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42:    Chapters  

:1,070 Verses  

Job 1:  

Chapter 1:22 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-1:1      A man there hath been in the land of Uz--Job his name--and that man hath been perfect and upright--both fearing God, and turning aside from evil.  

18-1:2      And there are borne to him seven sons and three daughters,  

18-1:3      and his substance is seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred pairs of oxen, and five hundred she-asses, and a service very abundant; and that man is greater than any of the sons of the east.  

18-1:4      And his sons have gone and made a banquet--the house of each in his day--and have sent and called to their three sisters to eat and to drink with them;  

18-1:5      and it cometh to pass, when they have gone round the days of the banquet, that Job doth send and sanctify them, and hath risen early in the morning, and caused to ascend burnt-offerings--the number of them all--for Job said, `Perhaps my sons have sinned, yet blessed God in their heart.' Thus doth Job all the days.  

18-1:6      And the day is, that sons of God come in to station themselves by Jehovah, and there doth come also the Adversary in their midst.  

18-1:7      And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Whence comest thou?' And the Adversary answereth Jehovah and saith, `From going to and fro in the land, and from walking up and down on it.'  

18-1:8      And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Hast thou set thy heart against My servant Job because there is none like him in the land, a man perfect and upright, fearing God, and turning aside from evil?'  

18-1:9      And the Adversary answereth Jehovah and saith, `For nought is Job fearing God?  

18-1:10     Hast not Thou made a hedge for him, and for his house, and for all that he hath--round about?  

18-1:11     The work of his hands Thou hast blessed, and his substance hath spread in the land, and yet, put forth, I pray Thee, Thy hand, and strike against anything that he hath--if not: to Thy face he doth bless Thee!'  

18-1:12     And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Lo, all that he hath is in thy hand, only unto him put not forth thy hand.' And the Adversary goeth out from the presence of Jehovah.  

18-1:13     And the day is, that his sons and his daughters are eating, and drinking wine, in the house of their brother, the first-born.  

18-1:14     And a messenger hath come in unto Job and saith, `The oxen have been plowing, and the she-asses feeding by their sides,  

18-1:15     and Sheba doth fall, and take them, and the young men they have smitten by the mouth of the sword, and I am escaped--only I alone--to declare it to thee.'  

18-1:16     While this one is speaking another also hath come and saith, `Fire of God hath fallen from the heavens, and burneth among the flock, and among the young men, and consumeth them, and I am escaped--only I alone--to declare it to thee.'  

18-1:17     While this one is speaking another also hath come and saith, `Chaldeans made three heads, and rush on the camels, and take them, and the young men they have smitten by the mouth of the sword, and I am escaped--only I alone--to declare it to thee.'  

18-1:18     While this one is speaking another also hath come and saith, `Thy sons and thy daughters are eating, and drinking wine, in the house of their brother, the first-born.  

18-1:19     And lo, a great wind hath come from over the wilderness, and striketh against the four corners of the house, and it falleth on the young men, and they are dead, and I am escaped--only I alone--to declare it to thee.'  

18-1:20     And Job riseth, and rendeth his robe, and shaveth his head, and falleth to the earth, and doth obeisance,  

18-1:21     and he saith, `Naked came I forth from the womb of my mother, and naked I turn back thither: Jehovah hath given and Jehovah hath taken: let the name of Jehovah be blessed.'  

18-1:22     In all this Job hath not sinned, nor given folly to God.  





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Job 2:  

Chapter 2:13 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-2:1      And the day is, that sons of God come in to station themselves by Jehovah, and there doth come also the Adversary in their midst to station himself by Jehovah.  

18-2:2      And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Whence camest thou?' And the Adversary answereth Jehovah and saith, `From going to and fro in the land, and from walking up and down in it.'  

18-2:3      And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Hast thou set thy heart unto My servant Job because there is none like him in the land, a man perfect and upright, fearing God and turning aside from evil? and still he is keeping hold on his integrity, and thou dost move Me against him to swallow him up for nought!'  

18-2:4      And the Adversary answereth Jehovah and saith, `A skin for a skin, and all that a man hath he doth give for his life.  

18-2:5      Yet, put forth, I pray Thee, Thy hand, and strike unto his bone and unto his flesh--if not: unto Thy face he doth bless Thee!'  

18-2:6      And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Lo, he is in thy hand; only his life take care of.'  

18-2:7      And the Adversary goeth forth from the presence of Jehovah, and smiteth Job with a sore ulcer from the sole of his foot unto his crown.  

18-2:8      And he taketh to him a potsherd to scrape himself with it, and he is sitting in the midst of the ashes.  

18-2:9      And his wife saith to him, `Still thou art keeping hold on thine integrity: bless God and die.'  

18-2:10     And he saith unto her, `As one of the foolish women speaketh, thou speakest; yea, the good we receive from God, and the evil we do not receive.' In all this Job hath not sinned with his lips.  

18-2:11     And three of the friends of Job hear of all this evil that hath come upon him, and they come in each from his place--Eliphaz the Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite--and they are met together to come in to bemoan him, and to comfort him;  

18-2:12     and they lift up their eyes from afar and have not discerned him, and they lift up their voice and weep, and rend each his robe, and sprinkle dust on their heads--heavenward.  

18-2:13     And they sit with him on the earth seven days and seven nights, and there is none speaking unto him a word when they have seen that the pain hath been very great.  





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Job 3:  

Chapter 3:26 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-3:1      After this hath Job opened his mouth, and revileth his day.  

18-3:2      And Job answereth and saith: --  

18-3:3      Let the day perish in which I am born, And the night that hath said: `A man-child hath been conceived.'  

18-3:4      That day--let it be darkness, Let not God require it from above, Nor let light shine upon it.  

18-3:5      Let darkness and death-shade redeem it, Let a cloud tabernacle upon it, Let them terrify it as the most bitter of days.  

18-3:6      That night--let thick darkness take it, Let it not be united to days of the year, Into the number of months let it not come.  

18-3:7      Lo! that night--let it be gloomy, Let no singing come into it.  

18-3:8      Let the cursers of day mark it, Who are ready to wake up Leviathan.  

18-3:9      Let the stars of its twilight be dark, Let it wait for light, and there is none, And let it not look on the eyelids of the dawn.  

18-3:10     Because it hath not shut the doors Of the womb that was mine! And hide misery from mine eyes.  

18-3:11     Why from the womb do I not die? From the belly I have come forth and gasp!  

18-3:12     Wherefore have knees been before me? And what are breasts, that I suck?  

18-3:13     For now, I have lain down, and am quiet, I have slept--then there is rest to me,  

18-3:14     With kings and counsellors of earth, These building wastes for themselves.  

18-3:15     Or with princes--they have gold, They are filling their houses with silver.  

18-3:16     (Or as a hidden abortion I am not, As infants--they have not seen light.)  

18-3:17     There the wicked have ceased troubling, And there rest do the wearied in power.  

18-3:18     Together prisoners have been at ease, They have not heard the voice of an exactor,  

18-3:19     Small and great are there the same. And a servant is free from his lord.  

18-3:20     Why giveth He to the miserable light, and life to the bitter soul?  

18-3:21     Who are waiting for death, and it is not, And they seek it above hid treasures.  

18-3:22     Who are glad--unto joy, They rejoice when they find a grave.  

18-3:23     To a man whose way hath been hidden, And whom God doth shut up?  

18-3:24     For before my food, my sighing cometh, And poured out as waters are my roarings.  

18-3:25     For a fear I feared and it meeteth me, And what I was afraid of doth come to me.  

18-3:26     I was not safe--nor was I quiet--Nor was I at rest--and trouble cometh!  





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Job 4:  

Chapter 4:21 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-4:1      And Eliphaz the Temanite answereth and saith: --  

18-4:2      Hath one tried a word with thee? --Thou art weary! And to keep in words who is able?  

18-4:3      Lo, thou hast instructed many, And feeble hands thou makest strong.  

18-4:4      The stumbling one do thy words raise up, And bowing knees thou dost strengthen.  

18-4:5      But now, it cometh in unto thee, And thou art weary; It striketh unto thee, and thou art troubled.  

18-4:6      Is not thy reverence thy confidence? Thy hope--the perfection of thy ways?  

18-4:7      Remember, I pray thee, Who, being innocent, hath perished? And where have the upright been cut off?  

18-4:8      As I have seen--ploughers of iniquity, And sowers of misery, reap it!  

18-4:9      From the breath of God they perish, And from the spirit of His anger consumed.  

18-4:10     The roaring of a lion, And the voice of a fierce lion, And teeth of young lions have been broken.  

18-4:11     An old lion is perishing without prey, And the whelps of the lioness do separate.  

18-4:12     And unto me a thing is secretly brought, And receive doth mine ear a little of it.  

18-4:13     In thoughts from visions of the night, In the falling of deep sleep on men,  

18-4:14     Fear hath met me, and trembling, And the multitude of my bones caused to fear.  

18-4:15     And a spirit before my face doth pass, Stand up doth the hair of my flesh;  

18-4:16     It standeth, and I discern not its aspect, A similitude is over-against mine eyes, Silence! and a voice I hear:  

18-4:17     `Is mortal man than God more righteous? Than his Maker is a man cleaner?  

18-4:18     Lo, in His servants He putteth no credence, Nor in His messengers setteth praise.'  

18-4:19     Also--the inhabitants of houses of clay, (Whose foundation is in the dust, They bruise them before a moth.)  

18-4:20     From morning to evening are beaten down, Without any regarding, for ever they perish.  

18-4:21     Hath not their excellency been removed with them? They die, and not in wisdom!  





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Job 5:  

Chapter 5:27 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-5:1      Pray, call, is there any to answer thee? And unto which of the holy ones dost thou turn?  

18-5:2      For provocation slayeth the perverse, And envy putteth to death the simple,  

18-5:3      I--I have seen the perverse taking root, And I mark his habitation straightway,  

18-5:4      Far are his sons from safety, And they are bruised in the gate, And there is no deliverer.  

18-5:5      Whose harvest the hungry doth eat, And even from the thorns taketh it, And the designing swallowed their wealth.  

18-5:6      For sorrow cometh not forth from the dust, Nor from the ground springeth up misery.  

18-5:7      For man to misery is born, And the sparks go high to fly.  

18-5:8      Yet I--I inquire for God, And for God I give my word,  

18-5:9      Doing great things, and there is no searching. Wonderful, till there is no numbering.  

18-5:10     Who is giving rain on the face of the land, And is sending waters on the out-places.  

18-5:11     To set the low on a high place, And the mourners have been high in safety.  

18-5:12     Making void thoughts of the subtile, And their hands do not execute wisdom.  

18-5:13     Capturing the wise in their subtilty, And the counsel of wrestling ones was hastened,  

18-5:14     By day they meet darkness, And as night--they grope at noon.  

18-5:15     And He saveth the wasted from their mouth, And from a strong hand the needy,  

18-5:16     And there is hope to the poor, And perverseness hath shut her mouth.  

18-5:17     Lo, the happiness of mortal man, God doth reprove him: And the chastisement of the Mighty despise not,  

18-5:18     For He doth pain, and He bindeth up, He smiteth, and His hands heal.  

18-5:19     In six distresses He delivereth thee, And in seven evil striketh not on thee.  

18-5:20     In famine He hath redeemed thee from death, And in battle from the hands of the sword.  

18-5:21     When the tongue scourgeth thou art hid, And thou art not afraid of destruction, When it cometh.  

18-5:22     At destruction and at hunger thou mockest, And of the beast of the earth, Thou art not afraid.  

18-5:23     (For with sons of the field is thy covenant, And the beast of the field Hath been at peace with thee.)  

18-5:24     And thou hast known that thy tent is peace, And inspected thy habitation, and errest not,  

18-5:25     And hast known that numerous is Thy seed, And thine offspring as the herb of the earth;  

18-5:26     Thou comest in full age unto the grave, As the going up of a stalk in its season.  

18-5:27     Lo, this--we searched it out--it is right, hearken; And thou, know for thyself!  





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Job 6:  

Chapter 6:30 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-6:1      And Job answereth and saith: --  

18-6:2      O that my provocation were thoroughly weighed, And my calamity in balances They would lift up together!  

18-6:3      For now, than the sands of the sea it is heavier, Therefore my words have been rash.  

18-6:4      For arrows of the Mighty are with me, Whose poison is drinking up my spirit. Terrors of God array themselves for me!  

18-6:5      Brayeth a wild ass over tender grass? Loweth an ox over his provender?  

18-6:6      Eaten is an insipid thing without salt? Is there sense in the drivel of dreams?  

18-6:7      My soul is refusing to touch! They are as my sickening food.  

18-6:8      O that my request may come, That God may grant my hope!  

18-6:9      That God would please--and bruise me, Loose His hand and cut me off!  

18-6:10     And yet it is my comfort, (And I exult in pain--He doth not spare,) That I have not hidden The sayings of the Holy One.  

18-6:11     What is my power that I should hope? And what mine end That I should prolong my life?  

18-6:12     Is my strength the strength of stones? Is my flesh brazen?  

18-6:13     Is not my help with me, And substance driven from me?  

18-6:14     To a despiser of his friends is shame, And the fear of the Mighty he forsaketh.  

18-6:15     My brethren have deceived as a brook, As a stream of brooks they pass away.  

18-6:16     That are black because of ice, By them doth snow hide itself.  

18-6:17     By the time they are warm they have been cut off, By its being hot they have been Extinguished from their place.  

18-6:18     Turn aside do the paths of their way, They ascend into emptiness, and are lost.  

18-6:19     Passengers of Tema looked expectingly, Travellers of Sheba hoped for them.  

18-6:20     They were ashamed that one hath trusted, They have come unto it and are confounded.  

18-6:21     Surely now ye have become the same! Ye see a downfall, and are afraid.  

18-6:22     Is it because I said, Give to me? And, By your power bribe for me?  

18-6:23     And, Deliver me from the hand of an adversary? And, From the hand of terrible ones ransom me?  

18-6:24     Shew me, and I--I keep silent, And what I have erred, let me understand.  

18-6:25     How powerful have been upright sayings, And what doth reproof from you reprove?  

18-6:26     For reproof--do you reckon words? And for wind--sayings of the desperate.  

18-6:27     Anger on the fatherless ye cause to fall, And are strange to your friend.  

18-6:28     And, now, please, look upon me, Even to your face do I lie?  

18-6:29     Turn back, I pray you, let it not be perverseness, Yea, turn back again--my righteousness is in it.  

18-6:30     Is there in my tongue perverseness? Discerneth not my palate desirable things?  





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Job 7:  

Chapter 7:21 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-7:1      Is there not a warfare to man on earth? And as the days of an hireling his days?  

18-7:2      As a servant desireth the shadow, And as a hireling expecteth his wage,  

18-7:3      So I have been caused to inherit months of vanity, And nights of misery they numbered to me.  

18-7:4      If I lay down then I said, `When do I rise!' And evening hath been measured, And I have been full of tossings till dawn.  

18-7:5      Clothed hath been my flesh with worms, And a clod of dust, My skin hath been shrivelled and is loathsome,  

18-7:6      My days swifter than a weaving machine, And they are consumed without hope.  

18-7:7      Remember Thou that my life is a breath, Mine eye turneth not back to see good.  

18-7:8      The eye of my beholder beholdeth me not. Thine eyes are upon me--and I am not.  

18-7:9      Consumed hath been a cloud, and it goeth, So he who is going down to Sheol cometh not up.  

18-7:10     He turneth not again to his house, Nor doth his place discern him again.  

18-7:11     Also I--I withhold not my mouth--I speak in the distress of my spirit, I talk in the bitterness of my soul.  

18-7:12     A sea- monster am I, or a dragon, That thou settest over me a guard?  

18-7:13     When I said, `My bed doth comfort me,' He taketh away in my talking my couch.  

18-7:14     And thou hast affrighted me with dreams, And from visions thou terrifiest me,  

18-7:15     And my soul chooseth strangling, Death rather than my bones.  

18-7:16     I have wasted away--not to the age do I live. Cease from me, for my days are vanity.  

18-7:17     What is man that Thou dost magnify him? And that Thou settest unto him Thy heart?  

18-7:18     And inspectest him in the mornings, In the evenings dost try him?  

18-7:19     How long dost Thou not look from me? Thou dost not desist till I swallow my spittle.  

18-7:20     I have sinned, what do I to Thee, O watcher of man? Why hast Thou set me for a mark to Thee, And I am for a burden to myself--and what?  

18-7:21     Thou dost not take away my transgression, And cause to pass away mine iniquity, Because now, for dust I lie down: And Thou hast sought me--and I am not!  





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Job 8:  

Chapter 8:22 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-8:1      And Bildad the Shuhite answereth and saith: --  

18-8:2      Till when dost thou speak these things? And a strong wind--sayings of thy mouth?  

18-8:3      Doth God pervert judgment? And doth the Mighty One pervert justice?  

18-8:4      If thy sons have sinned before Him, And He doth send them away, By the hand of their transgression,  

18-8:5      If thou dost seek early unto God, And unto the Mighty makest supplication,  

18-8:6      If pure and upright thou art , Surely now He waketh for thee, And hath completed The habitation of thy righteousness.  

18-8:7      And thy beginning hath been small, And thy latter end is very great.  

18-8:8      For, ask I pray thee of a former generation, And prepare to a search of their fathers,  

18-8:9      (For of yesterday we are , and we know not, For a shadow are our days on earth.)  

18-8:10     Do they not shew thee--speak to thee, And from their heart bring forth words?  

18-8:11     `Doth a rush wise without mire? A reed increase without water?  

18-8:12     While it is in its budding--uncropped, Even before any herb it withereth.  

18-8:13     So are the paths of all forgetting God, And the hope of the profane doth perish,  

18-8:14     Whose confidence is loathsome, And the house of a spider his trust.  

18-8:15     He leaneth on his house--and it standeth not: He taketh hold on it--and it abideth not.  

18-8:16     Green he is before the sun, And over his garden his branch goeth out.  

18-8:17     By a heap his roots are wrapped, A house of stones he looketh for.  

18-8:18     If one doth destroy him from his place, Then it hath feigned concerning him, I have not seen thee!  

18-8:19     Lo, this is the joy of his way, And from the dust others spring up.'  

18-8:20     Lo, God doth not reject the perfect, Nor taketh hold on the hand of evil doers.  

18-8:21     While he filleth with laughter thy mouth, And thy lips with shouting,  

18-8:22     Those hating thee do put on shame, And the tent of the wicked is not!  





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Job 9:  

Chapter 9:35 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-9:1      And Job answereth and saith: --  

18-9:2      Truly I have known that it is so, And what--is man righteous with God?  

18-9:3      If he delight to strive with Him--He doth not answer him one of a thousand.  

18-9:4      Wise in heart and strong in power--Who hath hardened toward Him and is at peace?  

18-9:5      Who is removing mountains, And they have not known, Who hath overturned them in His anger.  

18-9:6      Who is shaking earth from its place, And its pillars move themselves.  

18-9:7      Who is speaking to the sun, and it riseth not, And the stars He sealeth up.  

18-9:8      Stretching out the heavens by Himself, And treading on the heights of the sea,  

18-9:9      Making Osh, Kesil, and Kimah, And the inner chambers of the south.  

18-9:10     Doing great things till there is no searching, And wonderful, till there is no numbering.  

18-9:11     Lo, He goeth over by me, and I see not, And He passeth on, and I attend not to it.  

18-9:12     Lo, He snatches away, who bringeth it back? Who saith unto Him, `What dost Thou?'  

18-9:13     God doth not turn back His anger, Under Him bowed have proud helpers.  

18-9:14     How much less do I--I answer Him? Choose out my words with Him?  

18-9:15     Whom, though I were righteous, I answer not, For my judgment I make supplication.  

18-9:16     Though I had called and He answereth me, I do not believe that He giveth ear to my voice.  

18-9:17     Because with a tempest He bruiseth me, And hath multiplied my wounds for nought.  

18-9:18     He permitteth me not to refresh my spirit, But filleth me with bitter things.  

18-9:19     If of power, lo, the Strong One; And if of judgment--who doth convene me?  

18-9:20     If I be righteous, Mine mouth doth declare me wicked, Perfect I am! --it declareth me perverse.  

18-9:21     Perfect I am! --I know not my soul, I despise my life.  

18-9:22     It is the same thing, therefore I said, `The perfect and the wicked He is consuming.'  

18-9:23     If a scourge doth put to death suddenly, At the trial of the innocent He laugheth.  

18-9:24     Earth hath been given Into the hand of the wicked one. The face of its judges he covereth, If not--where, who is he?  

18-9:25     My days have been swifter than a runner, They have fled, they have not seen good,  

18-9:26     They have passed on with ships of reed, As an eagle darteth on food.  

18-9:27     Though I say, `I forget my talking, I forsake my corner, and I brighten up!'  

18-9:28     I have been afraid of all my griefs, I have known that Thou dost not acquit me.  

18-9:29     I--I am become wicked; why is this? In vain I labour.  

18-9:30     If I have washed myself with snow-water, And purified with soap my hands,  

18-9:31     Then in corruption Thou dost dip me, And my garments have abominated me.  

18-9:32     But if a man like myself--I answer him, We come together into judgment.  

18-9:33     If there were between us an umpire, He doth place his hand on us both.  

18-9:34     He doth turn aside from off me his rod, And His terror doth not make me afraid,  

18-9:35     I speak, and do not fear Him, But I am not right with myself.  





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Job 10:  

Chapter 10:22 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-10:1     My soul hath been weary of my life, I leave off my talking to myself, I speak in the bitterness of my soul.  

18-10:2     I say unto God, `Do not condemn me, Let me know why Thou dost strive with me.  

18-10:3     Is it good for Thee that Thou dost oppress? That Thou despisest the labour of Thy hands, And on the counsel of the wicked hast shone?  

18-10:4     Eyes of flesh hast Thou? As man seeth--seest Thou?  

18-10:5     As the days of man are Thy days? Thy years as the days of a man?  

18-10:6     That Thou inquirest for mine iniquity, And for my sin seekest?  

18-10:7     For Thou knowest that I am not wicked, And there is no deliverer from Thy hand.  

18-10:8     Thy hands have taken pains about me, And they make me together round about, And Thou swallowest me up!  

18-10:9     Remember, I pray Thee, That as clay Thou hast made me, And unto dust Thou dost bring me back.  

18-10:10    Dost Thou not as milk pour me out? And as cheese curdle me?  

18-10:11    Skin and flesh Thou dost put on me, And with bones and sinews dost fence me.  

18-10:12    Life and kindness Thou hast done with me. And Thy inspection hath preserved my spirit.  

18-10:13    And these Thou hast laid up in Thy heart, I have known that this is with Thee.  

18-10:14    If I sinned, then Thou hast observed me, And from mine iniquity dost not acquit me,  

18-10:15    If I have done wickedly--woe to me, And righteously--I lift not up my head, Full of shame--then see my affliction,  

18-10:16    And it riseth--as a lion Thou huntest me. And Thou turnest back--Thou shewest Thyself wonderful in me.  

18-10:17    Thou renewest Thy witnesses against me, And dost multiply Thine anger with me, Changes and warfare are with me.  

18-10:18    And why from the womb Hast Thou brought me forth? I expire, and the eye doth not see me.  

18-10:19    As I had not been, I am, From the belly to the grave I am brought,  

18-10:20    Are not my days few? Cease then, and put from me, And I brighten up a little,  

18-10:21    Before I go, and return not, Unto a land of darkness and death-shade,  

18-10:22    A land of obscurity as thick darkness, Death-shade--and no order, And the shining is as thick darkness.'  





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Job 11:  

Chapter 11:20 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-11:1     And Zophar the Naamathite answereth and saith: --  

18-11:2     Is a multitude of words not answered? And is a man of lips justified?  

18-11:3     Thy devices make men keep silent, Thou scornest, and none is causing blushing!  

18-11:4     And thou sayest, `Pure is my discourse, And clean I have been in Thine eyes.'  

18-11:5     And yet, O that God had spoken! And doth open His lips with thee.  

18-11:6     And declare to thee secrets of wisdom, For counsel hath foldings. And know thou that God forgetteth for thee, Some of thine iniquity.  

18-11:7     By searching dost thou find out God? Unto perfection find out the Mighty One?  

18-11:8     Heights of the heavens! --what dost thou? Deeper than Sheol! --what knowest thou?  

18-11:9     Longer than earth is its measure, And broader than the sea.  

18-11:10    If He pass on, and shut up, and assemble, Who then dost reverse it?  

18-11:11    For he hath known men of vanity, And He seeth iniquity, And one doth not consider it !  

18-11:12    And empty man is bold, And the colt of a wild ass man is born.  

18-11:13    If thou--thou hast prepared thy heart, And hast spread out unto Him thy hands,  

18-11:14    If iniquity is in thy hand, put it far off, And let not perverseness dwell in thy tents.  

18-11:15    For then thou liftest up thy face from blemish, And thou hast been firm, and fearest not.  

18-11:16    For thou dost forget misery, As waters passed away thou rememberest.  

18-11:17    And above the noon doth age rise, Thou fliest--as the morning thou art.  

18-11:18    And thou hast trusted because their is hope, And searched--in confidence thou liest down,  

18-11:19    And thou hast rested, And none is causing trembling, And many have entreated thy face;  

18-11:20    And the eyes of the wicked are consumed, And refuge hath perished from them, And their hope is a breathing out of soul!  





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Job 12:  

Chapter 12:25 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-12:1     And Job answereth and saith: --  

18-12:2     Truly--ye are the people, And with you doth wisdom die.  

18-12:3     I also have a heart like you, I am not fallen more than you, And with whom is there not like these?  

18-12:4     A laughter to his friend I am: `He calleth to God, and He answereth him,' A laughter is the perfect righteous one.  

18-12:5     A torch--despised in the thoughts of the secure Is prepared for those sliding with the feet.  

18-12:6     At peace are the tents of spoilers, And those provoking God have confidence, He into whose hand God hath brought.  

18-12:7     And yet, ask, I pray thee, One of the beasts, and it doth shew thee, And a fowl of the heavens, And it doth declare to thee.  

18-12:8     Or talk to the earth, and it sheweth thee, And fishes of the sea recount to thee:  

18-12:9     `Who hath not known in all these, That the hand of Jehovah hath done this?  

18-12:10    In whose hand is the breath of every living thing, And the spirit of all flesh of man.'  

18-12:11    Doth not the ear try words? And the palate taste food for itself?  

18-12:12    With the very aged is wisdom, And with length of days understanding.  

18-12:13    With Him are wisdom and might, To him are counsel and understanding.  

18-12:14    Lo, He breaketh down, and it is not built up, He shutteth against a man, And it is not opened.  

18-12:15    Lo, He keepeth in the waters, and they are dried up, And he sendeth them forth, And they overturn the land.  

18-12:16    With Him are strength and wisdom, His the deceived and deceiver.  

18-12:17    Causing counsellors to go away a spoil, And judges He maketh foolish.  

18-12:18    The bands of kings He hath opened, And He bindeth a girdle on their loins.  

18-12:19    Causing ministers to go away a spoil And strong ones He overthroweth.  

18-12:20    Turning aside the lip of the stedfast, And the reason of the aged He taketh away.  

18-12:21    Pouring contempt upon princes, And the girdle of the mighty He made feeble.  

18-12:22    Removing deep things out of darkness, And He bringeth out to light death-shade.  

18-12:23    Magnifying the nations, and He destroyeth them, Spreading out the nations, and He quieteth them.  

18-12:24    Turning aside the heart Of the heads of the people of the land, And he causeth them to wander In vacancy--no way!  

18-12:25    They feel darkness, and not light, He causeth them to wander as a drunkard.  





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Job 13:  

Chapter 13:28 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-13:1     Lo, all--hath mine eye seen, Heard hath mine ear, and it attendeth to it.  

18-13:2     According to your knowledge I have known--also I. I am not fallen more than you.  

18-13:3     Yet I for the Mighty One do speak, And to argue for God I delight.  

18-13:4     And yet, ye are forgers of falsehood, Physicians of nought--all of you,  

18-13:5     O that ye would keep perfectly silent, And it would be to you for wisdom.  

18-13:6     Hear, I pray you, my argument, And to the pleadings of my lips attend,  

18-13:7     For God do ye speak perverseness? And for Him do ye speak deceit?  

18-13:8     His face do ye accept, if for God ye strive?  

18-13:9     Is it good that He doth search you, If, as one mocketh at a man, ye mock at Him?  

18-13:10    He doth surely reprove you, if in secret ye accept faces.  

18-13:11    Doth not His excellency terrify you? And His dread fall upon you?  

18-13:12    Your remembrances are similes of ashes, For high places of clay your heights.  

18-13:13    Keep silent from me, and I speak, And pass over me doth what?  

18-13:14    Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth? And my soul put in my hand?  

18-13:15    Lo, He doth slay me--I wait not! Only, my ways unto His face I argue.  

18-13:16    Also--He is to me for salvation, For the profane cometh not before Him.  

18-13:17    Hear ye diligently my word, And my declaration with your ears.  

18-13:18    Lo, I pray you, I have set in order the cause, I have known that I am righteous.  

18-13:19    Who is he that doth strive with me? For now I keep silent and gasp.  

18-13:20    Only two things, O God, do with me: Then from Thy face I am not hidden.  

18-13:21    Thy hand put far off from me, And Thy terror let not terrify me.  

18-13:22    And call Thou, and I--I answer, Or--I speak, and answer Thou me.  

18-13:23    How many iniquities and sins have I? My transgression and my sin let me know.  

18-13:24    Why dost Thou hide Thy face? And reckonest me for an enemy to Thee?  

18-13:25    A leaf driven away dost Thou terrify? And the dry stubble dost Thou pursue?  

18-13:26    For Thou writest against me bitter things, And causest me to possess iniquities of my youth:  

18-13:27    And puttest in the stocks my feet, And observest all my paths, On the roots of my feet Thou settest a print,  

18-13:28    And he, as a rotten thing, weareth away, As a garment hath a moth consumed him.  





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Job 14:  

Chapter 14:22 Verses  

18 Job  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

18-14:1     Man, born of woman! Of few days, and full of trouble!  

18-14:2     As a flower he hath gone forth, and is cut off, And he fleeth as a shadow and standeth not.  

18-14:3     Also--on this Thou hast opened Thine eyes, And dost bring me into judgment with Thee.  

18-14:4     Who giveth a clean thing out of an unclean? not one.  

18-14:5     If determined are his days, The numb