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A,a.†††††† 75 Words


††† A,1†††††† a

††† A,2†††††† Aaron

††† A,3†††††† Aaronís

A,12†††††† abated

A,27†††††† abhor

A,28†††††† abhorred

A,43†††††† abide

A,52†††††† Abihu

A,57†††††† ability

A,73†††††† able

A,81†††††† abominable

A,83†††††† abomination

A,84†††††† abominations

A,89†††††† about

A,90†††††† above

A,91†††††† Abraham

A,95†††††† abroad

A,110†††††† accept

A,111†††††† acceptable

A,115†††††† accepted

A,124†††††† accomplish

A,128†††††† accord

A,129†††††† according

A,186†††††† add

A,239†††††† adulterer

A,241†††††† adulteress

A,245†††††† adultery

A,277†††††† afflict

A,278†††††† afflicted

A,289†††††† afraid

A,291†††††† after

A,293†††††† afterward

A,298†††††† again

A,299†††††† against

A,316†††††† ague

A,405†††††† alive

A,406†††††† all

A,429†††††† alone

A,437†††††† also

A,438†††††† altar

A,441†††††† alter

A,451†††††† am

A,477†††††† amends

A,501†††††† among

A,515†††††† an

A,531†††††† ancestors

A,538†††††† and

A,552†††††† angry

A,559†††††† anoint

A,560†††††† anointed

A,563†††††† anointing

A,565†††††† another

A,587†††††† any

A,589†††††† apart

A,618†††††† appear

A,621†††††† appeared

A,622†††††† appeareth

A,629†††††† appertaineth

A,637†††††† appoint

A,643†††††† approach

A,688†††††† are

A,710†††††† ark

A,741†††††† art

A,754†††††† as

A,786†††††† ashes

A,828†††††† assembly

A,842†††††† assured

A,851†††††† astonished

A,856†††††† asunder

A,859†††††† at

A,874†††††† atonement

A,889†††††† attired

A,895†††††† aunt

A,903†††††† avenge

A,924†††††† away



B,b.†††††† 101 Words


B,45†††††† backbone

B,52†††††† bad

B,65†††††† bake

B,68†††††† baken

B,81†††††† balances

B,83†††††† bald

B,84†††††† baldness

B,92†††††† bands

B,122†††††† bare

B,132†††††† barley

B,154†††††† basket

B,161†††††† bat

B,163†††††† bathe

B,181†††††† be

B,188†††††† bear

B,189†††††† beard

B,193†††††† beareth

B,196†††††† beast

B,198†††††† beasts

B,200†††††† beaten

B,211†††††† because

B,216†††††† become

B,218†††††† bed

B,229†††††† been

B,242†††††† beetle

B,243†††††† beeves

B,245†††††† befallen

B,248†††††† before

B,253†††††† begat

B,265†††††† begotten

B,278†††††† behind

B,279†††††† behold

B,284†††††† being

B,305†††††† belly

B,306†††††† belong

B,372†††††† beside

B,373†††††† besides

B,452†††††† betrothed

B,455†††††† between

B,458†††††† bewail

B,465†††††† beyond

B,496†††††† bird

B,498†††††† birds

B,523†††††† black

B,533†††††† blasphemed

B,537†††††† blasphemeth

B,550†††††† blemish

B,551†††††† blemishes

B,553†††††† blessed

B,557†††††† blessing

B,560†††††† blind

B,565†††††† blood

B,579†††††† blowing

B,603†††††† body

B,606†††††† boil

B,620†††††† bondmaid

B,621†††††† bondmaids

B,623†††††† bondmen

B,625†††††† bondservant

B,631†††††† bonnets

B,635†††††† booths

B,643†††††† born

B,654†††††† both

B,657†††††† bottom

B,661†††††† boughs

B,662†††††† bought

B,663†††††† bound

B,669†††††† bow

B,692†††††† branches

B,696†††††† brasen

B,697†††††† brass

B,704†††††† breach

B,706†††††† bread

B,708†††††† break

B,714†††††† breast

B,715†††††† breastplate

B,717†††††† breasts

B,724†††††† breeches

B,727†††††† brethren

B,747†††††† bright

B,751†††††† bring

B,754†††††† bringeth

B,762†††††† broken

B,763†††††† brokenfooted

B,764†††††† brokenhanded

B,767†††††† brook

B,770†††††† brother

B,771†††††† brotherís

B,775†††††† brought

B,780†††††† bruised

B,809†††††† bullock

B,810†††††† bullockís

B,829†††††† burn

B,830†††††† burned

B,831†††††† burneth

B,832†††††† burning

B,835†††††† burnt

B,850†††††† but

B,856†††††† buy

B,858†††††† buyest

B,863†††††† by



C,c.†††††† 119 Words


C,12†††††† cake

C,13†††††† cakes

C,24†††††† calf

C,28†††††† called

C,41†††††† came

C,42†††††† camel

C,48†††††† camp

C,52†††††† can

C,54†††††† Canaan

C,62†††††† candlestick

C,69†††††† cannot

C,86†††††† carcase

C,87†††††† carcases

C,107†††††† carnally

C,114†††††† carried

C,117†††††† carry

C,130†††††† cast

C,140†††††† catcheth

C,143†††††† cattle

C,145†††††† caul

C,147†††††† cause

C,148†††††† caused

C,162†††††† cedar

C,165†††††† celebrate

C,169†††††† censer

C,177†††††† certainly

C,201†††††† chameleon

C,209†††††† change

C,211†††††† changed

C,228†††††† charge

C,246†††††† chase

C,256†††††† chastise

C,303†††††† chew

C,305†††††† cheweth

C,311†††††† chief

C,314†††††† child

C,319†††††† childless

C,320†††††† children

C,379†††††† circumcised

C,387†††††† cities

C,390†††††† city

C,403†††††† clean

C,405†††††† cleanse

C,406†††††† cleansed

C,408†††††† cleansing

C,414†††††† cleave

C,441†††††† clothed

C,442†††††† clothes

C,446†††††† cloud

C,452†††††† clovenfooted

C,457†††††† coals

C,460†††††† coat

C,461†††††† coats

C,480†††††† colour

C,485†††††† come

C,490†††††† cometh

C,503†††††† command

C,504†††††† commanded

C,511†††††† commandments

C,519†††††† commit

C,520†††††† committed

C,522†††††† committeth

C,525†††††† common

C,558†††††† compel

C,567†††††† complete

C,580†††††† conceived

C,585†††††† concerning

C,607†††††† coney

C,614†††††† confess

C,635†††††† confusion

C,638†††††† congregation

C,648†††††† consecrate

C,649†††††† consecrated

C,650†††††† consecration

C,651†††††† consecrations

C,656†††††† consider

C,681†††††† consume

C,682†††††† consumed

C,686†††††† consumption

C,702†††††† content

C,708†††††† continually

C,710†††††† continue

C,717†††††† contrary

C,738†††††† convocation

C,739†††††† convocations

C,748†††††† copulation

C,759†††††† cormorant

C,760†††††† corn

C,762†††††† corner

C,763†††††† corners

C,779†††††† corruption

C,805†††††† count

C,806†††††† counted

C,813†††††† country

C,825†††††† court

C,831†††††† covenant

C,835†††††† cover

C,836†††††† covered

C,839†††††† covereth

C,840†††††† covering

C,849†††††† cow

C,870†††††† creature

C,875†††††† creep

C,876†††††† creepeth

C,877†††††† creeping

C,895†††††† crookbackt

C,897†††††† crop

C,904†††††† crown

C,919†††††† crushed

C,920†††††† cry

C,925†††††† cuckow

C,927†††††† cud

C,943†††††† curious

C,946†††††† curse

C,947†††††† cursed

C,951†††††† curseth

C,961†††††† customs

C,962†††††† cut

C,968†††††† cuttings



D,d.†††††† 73 Words


D,16†††††† dam

D,27†††††† Dan

D,43†††††† dark

D,47†††††† darkish

D,61†††††† daughter

D,62†††††† daughterís

D,63†††††† daughters

D,68†††††† day

D,70†††††† days

D,77†††††† dead

D,80†††††† deaf

D,81†††††† deal

D,88†††††† deals

D,93†††††† death

D,105†††††† decay

D,112†††††† deceitfully

D,117†††††† deceived

D,133†††††† declared

D,154†††††† deeper

D,172†††††† defile

D,173†††††† defiled

D,176†††††† defraud

D,202†††††† deliver

D,205†††††† delivered

D,226†††††† depart

D,227†††††† departed

D,266†††††† desolate

D,267†††††† desolation

D,273†††††† despise

D,274†††††† despised

D,283†††††† destroy

D,305†††††† devils

D,309†††††† devote

D,310†††††† devoted

D,313†††††† devoured

D,328†††††† Dibri

D,329†††††† did

D,333†††††† die

D,334†††††† died

D,337†††††† dieth

D,339†††††† difference

D,353†††††† diligently

D,355†††††† diminish

D,371†††††† dip

D,372†††††† dipped

D,409†††††† discovered

D,492†††††† diverse

D,494†††††† divide

D,497†††††† divideth

D,508†††††† divorced

D,511†††††† do

D,524†††††† doeth

D,529†††††† doings

D,533†††††† done

D,534†††††† door

D,544†††††† doth

D,562†††††† down

D,574†††††† draw

D,590†††††† dressed

D,594†††††† drew

D,596†††††† dried

D,599†††††† drink

D,624†††††† drunk

D,630†††††† dry

D,632†††††† due

D,640†††††† dung

D,648†††††† dust

D,651†††††† dwarf

D,652†††††† dwell

D,656†††††† dwelleth

D,657†††††† dwelling

D,660†††††† dwellings

D,661†††††† dwelt



E,e.†††††† 44 Words


††† E,1†††††† each

††† E,2†††††† eagle

††† E,6†††††† ear

E,15†††††† ears

E,16†††††† Earth

E,17†††††† earthen

E,26†††††† east

E,28†††††† eastward

E,30†††††† eat

E,31†††††† eaten

E,35†††††† eateth

E,70†††††† Egypt

E,71†††††† Egyptian

E,79†††††† eighth

E,82†††††† either

E,96†††††† elders

E,101†††††† Eleazar

E,180†††††† Elzaphan

E,205†††††† empty

E,217†††††† enchantment

E,222†††††† end

E,243†††††† enemies

E,244†††††† enemiesí

E,245†††††† enemy

E,262†††††† enjoy

E,329†††††† ephah

E,337†††††† ephod

E,368†††††† erred

E,402†††††† establish

E,403†††††† established

E,414†††††† estimate

E,415†††††† estimation

E,416†††††† estimations

E,442†††††† even

E,443†††††† evening

E,448†††††† ever

E,449†††††† everlasting

E,451†††††† every

E,457†††††† evil

E,463†††††† ewe

E,496†††††† exchange

E,551†††††† eye

E,553†††††† eyebrows

E,556†††††† eyes



F,f.††††††† 88 Words


††† F,2†††††† face

††† F,3†††††† faces

F,17†††††† faintness

F,27†††††† fall

F,28†††††† fallen

F,30†††††† falleth

F,36†††††† falsely

F,39†††††† familiar

F,41†††††† families

F,42†††††† family

F,71†††††† fat

F,73†††††† father

F,74†††††† fatherís

F,76†††††† fathers

F,95†††††† fear

F,104†††††† feast

F,107†††††† feasts

F,109†††††† feathers

F,122†††††† feet

F,129†††††† fell

F,149†††††† fellowship

F,153†††††† female

F,157†††††† ferret

F,169†††††† few

F,172†††††† fewness

F,174†††††† field

F,175†††††† fields

F,180†††††† fifteen

F,181†††††† fifteenth

F,182†††††† fifth

F,184†††††† fiftieth

F,185†††††† fifty

F,195†††††† fill

F,212†††††† fine

F,215†††††† finger

F,221†††††† fins

F,223†††††† fire

F,231†††††† first

F,235†††††† firstfruits

F,236†††††† firstling

F,250†††††† fit

F,255†††††† five

F,265†††††† flanks

F,267†††††† flat

F,274†††††† flay

F,279†††††† flee

F,281†††††† fleeing

F,283†††††† flesh

F,291†††††† flight

F,295†††††† flock

F,296†††††† flocks

F,301†††††† flour

F,309†††††† flowers

F,310†††††† floweth

F,316†††††† flying

F,338†††††† food

F,345†††††† foot

F,349†††††† for

F,358†††††† forbidden

F,371†††††† forefront

F,372†††††† forehead

F,387†††††† foreskin

F,408†††††† forgiven

F,434†††††† forth

F,443†††††† forty

F,452†††††† found

F,458†††††† fountain

F,460†††††† four

F,466†††††† fourteenth

F,467†††††† fourth

F,468†††††† fowl

F,471†††††† fowls

F,479†††††† frankincense

F,483†††††† freckled

F,484†††††† free

F,486†††††† freedom

F,489†††††† freewill

F,494†††††† fret

F,497†††††† fretting

F,498†††††† fried

F,507†††††† from

F,516†††††† fruit

F,517†††††† fruitful

F,518†††††† fruits

F,521†††††† fryingpan

F,526†††††† fulfilled

F,528†††††† full

F,550†††††† fury



G,g.†††††† 46 Words


G,52†††††† garment

G,53†††††† garments

G,67†††††† gather

G,68†††††† gathered

G,105†††††† gender

G,113†††††† generations

G,122†††††† gerahs

G,135†††††† get

G,162†††††† gier

G,164†††††† gifts

G,183†††††† girded

G,187†††††† girdle

G,188†††††† girdles

G,201†††††† give

G,202†††††† given

G,205†††††† giveth

G,213†††††† glean

G,215†††††† gleaning

G,216†††††† gleanings

G,224†††††† glorified

G,230†††††† glory

G,241†††††† go

G,244†††††† goat

G,246†††††† goats

G,251†††††† God

G,257†††††† gods

G,260†††††† goeth

G,262†††††† going

G,266†††††† golden

G,275†††††† gone

G,276†††††† good

G,280†††††† goodly

G,294†††††† gotten

G,311†††††† grant

G,313†††††† grape

G,317†††††† grapes

G,319†††††† grasshopper

G,327†††††† graven

G,336†††††† great

G,350†††††† green

G,351†††††† greenish

G,383†††††† ground

G,388†††††† groweth

G,389†††††† grown

G,391†††††† grudge

G,408†††††† guilty



H,h.†††††† 65 Words


††† H,9†††††† habitation

H,10†††††† habitations

H,16†††††† had

H,47†††††† hair

H,48†††††† hairs

H,56†††††† half

H,62†††††† hallow

H,63†††††† hallowed

H,96†††††† hand

H,99†††††† handful

H,111†††††† hands

H,142†††††† hard

H,150†††††† hare

H,158†††††† harlot

H,162†††††† harm

H,186†††††† harvest

H,217†††††† hate

H,224†††††† hath

H,238†††††† have

H,242†††††† having

H,245†††††† hawk

H,267†††††† he

H,268†††††† head

H,271†††††† heads

H,275†††††† healed

H,285†††††† hear

H,286†††††† heard

H,293†††††† hearken

H,298†††††† heart

H,303†††††† hearts

H,309†††††† heathen

H,310†††††† heave

H,312†††††† Heaven

H,348†††††† held

H,391†††††† her

H,395†††††† herd

H,425†††††† heron

H,427†††††† herself

H,448†††††† hid

H,451†††††† hidden

H,452†††††† hide

H,459†††††† high

H,474†††††† him

H,475†††††† himself

H,476†††††† hin

H,492†††††† hired

H,496†††††† his

H,511†††††† hoary

H,537†††††† hollow

H,540†††††† holy

H,543†††††† home

H,545†††††† homer

H,550†††††† honey

H,552†††††† honour

H,559†††††† hoof

H,582†††††† horns

H,607†††††† hot

H,617†††††† house

H,618†††††† household

H,621†††††† houses

H,637†††††† humbled

H,645†††††† hundred

H,659†††††† hunteth

H,675†††††† husband

H,699†††††† hyssop



I,i.†††††††† 33 Words


††† I,1††††††† I

I,24††††††† idols

I,27††††††† if

I,32††††††† ignorance

I,43††††††† image

I,46††††††† images

I,82††††††† imputed

I,87††††††† in

I,89††††††† incense

I,101††††††† increase

I,109††††††† indeed

I,124††††††† infirmity

I,126††††††† inflammation

I,135††††††† inhabitants

I,136††††††† inhabited

I,141††††††† inherit

I,142††††††† inheritance

I,147††††††† iniquities

I,148††††††† iniquity

I,200††††††† into

I,215††††††† inward

I,217††††††† inwards

I,226††††††† iron

I,231††††††† is

I,232††††††† Isaac

I,266††††††† Israel

I,269††††††† Israelites

I,270††††††† Israelitish

I,273††††††† issue

I,278††††††† it

I,284††††††† Ithamar

I,293††††††† its

I,294††††††† itself



J,j.††††††† 6 Words


J,27†††††† Jacob

J,352†††††† jubile

J,361†††††† judge

J,367†††††† judgment

J,368†††††† judgments

J,379†††††† just



K,k.†††††† 17 Words


K,20†††††† keep

K,54†††††† kid

K,55†††††† kidneys

K,57†††††† kids

K,58†††††† kill

K,59†††††† killed

K,62†††††† killeth

K,64†††††† kin

K,66†††††† kind

K,68†††††† kindled

K,88†††††† kinswoman

K,89†††††† kinswomen

K,114†††††† kite

K,137†††††† know

K,139†††††† knoweth

K,141†††††† knowledge

K,142†††††† known



L,l.††††††† 57 Words


L,18†††††† lacking

L,35†††††† laid

L,42†††††† lamb

L,44†††††† lambs

L,45†††††† lame

L,54†††††† lamps

L,57†††††† land

L,62†††††† lands

L,77†††††† lapwing

L,101†††††† laver

L,104†††††† law

L,109†††††† laws

L,112†††††† lay

L,123†††††† leaf

L,134†††††† leap

L,144†††††† leave

L,146†††††† leaven

L,147†††††† leavened

L,164†††††† left

L,170†††††† legs

L,175†††††† lend

L,186†††††† leper

L,188†††††† leprosy

L,189†††††† leprous

L,193†††††† lest

L,194†††††† let

L,205†††††† Levites

L,217†††††† liberty

L,229†††††† lie

L,235†††††† lieth

L,237†††††† life

L,240†††††† lifted

L,245†††††† light

L,261†††††† like

L,268†††††† likewise

L,279†††††† linen

L,293†††††† lip

L,294†††††† lips

L,301†††††† little

L,302†††††† live

L,305†††††† liver

L,309†††††† living

L,310†††††† lizard

L,322†††††† loaves

L,326†††††† locust

L,340†††††† log

L,343†††††† long

L,351†††††† look

L,354†††††† looketh

L,359†††††† loose

L,364†††††† lord

L,365†††††† lordís

L,373†††††† lost

L,374†††††† lot

L,378†††††† lots

L,381†††††† love

L,395†††††† lower



M,m.†††† 59 Words


M,27††††† made

M,67††††† maid

M,77††††† maimed

M,85††††† make

M,89††††† maketh

M,103††††† male

M,107††††† males

M,117††††† man

M,118††††† manís

M,134††††† mankind

M,136††††† manner

M,137††††† manners

M,147††††† many

M,151††††† mar

M,172††††† marks

M,177††††† married

M,233††††† may

M,234††††† mayest

M,236††††† me

M,249††††† measure

M,253††††† meat

M,312††††† memorial

M,316††††† men

M,349††††† mercy

M,388††††† meteyard

M,421††††† midst

M,427††††† might

M,433††††† mighty

M,446††††† milk

M,455††††† mind

M,460††††† mine

M,462††††† mingled

M,466††††† minister

M,495††††† Mishael

M,515††††† mitre

M,548††††† mole

M,549††††† Molech

M,554††††† molten

M,556††††† money

M,559††††† month

M,568††††† more

M,570††††† moreover

M,573††††† morning

M,574††††† morrow

M,581††††† morter

M,586††††† Moses

M,587††††† Mosesí

M,588††††† most

M,592††††† mother

M,593††††† motherís

M,598††††† mount

M,611††††† mouse

M,614††††† move

M,619††††† moveth

M,626††††† much

M,635††††† multiply

M,637††††† multitude

M,661††††† must

M,670††††† my



N,n.†††††† 26 Words


N,18†††††† Nadab

N,41†††††† nakedness

N,42†††††† name

N,45†††††† namely

N,62†††††† nation

N,63†††††† nations

N,84†††††† near

N,101†††††† neck

N,129†††††† neighbour

N,130†††††† neighbourís

N,136†††††† neither

N,171†††††† never

N,172†††††† nevertheless

N,173†††††† new

N,189†††††† nigh

N,190†††††† night

N,196†††††† nine

N,203†††††† ninth

N,207†††††† no

N,225†††††† none

N,231†††††† nor

N,234†††††† northward

N,235†††††† nose

N,238†††††† not

N,244†††††† notwithstanding

N,254†††††† number



O,o.†††††† 40 Words


††† O,6†††††† oath

O,23†††††† oblation

O,24†††††† oblations

O,29†††††† observe

O,54†††††† odours

O,55†††††† of

O,56†††††† off

O,63†††††† offer

O,64†††††† offered

O,65†††††† offereth

O,66†††††† offering

O,67†††††† offerings

O,68†††††† office

O,83†††††† oil

O,84†††††† oiled

O,87†††††† old

O,89†††††† olive

O,102†††††† on

O,105†††††† once

O,106†††††† one

O,112†††††† only

O,117†††††† open

O,138†††††† oppress

O,146†††††† or

O,156†††††† order

O,161†††††† ordinance

O,162†††††† ordinances

O,176†††††† ospray

O,177†††††† ossifrage

O,180†††††† other

O,186†††††† ought

O,188†††††† our

O,191†††††† out

O,206†††††† oven

O,208†††††† over

O,227†††††† overplus

O,255†††††† owl

O,257†††††† own

O,260†††††† owneth

O,261†††††† ox



P,p.†††††† 76 Words


P,32†††††† palm

P,41†††††† pan

P,59†††††† parched

P,73†††††† part

P,78†††††† parteth

P,91†††††† parts

P,98†††††† pass

P,105†††††† passeth

P,109†††††† passover

P,143†††††† paws

P,149†††††† peace

P,174†††††† pelican

P,186†††††† people

P,187†††††† peopleís

P,204†††††† perfect

P,225†††††† perish

P,236†††††† perpetual

P,253†††††† person

P,254†††††† persons

P,261†††††† pertain

P,263†††††† pertaineth

P,273†††††† pestilence

P,339†††††† pieces

P,346†††††† pigeon

P,347†††††† pigeons

P,363†††††† pine

P,382†††††† pit

P,394†††††† place

P,396†††††† places

P,397†††††† plague

P,399†††††† plagues

P,404†††††† plaister

P,405†††††† plaistered

P,412†††††† planted

P,420†††††† plate

P,430†††††† playing

P,451†††††† plenty

P,462†††††† pluck

P,500†††††† poor

P,501†††††† poorer

P,513†††††† portion

P,515†††††† possess

P,520†††††† possession

P,528†††††† pot

P,532†††††† pots

P,542†††††† pour

P,543†††††† poured

P,552†††††† power

P,559†††††† praise

P,601†††††† presence

P,602†††††† present

P,603†††††† presented

P,631†††††† price

P,636†††††† pride

P,637†††††† priest

P,638†††††† priestís

P,640†††††† priests

P,647†††††† principal

P,651†††††† print

P,671†††††† proclaim

P,680†††††† profane

P,681†††††† profaned

P,683†††††† profaneth

P,708†††††† pronounce

P,710†††††† pronouncing

P,736†††††† prostitute

P,768†††††† prune

P,798†††††† punish

P,800†††††† punishment

P,805†††††† purchase

P,807†††††† pure

P,817†††††† purified

P,821†††††† purifying

P,837†††††† pursueth

P,843†††††† put

P,849†††††† putting



Q,q.†††††† 2 Words


Q,6†††††††† quarrel

Q,20†††††††† quick



R,r.†††††† 59 Words


R,36†††††† raiment

R,37†††††† rain

R,50†††††† ram

R,64†††††† rams

R,69†††††† ranges

R,85†††††† raven

R,91†††††† raw

R,93†††††† reach

R,106†††††† reap

R,110†††††† reapest

R,113†††††† rear

R,130†††††† rebuke

R,147†††††† reckon

R,158†††††† reconcile

R,160†††††† reconciliation

R,161†††††† reconciling

R,171†††††† reddish

R,172†††††† redeem

R,173†††††† redeemed

R,178†††††† redemption

R,190†††††† reformed

R,203†††††† regard

R,222†††††† reign

R,231†††††† rejoice

R,241†††††† relieve

R,247†††††† remain

R,248†††††† remainder

R,251†††††† remaineth

R,256†††††† remember

R,269†††††† remnant

R,275†††††† rend

R,289†††††† rent

R,365†††††† respect

R,370†††††† rest

R,377†††††† restore

R,392†††††† return

R,418†††††† reverence

R,452†††††† rich

R,456†††††† rid

R,457†††††† riddance

R,463†††††† rideth

R,468†††††† right

R,471†††††† righteousness

R,475†††††† rigour

R,483†††††† rinsed

R,492†††††† rise

R,496†††††† rising

R,502†††††† rivers

R,513†††††† rob

R,519†††††† robe

R,524†††††† rod

R,559†††††† round

R,562†††††† row

R,566†††††† rows

R,582†††††† rule

R,584†††††† ruler

R,594†††††† rump

R,595†††††† run

R,598†††††† running



S,s.††††††† 186 Words


††††† S,3†††† sabbath

††††† S,4†††† sabbaths

††† S,11†††† sack

††† S,18†††† sacrifice

††S,21†††† sacrifices

††† S,26†††† saddle

††† S,34†††† safely

††† S,35†††† safety

††† S,37†††† said

††† S,48†††† sakes

††† S,55†††† sale

††† S,64†††† salt

††† S,78†††† same

††† S,89†††† sanctified

††† S,91†††† sanctify

††† S,92†††† sanctuaries

††† S,93†††† sanctuary

S,122†††† sat

S,129†††† satisfied

S,145†††† savour

S,149†††† saw

S,154†††† say

S,156†††† saying

S,158†††† scab

S,160†††† scabbed

S,162†††† scales

S,164†††† scall

S,167†††† scapegoat

S,172†††† scarlet

S,173†††† scatter

S,200†††† scoured

S,202†††† scourged

S,208†††† scrape

S,209†††† scraped

S,219†††† scurvy

S,230†††† search

S,237†††† seas

S,238†††† season

S,240†††† seasons

S,241†††† seat

S,249†††† second

S,266†††† see

S,267†††† seed

S,271†††† seeing

S,272†††† seek

S,278†††† seemeth

S,280†††† seen

S,285†††† seeth

S,299†††† selfsame

S,302†††† sell

S,315†††† send

S,331†††† separate

S,332†††† separated

S,335†††† separation

S,352†††† servant

S,354†††† servants

S,356†††† serve

S,362†††† servile

S,366†††† set

S,377†††† seven

S,382†††† seventh

S,387†††† severed

S,414†††† shaken

S,420†††† shall

S,427†††† shalt

S,475†††† shave

S,478†††† shaven

S,480†††† she

S,481†††† sheaf

S,505†††† shed

S,510†††† sheep

S,522†††† shekel

S,523†††† shekels

S,530†††† Shelomith

S,577†††† shewed

S,681†††† should

S,682†††† shoulder

S,687†††† shouted

S,721†††† shut

S,735†††† sick

S,738†††† sickness

S,741†††† side

S,755†††† sight

S,778†††† silver

S,790†††† sin

S,792†††† Sinai

S,808†††† singular

S,812†††† sinned

S,817†††† sinning

S,818†††† sins

S,828†††† sister

S,829†††† sisterís

S,835†††† sitteth

S,840†††† six

S,844†††† sixth

S,845†††† sixty

S,853†††† skin

S,854†††† skins

S,866†††† slain

S,878†††† slay

S,889†††† slew

S,916†††† small

S,919†††† smell

S,939†††† snail

S,953†††† so

S,965†††† sodden

S,972†††† soever

S,977†††† sojourn

S,979†††† sojourner

S,980†††† sojourners

S,981†††† sojourneth

S,984†††† sold

S,989†††† solemn

S,998†††† some

S,1003†††† somewhat

S,1004†††† son

S,1005†††† sonís

S,1008†††† sons

S,1009†††† sonsí

S,1024†††† sore

S,1029†††† sorrow

S,1042†††† sought

S,1043†††† soul

S,1045†††† souls

S,1046†††† sound

S,1055†††† sow

S,1061†††† sowing

S,1062†††† sown

S,1063†††† space

S,1065†††† spake

S,1080†††† speak

S,1104†††† spent

S,1119†††† spirit

S,1120†††† spirits

S,1123†††† spit

S,1137†††† spoken

S,1144†††† spot

S,1145†††† spots

S,1150†††† spread

S,1152†††† spreadeth

S,1153†††† spreading

S,1160†††† sprinkle

S,1161†††† sprinkled

S,1162†††† sprinkleth

S,1165†††† sprung

S,1166†††† spue

S,1167†††† spued

S,1182†††† staff

S,1200†††† stand

S,1206†††† standing

S,1216†††† statute

S,1217†††† statutes

S,1219†††† stay

S,1223†††† stead

S,1226†††† steal

S,1253†††† still

S,1267†††† stock

S,1274†††† stone

S,1277†††† stones

S,1282†††† stood

S,1291†††† stopped

S,1293†††† store

S,1297†††† stork

S,1316†††† strakes

S,1317†††† strange

S,1319†††† stranger

S,1320†††† strangerís

S,1321†††† strangers

S,1331†††† strength

S,1366†††† strong

S,1370†††† strove

S,1386†††† stumblingblock

S,1408†††† suburbs

S,1421†††† such

S,1431†††† suffer

S,1449†††† sun

S,1458†††† superfluous

S,1480†††† surely

S,1501†††† swan

S,1506†††† swear

S,1508†††† sweareth

S,1509†††† swearing

S,1513†††† sweet

S,1530†††† swine

S,1535†††† sword

S,1537†††† sworn



T,t.††††††† 97 Words


††† T,9†††††† tabernacle

T,10†††††† tabernacles

T,12†††††† table

T,34†††††† take

T,35†††††† taken

T,41†††††† talebearer

T,78†††††† tarry

T,101†††††† teach

T,131†††††† tell

T,158†††††† ten

T,168†††††† tent

T,169†††††† tenth

T,184†††††† terror

T,196†††††† testimony

T,203†††††† than

T,210†††††† thanksgiving

T,215†††††† that

T,216†††††† the

T,219†††††† thee

T,223†††††† their

T,224†††††† theirs

T,226†††††† them

T,227†††††† themselves

T,228†††††† then

T,230†††††† thenceforth

T,232†††††† there

T,235†††††† thereby

T,236†††††† therefore

T,238†††††† therein

T,240†††††† thereof

T,241†††††† thereon

T,242†††††† thereout

T,243†††††† thereto

T,246†††††† therewith

T,247†††††† these

T,251†††††† they

T,252†††††† thick

T,262†††††† thin

T,263†††††† thine

T,264†††††† thing

T,265†††††† things

T,271†††††† third

T,280†††††† thirty

T,282†††††† this

T,292†††††† those

T,293†††††† thou

T,294†††††† though

T,298†††††† thousand

T,305†††††† three

T,307†††††† threescore

T,311†††††† threshing

T,326†††††† through

T,328†††††† throughout

T,334†††††† thumb

T,335†††††† thumbs

T,336†††††† Thummim

T,343†††††† thus

T,344†††††† thy

T,347†††††† thyself

T,370†††††† timber

T,373†††††† time

T,374†††††† times

T,387†††††† tip

T,400†††††† tithe

T,401†††††† tithes

T,408†††††† to

††††††††††††††† to day

T,415†††††† toe

T,416†††††† toes

T,418†††††† together

T,429†††††† told

T,438†††††† took

T,441†††††† tooth

T,455†††††† torn

T,456†††††† tortoise

T,463†††††† touch

T,464†††††† touched

T,465†††††† toucheth

T,466†††††† touching

T,468†††††† toward

T,500†††††† transgressions

T,539†††††† tree

T,540†††††† trees

T,546†††††† trespass

T,547†††††† trespassed

T,549†††††† trespassing

T,551†††††† tribe

T,590†††††† trumpet

T,592†††††† trumpets

T,612†††††† turn

T,613†††††† turned

T,615†††††† turneth

T,618†††††† turtledove

T,619†††††† turtledoves

T,620†††††† turtles

T,624†††††† twelve

T,626†††††† twenty

T,634†††††† two



U,u.†††††† 28 Words


U,18†††††† uncircumcised

U,20†††††† uncle

U,21†††††† uncleís

U,22†††††† unclean

U,23†††††† uncleanness

U,30†††††† uncover

U,31†††††† uncovered

U,32†††††† uncovereth

U,35†††††† under

U,48†††††† undressed

U,58†††††† unholy

U,70†††††† unleavened

U,71†††††† unless

U,90†††††† unrighteousness

U,106†††††† until

U,108†††††† unto

U,114†††††† unwittingly

U,117†††††† up

U,129†††††† upon

U,130†††††† upper

U,132†††††† upright

U,150†††††† Urim

U,152†††††† use

U,153†††††† used

U,160†††††† usury

U,164†††††† utter

U,169†††††† utterly

U,180†††††† Uzziel



V,v.†††††† 25 Words


††† V,3†††††† vail

††† V,5†††††† vain

V,16†††††† value

V,17†††††† valued

V,18†††††† valuest

V,49†††††† vessel

V,50†††††† vessels

V,55†††††† vex

V,63†††††† victuals

V,72†††††† villages

V,74†††††† vine

V,78†††††† vineyard

V,80†††††† vintage

V,83†††††† violence

V,85†††††† violently

V,90†††††† virgin

V,92†††††† virginity

V,101†††††† visit

V,108†††††† voice

V,113†††††† voluntary

V,116†††††† vomiteth

V,118†††††† vow

V,119†††††† vowed

V,123†††††† vows

V,125†††††† vulture



W,w.†††† 93 Words


††† W,1††††† wafer

††† W,2††††† wafers

††† W,4††††† wages

W,21††††† walk

W,22††††† walked

W,27††††† wall

W,28††††† walled

W,32††††† walls

W,48††††† ward

W,61††††† warp

W,68††††† was

W,69††††† wash

W,70††††† washed

W,72††††† washing

W,76††††† waste

W,96††††† water

W,106††††† waters

W,109††††† wave

W,110††††† waved

W,114††††† wax

W,116††††† waxen

W,122††††† ways

W,124††††† we

W,144††††† weasel

W,157††††† weeks

W,166††††† weight

W,168††††† weights

W,171††††† well

W,178††††† wen

W,180††††† went

W,183††††† were

W,192††††† what

W,193††††† whatsoever

W,200††††† when

W,203††††† where

W,206††††† whereby

W,207††††† wherefore

W,208††††† wherein

W,210††††† whereinto

W,211††††† whereof

W,212††††† whereon

W,213††††† wheresoever

W,216††††† whereupon

W,220††††† whether