244†††††† fishes

F,246†††††† fishing

F,255†††††† five

F,279†††††† flee

F,282†††††† fleeth

F,283†††††† flesh

F,306†††††† flow

F,324†††††† fold

F,329†††††† folk

F,331†††††† follow

F,332†††††† followed

F,335†††††† followeth

F,336†††††† following

F,345†††††† foot

F,349†††††† for

F,362†††††† force

F,421†††††† fornication

F,434†††††† forth

F,435†††††† forthwith

F,443†††††† forty

F,452†††††† found

F,453†††††† foundation

F,460†††††† four

F,474†††††† fragments

F,484†††††† free

F,499†††††† friend

F,501†††††† friends

F,507†††††† from

F,516†††††† fruit

F,526†††††† fulfilled

F,528†††††† full

F,533†††††† fulness

F,538†††††† furlongs



G,g.†††††† 52 Words


††† G,5†††††† Gabbatha

G,30†††††† Galilaeans

G,31†††††† Galilee

G,46†††††† garden

G,47†††††† gardener

G,53†††††† garments

G,67†††††† gather

G,68†††††† gathered

G,71†††††† gathereth

G,76†††††† gave

G,77†††††† gavest

G,116†††††† Gentiles

G,143†††††† Ghost

G,163†††††† gift

G,182†††††† gird

G,183†††††† girded

G,184†††††† girdedst

G,194†††††† girt

G,201†††††† give

G,202†††††† given

G,205†††††† giveth

G,208†††††† glad

G,224†††††† glorified

G,226†††††† glorify

G,230†††††† glory

G,241†††††† go

G,251†††††† God

G,252†††††† Godís

G,257†††††† gods

G,259†††††† goest

G,260†††††† goeth

G,262†††††† going

G,270†††††† Golgotha

G,275†††††† gone

G,276†††††† good

G,300†††††† governor

G,304†††††† grace

G,318†††††† grass

G,322†††††† grave

G,324†††††† graveclothes

G,328†††††† graves

G,336†††††† great

G,337†††††† greater

G,339†††††† greatly

G,348†††††† Greek

G,349†††††† Greeks

G,365†††††† grieved

G,376†††††† groaned

G,378†††††† groaning

G,383†††††† ground

G,400†††††† guide

G,404†††††† guile



H,h.†††††† 65 Words


H,16†††††† had

H,29†††††† hadst

H,45†††††† hail

H,47†††††† hair

H,60†††††† hall

H,65†††††† halt

H,96†††††† hand

H,111†††††† hands

H,135†††††† happy

H,142†††††† hard

H,144†††††† hardened

H,186†††††† harvest

H,203†††††† hast

H,210†††††† hastily

H,217†††††† hate

H,218†††††† hated

H,223†††††† hateth

H,224†††††† hath

H,238†††††† have

H,242†††††† having

H,267†††††† he

H,268†††††† head

H,274†††††† heal

H,275†††††† healed

H,285†††††† hear

H,286†††††† heard

H,290†††††† hearest

H,291†††††† heareth

H,298†††††† heart

H,312†††††† Heaven

H,314†††††† heavenly

H,323†††††† Hebrew

H,333†††††† heel

H,384†††††† hence

H,385†††††† henceforth

H,391†††††† her

H,399†††††† here

H,400†††††† hereafter

H,402†††††† herein

H,427†††††† herself

H,448†††††† hid

H,452†††††† hide

H,459†††††† high

H,474†††††† him

H,475†††††† himself

H,493†††††† hireling

H,496†††††† his

H,500†††††† hither

H,501†††††† hitherto

H,540†††††† Holy

H,543†††††† home

H,552†††††† honour

H,556†††††† honoureth

H,597†††††† Hosanna

H,615†††††† hour

H,616†††††† hours

H,617†††††† house

H,624†††††† how

H,625†††††† howbeit

H,645†††††† hundred

H,649†††††† hunger

H,675†††††† husband

H,677†††††† husbandman

H,680†††††† husbands

H,699†††††† hyssop



I,i.†††††††† 18 Words


††† I,1††††††† I

I,27††††††† if

I,55††††††† immediately

I,74††††††† impotent

I,87††††††† in

I,101††††††† increase

I,109††††††† indeed

I,124††††††† infirmity

I,186††††††† intent

I,195††††††† interpretation

I,197††††††† interpreted

I,200††††††† into

I,231††††††† is

I,236††††††† Iscariot

I,266††††††† Israel

I,268††††††† Israelite

I,278††††††† it

I,294††††††† itself



J,j.††††††† 24 Words


J,27†††††† Jacob

J,28†††††† Jacobís

J,200†††††† Jerusalem

J,223†††††† Jesus

J,224†††††† Jesusí

J,233†††††† Jew

J,238†††††† Jewry

J,239†††††† Jews

J,240†††††† Jewsí

J,281†††††† John

J,282†††††† Johnís

J,300†††††† Jona

J,304†††††† Jonas

J,312†††††† Jordan

J,319†††††† Joseph

J,336†††††† journey

J,341†††††† joy

J,355†††††† Judaea

J,358†††††† Judas

J,361†††††† judge

J,362†††††† judged

J,365†††††† judgeth

J,367†††††† judgment

J,379†††††† just



K,k.†††††† 15 Words


K,20†††††† keep

K,24†††††† keepeth

K,38†††††† kept

K,58†††††† kill

K,62†††††† killeth

K,76†††††† king

K,78†††††† kingdom

K,85†††††† kinsman

K,126†††††† knew

K,127†††††† knewest

K,137†††††† know

K,138†††††† knowest

K,139†††††† knoweth

K,140†††††† knowing

K,142†††††† known



L,l.††††††† 66 Words


††† L,5†††††† labour

††† L,6†††††† laboured

L,11†††††† labours

L,19†††††† lad

L,35†††††† laid

L,37†††††† lain

L,42†††††† lamb

L,44†††††† lambs

L,48†††††† lament

L,57†††††† land

L,70†††††† lanterns

L,84†††††† last

L,87†††††† latchet

L,88†††††† late

L,90†††††† Latin

L,104†††††† law

L,105†††††† lawful

L,112†††††† lay

L,117†††††† Lazarus

L,122†††††† leadeth

L,128†††††† leaned

L,131†††††† leaning

L,138†††††† learned

L,144†††††† leave

L,150†††††† leaveth

L,159†††††† led

L,164†††††† left

L,170†††††† legs

L,193†††††† lest

L,194†††††† let

L,196†††††† letters

L,205†††††† Levites

L,211†††††† liar

L,229†††††† lie

L,237†††††† life

L,239†††††† lift

L,240†††††† lifted

L,245†††††† light

L,252†††††† lighteth

L,261†††††† like

L,268†††††† likewise

L,279†††††† linen

L,299†††††† listeth

L,301†††††† little

L,302†††††† live

L,308†††††† liveth

L,309†††††† living

L,311†††††† lo

L,322†††††† loaves

L,343†††††† long

L,351†††††† look

L,352†††††† looked

L,355†††††† looking

L,359†††††† loose

L,364†††††† Lord

L,370†††††† lose

L,373†††††† lost

L,378†††††† lots

L,379†††††† loud

L,381†††††† love

L,383†††††† loved

L,384†††††† lovedst

L,389†††††† lovest

L,390†††††† loveth

L,422†††††† lusts

L,430†††††† lying



M,m.†††† 64 Words


M,25††††† mad

M,27††††† made

M,37††††† Magdalene

M,85††††† make

M,88††††† makest

M,89††††† maketh

M,91††††† making

M,102††††† Malchus

M,104††††† malefactor

M,117††††† man

M,118††††† manís

M,129††††† manifest

M,131††††† manifested

M,135††††† manna

M,136††††† manner

M,142††††† mansions

M,147††††† many

M,167††††† market

M,175††††† marriage

M,185††††† Martha

M,188††††† marvel

M,189††††† marvelled

M,190††††† marvellous

M,193††††† Mary

M,202††††† master

M,233††††† may

M,236††††† me

M,242††††† mean

M,246††††† means

M,249††††† measure

M,253††††† meat

M,275††††† meet

M,316††††† men

M,340††††† merchandise

M,384††††† Messias

M,385††††† met

M,421††††† midst

M,427††††† might

M,460††††† mine

M,479††††† miracle

M,480††††† miracles

M,519††††† mixture

M,556††††† money

M,561††††† months

M,568††††† more

M,573††††† morning

M,586††††† Moses

M,587††††† Mosesí

M,592††††† mother

M,593††††† motherís

M,598††††† mount

M,599††††† mountain

M,612††††† mouth

M,620††††† moving

M,626††††† much

M,637††††† multitude

M,643††††† murderer

M,646††††† murmur

M,647††††† murmured

M,649††††† murmuring

M,661††††† must

M,670††††† my

M,672††††† myrrh

M,674††††† myself



N,n.†††††† 34 Words


N,37†††††† nails

N,40†††††† naked

N,42†††††† name

N,43†††††† nameís

N,44†††††† named

N,53†††††† napkin

N,60†††††† Nathanael

N,62†††††† nation

N,76†††††† nay

N,79†††††† Nazareth

N,84†††††† near

N,105†††††† need

N,106†††††† needed

N,107†††††† needest

N,108†††††† needeth

N,113†††††† needs

N,131†††††† neighbours

N,136†††††† neither

N,157†††††† net

N,171†††††† never

N,172†††††† nevertheless

N,173†††††† new

N,178†††††† next

N,184†††††† Nicodemus

N,189†††††† nigh

N,190†††††† night

N,207†††††† no

N,214†††††† nobleman

N,225†††††† none

N,231†††††† nor

N,238†††††† not

N,242†††††† nothing

N,253†††††† now

N,254†††††† number



O,o.†††††† 32 Words


††† O,1†††††† O

O,53†††††† odour

O,55†††††† of

O,56†††††† off

O,59†††††† offend

O,60†††††† offended

O,70†††††† officers

O,78†††††† ofttimes

O,85†††††† ointment

O,87†††††† old

O,90†††††† Olives

O,102†††††† on

O,106†††††† one

O,112†††††† only

O,117†††††† open

O,118†††††† opened

O,120†††††† openeth

O,123†††††† openly

O,146†††††† or

O,154†††††† ordained

O,180†††††† other

O,181†††††† others

O,186†††††† ought

O,188†††††† our

O,190†††††† ourselves

O,191†††††† out

O,200†††††† outrun

O,208†††††† over

O,212†††††† overcome

O,241†††††† overthrew

O,257†††††† own

O,262†††††† oxen



P,p.†††††† 76 Words


P,23†††††† palace

P,32†††††† palm

P,51†††††† parable

P,58†††††† parcel

P,65†††††† parents

P,73†††††† part

P,77†††††† parted

P,91†††††† parts

P,98†††††† pass

P,101†††††† passed

P,109†††††† passover

P,114†††††† pasture

P,138†††††† Pavement

P,149†††††† peace

P,177†††††† pence

P,182†††††† pennyworth

P,186†††††† people

P,193†††††† perceive

P,194†††††† perceived

P,198†††††† perdition

P,204†††††† perfect

P,225†††††† perish

P,227†††††† perisheth

P,240†††††† persecute

P,241†††††† persecuted

P,277†††††† Peter

P,278†††††† Peterís

P,299†††††† Pharisees

P,312†††††† Philip

P,341†††††† pierced

P,349†††††† Pilate

P,394†††††† place

P,401†††††† plainly

P,422†††††† platted

P,438†††††† please

P,462†††††† pluck

P,471†††††† point

P,498†††††† pool

P,500†††††† poor

P,507†††††† porch

P,508†††††† porches

P,511†††††† porter

P,540†††††† pound

P,543†††††† poured

P,545†††††† poureth

P,552†††††† power

P,559†††††† praise

P,567†††††† pray

P,568†††††† prayed

P,587†††††† preferred

P,590†††††† preparation

P,592†††††† prepare

P,601†††††† presence

P,602†††††† present

P,623†††††† prevail

P,637†††††† priest

P,638†††††† priestís

P,640†††††† priests

P,642†††††† prince

P,651†††††† print

P,656†††††† prison

P,666†††††† proceeded

P,667†††††† proceedeth

P,692†††††† profiteth

P,716†††††† prophesied

P,721†††††† prophet

P,724†††††† prophets

P,743†††††† prove

P,746†††††† proverb

P,747†††††† proverbs

P,813†††††† purgeth

P,820†††††† purify

P,821†††††† purifying

P,825†††††† purple

P,843†††††† put

P,848†††††† putteth



Q,q.†††††† 3 Words


Q,16†††††† question

Q,23†††††† quickeneth

Q,25†††††† quickly



R,r.†††††† 63 Words


††† R,6†††††† Rabbi

††† R,8†††††† Rabboni

R,36†††††† raiment

R,41†††††† raise

R,42†††††† raised

R,44†††††† raiseth

R,66†††††† ran

R,82†††††† rather

R,93†††††† reach

R,97†††††† read

R,102†††††† ready

R,106†††††† reap

R,111†††††† reapeth

R,113†††††† rear

R,115†††††† reason

R,138†††††† receive

R,139†††††† received

R,142†††††† receiveth

R,162†††††† record

R,230†††††† rejecteth

R,231†††††† rejoice

R,232†††††† rejoiced

R,234†††††† rejoiceth

R,237†††††† release

R,247†††††† remain

R,249†††††† remained

R,251†††††† remaineth

R,252†††††† remaining

R,256†††††† remember

R,257†††††† remembered

R,259†††††† remembereth

R,261†††††† remembrance

R,265†††††† remit

R,266†††††† remitted

R,275†††††† rend

R,316†††††† report

R,328†††††† reprove

R,329†††††† reproved

R,363†††††† resort

R,364†††††† resorted

R,370†††††† rest

R,386†††††† resurrection

R,387†††††† retain

R,388†††††† retained

R,403†††††† revealed

R,423†††††† reviled

R,468†††††† right

R,469†††††† righteous

R,471†††††† righteousness

R,492†††††† rise

R,493†††††† risen

R,495†††††† riseth

R,502†††††† rivers

R,515†††††† robber

R,516†††††† robbers

R,519†††††† robe

R,541†††††† Romans

R,552†††††† rose

R,559†††††† round

R,563†††††† rowed

R,584†††††† ruler

R,586†††††† rulers

R,597†††††† runneth



S,s.††††††† 181 Words


††††† S,3†††† sabbath

††† S,37†††† said

††† S,38†††† saidst

††† S,46†††† saith

††† S,47†††† sake

††† S,48†††† sakes

††† S,57†††† Salim

††† S,74†††† salvation

††† S,75†††† Samaria

††† S,76†††† Samaritan

††† S,77†††† Samaritans

††† S,78†††† same

††† S,89†††† sanctified

††† S,91†††† sanctify

S,122†††† sat

S,123†††† Satan

S,138†††† save

S,139†††† saved

S,143†††† saviour

S,149†††† saw

S,154†††† say

S,155†††† sayest

S,156†††† saying

S,157†††† sayings

S,174†††† scattered

S,175†††† scattereth

S,201†††† scourge

S,202†††† scourged

S,213†††† scribes

S,215†††† scripture

S,216†††† scriptures

S,221†††† sea

S,223†††† seal

S,224†††† sealed

S,229†††† seam

S,230†††† search

S,238†††† season

S,241†††† seat

S,249†††† second

S,251†††† secret

S,252†††† secretly

S,266†††† see

S,267†††† seed

S,271†††† seeing

S,272†††† seek

S,273†††† seekest

S,274†††† seeketh

S,275†††† seeking

S,280†††† seen

S,285†††† seeth

S,298†††† self

S,315†††† send

S,325†††† sent

S,340†††† sepulchre

S,348†††† serpent

S,352†††† servant

S,353†††† servantís

S,354†††† servants

S,356†††† serve

S,357†††† served

S,361†††† service

S,366†††† set

S,382†††† seventh

S,420†††† shall

S,427†††† shalt

S,449†††† shape

S,480†††† she

S,490†††† sheath

S,510†††† sheep

S,514†††† sheepfold

S,553†††† shepherd

S,575†††† shew

S,577†††† shewed

S,579†††† shewest

S,580†††† sheweth

S,626†††† shineth

S,627†††† shining

S,628†††† ship

S,635†††† shipping

S,659†††† shoeís

S,672†††† shore

S,681†††† should

S,685†††† shouldest

S,721†††† shut

S,735†††† sick

S,738†††† sickness

S,741†††† side

S,755†††† sight

S,757†††† sign

S,765†††† signifying

S,766†††† signs

S,776†††† Siloam

S,785†††† Simon

S,786†††† Simonís

S,790†††† sin

S,793†††† since

S,812†††† sinned

S,813†††† sinner

S,814†††† sinners

S,818†††† sins

S,819†††† Sion

S,822†††† sir

S,828†††† sister

S,830†††† sisters

S,831†††† sit

S,836†††† sitting

S,840†††† six

S,844†††† sixth

S,861†††† skull

S,878†††† slay

S,882†††† sleep

S,885†††† sleepeth

S,916†††† small

S,925†††† smitest

S,936†††† smote

S,953†††† so

S,972†††† soever

S,984†††† sold

S,985†††† soldier

S,986†††† soldiers

S,997†††† Solomonís

S,998†††† some

S,1000†††† something

S,1004†††† son

S,1008†††† sons

S,1010†††† soon

S,1015†††† sop

S,1029†††† sorrow

S,1032†††† sorrowful

S,1042†††† sought

S,1043†††† soul

S,1046†††† sound

S,1060†††† soweth

S,1065†††† spake

S,1079†††† spat

S,1080†††† speak

S,1082†††† speakest

S,1083†††† speaketh

S,1086†††† spear

S,1095†††† speech

S,1109†††† spices

S,1114†††† spikenard

S,1119†††† spirit

††††††††††††††† Spirit

S,1128†††† spittle

S,1137†††† spoken

S,1158†††† springing

S,1169†††† spunge

S,1200†††† stand

S,1205†††† standeth

S,1206†††† standing

S,1226†††† steal

S,1239†††† stepped

S,1240†††† steppeth

S,1253†††† still

S,1261†††† stinketh

S,1274†††† stone

S,1276†††† stoned

S,1277†††† stones

S,1282†††† stood

S,1287†††† stooped

S,1289†††† stooping

S,1304†††† straight

S,1305†††† straightway

S,1319†††† stranger

S,1321†††† strangers

S,1337†††† stretch

S,1370†††† strove

S,1372†††† struck

S,1384†††† stumbleth

S,1421†††† such

S,1439†††† sufficeth

S,1441†††† sufficient

S,1463†††† supper

S,1474†††† suppose

S,1476†††† supposing

S,1479†††† sure

S,1480†††† surely

S,1535†††† sword

S,1539†††† Sychar

S,1544†††† synagogue

S,1546†††† synagogues



T,t.††††††† 105 Words


T,10†††††† tabernacles

T,12†††††† table

T,13†††††† tables

T,34†††††† take

T,35†††††† taken

T,38†††††† taketh

T,39†††††† taking

T,46†††††† talk

T,47†††††† talked

T,49†††††† talkest

T,50†††††† talketh

T,75†††††† tarried

T,78†††††† tarry

T,87†††††† taste

T,88†††††† tasted

T,93†††††† taught

T,101†††††† teach

T,102†††††† teacher

T,131†††††† tell

T,133†††††† telleth

T,148†††††† temple

T,157†††††† tempting

T,169†††††† tenth

T,190†††††† testified

T,192†††††† testifieth

T,193†††††† testify

T,196†††††† testimony

T,203†††††† than

T,204†††††† thank

T,209†††††† thanks

T,215†††††† that

T,216†††††† the

T,219†††††† thee

T,223†††††† their

T,226†††††† them

T,227†††††† themselves

T,228†††††† then

T,229†††††† thence

T,230†††††† thenceforth

T,232†††††† there

T,235†††††† thereby

T,236†††††† therefore

T,238†††††† therein

T,240†††††† thereof

T,241†††††† thereon

T,247†††††† these

T,251†††††† they

T,257†††††† thief

T,258†††††† thieves

T,263†††††† thine

T,264†††††† thing

T,265†††††† things

T,267†††††† think

T,271†††††† third

T,273†††††† thirst

T,280†††††† thirty

T,282†††††† this

T,285†††††† thither

T,287†††††† Thomas

T,290†††††† thorns

T,292†††††† those

T,293†††††† thou

T,294†††††† though

T,295†††††† thought

T,298†††††† thousand

T,305†††††† three

T,319†††††† thrice

T,326†††††† through

T,328†††††† throughout

T,332†††††† thrust

T,339†††††† thundered

T,343†††††† thus

T,344†††††† thy

T,347†††††† thyself

T,348†††††† Tiberias

T,362†††††† till

T,373†††††† time

T,403†††††† title

T,408†††††† to

T,418†††††† together

T,429†††††† told

T,435†††††† tongue

T,438†††††† took

T,443†††††† top

T,450†††††† torches

T,463†††††† touch

T,468†††††† toward

T,469†††††† towel

T,472†††††† town

T,509†††††† travail

T,537†††††† treasury

T,539†††††† tree

T,540†††††† trees

T,553†††††† tribulation

T,575†††††† troubled

T,581†††††† troubling

T,587†††††† true

T,588†††††† truly

T,593†††††† trust

T,600†††††† truth

T,613†††††† turned

T,616†††††† turning

T,624†††††† twelve

T,626†††††† twenty

T,634†††††† two



U,u.†††††† 10 Words


U,35†††††† under

U,39†††††† understand

U,43†††††† understood

U,72†††††† unloose

U,90†††††† unrighteousness

U,106†††††† until

U,108†††††† unto

U,117†††††† up

U,129†††††† upon

U,151†††††† us



V,v.†††††† 7 Words


V,45†††††† verily

V,48†††††† very

V,49†††††† vessel

V,53†††††† vesture

V,74†††††† vine

V,76†††††† vinegar

V,108†††††† voice



W,w.†††† 105 Words


††† W,4††††† wages

W,14††††† waiting

W,21††††† walk

W,22††††† walked

W,23††††† walkedst

W,25††††† walketh

W,26††††† walking

W,41††††† wanted