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2 Chronicles  


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36:  Chapters  

:822 Verses  

2 Chronicles 1:  

Chapter 1:17 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-1:1      And strengthen himself doth Solomon son of David over his kingdom, and Jehovah his God is with him, and maketh him exceedingly great.  

14-1:2      And Solomon saith to all Israel, to heads of the thousands, and of the hundreds, and to judges, and to every honourable one of all Israel, heads of the fathers,  

14-1:3      and they go--Solomon, and all the assembly with him--to the high place that is in Gibeon, for there hath been God's tent of meeting, that Moses, servant of Jehovah, made in the wilderness,  

14-1:4      but the ark of God had David brought up from Kirjath-Jearim, when David prepared for it, for he stretched out for it a tent in Jerusalem;  

14-1:5      and the altar of brass that Bezaleel son of Uri, son of Hur made, he put before the tabernacle of Jehovah; and Solomon and the assembly seek to it.  

14-1:6      And Solomon goeth up thither, on the altar of brass, before Jehovah, that is at the tent of meeting, and causeth to ascend upon it a thousand burnt-offerings.  

14-1:7      In that night hath God appeared to Solomon, and saith to him, `Ask--what do I give to thee?'  

14-1:8      And Solomon saith to God, `Thou hast done with David my father great kindness, and hast caused me to reign in his stead.  

14-1:9      Now, O Jehovah God, is Thy word with David my father stedfast, for Thou hast caused me to reign over a people numerous as the dust of the earth;  

14-1:10     now, wisdom and knowledge give to me, and I go out before this people, and I come in, for who doth judge this Thy great people?'  

14-1:11     And God saith to Solomon, `Because that this hath been with thy heart, and thou hast not asked riches, wealth, and honour, and the life of those hating thee, and also many days hast not asked, and dost ask for thyself wisdom and knowledge, so that thou dost judge My people over which I have caused thee to reign--  

14-1:12     the wisdom and the knowledge is given to thee, and riches and wealth and honour I give to thee, that there hath not been so to the kings who are before thee, and after thee it is not so.'  

14-1:13     And Solomon cometh in from the high place that is in Gibeon to Jerusalem, from before the tent of meeting, and reigneth over Israel,  

14-1:14     and Solomon gathereth chariots and horsemen, and he hath a thousand and four hundred chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen, and he placeth them in the cities of the chariots, and with the king in Jerusalem.  

14-1:15     And the king maketh the silver and the gold in Jerusalem as stones, and the cedars he made as sycamores that are in the low country, for abundance.  

14-1:16     And the source of the horses that are to Solomon is from Egypt and from Keva; merchants of the king from Keva take at a price,  

14-1:17     and they come up, and bring out from Egypt a chariot for six hundred silverlings, and a horse for fifty and a hundred, and so for all the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of Aram--by their hand they bring out.  





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2 Chronicles 2:  

Chapter 2:18 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-2:1      And Solomon saith to build a house for the name of Jehovah, and a house for his kingdom,  

14-2:2      and Solomon numbereth seventy thousand men bearing burden, and eighty thousand men hewing in the mountain, and overseers over them--three thousand and six hundred.  

14-2:3      And Solomon sendeth unto Huram king of Tyre, saying, `When thou hast dealt with David my father, then thou dost send to him cedars to build for him a house to dwell in;  

14-2:4      lo, I am building a house to the name of Jehovah my God, to sanctify it to Him, to make perfume before Him, perfume of spices, and a continual arrangement, and burnt-offerings at morning and at evening, at sabbaths, and at new moons, and at appointed seasons of Jehovah our God; to the age this is on Israel.  

14-2:5      `And the house that I am building is great, for greater is our God than all gods;  

14-2:6      and who doth retain strength to build to Him a house, for the heavens, even the heavens of the heavens, do not contain Him? and who am I that I do build to Him a house, except to make perfume before Him?  

14-2:7      `And now, send to me a wise man to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron, and in purple, and crimson, and blue, and knowing to grave gravings with the wise men who are with me in Judah and in Jerusalem, whom David my father prepared;  

14-2:8      and send to me cedar-trees, firs, and algums from Lebanon, for I have known that thy servants know to cut down trees of Lebanon, and lo, my servants are with thy servants,  

14-2:9      even to prepare for me trees in abundance, for the house that I am building is great and wonderful.  

14-2:10     `And lo, to hewers, to those cutting the trees, I have given beaten wheat to thy servants, cors twenty thousand, and barley, cors twenty thousand, and wine, baths twenty thousand, and oil, baths twenty thousand.'  

14-2:11     And Huram king of Tyre saith in writing, and sendeth unto Solomon: `In the love of Jehovah to His people He hath given thee king over them.'  

14-2:12     And Huram saith, `Blessed is Jehovah, God of Israel, who made the heavens and the earth, who hath given to David the king a wise son, knowing wisdom and understanding, who doth build a house for Jehovah, and a house for his kingdom.  

14-2:13     `And now, I have sent a wise man having understanding, of Huram my father,  

14-2:14     (son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father a man of Tyre), knowing to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stones, and in wood, in purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson, and to grave any graving, and to devise any device that is given to him, with thy wise men, and the wise men of my lord David thy father.  

14-2:15     `And, now, the wheat, and the barley, the oil, and the wine, as my lord said, let him send to his servants,  

14-2:16     and we--we cut trees out of Lebanon, according to all thy need, and bring them in to thee--floats by sea, to Joppa, and thou dost take them up to Jerusalem.'  

14-2:17     And Solomon numbereth all the men, the sojourners who are in the land of Israel, after the numbering with which David his father numbered them, and they are found a hundred and fifty thousand, and three thousand, and six hundred;  

14-2:18     and he maketh of them seventy thousand burden-bearers, and eighty thousand hewers in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred overseers, to cause the people to work.  





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2 Chronicles 3:  

Chapter 3:17 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-3:1      And Solomon beginneth to build the house of Jehovah, in Jerusalem, in the mount of Moriah, where He appeared to David his father, in the place that David had prepared, in the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite,  

14-3:2      and he beginneth to build in the second day , in the second month, in the fourth year of his reign.  

14-3:3      And in these hath Solomon been instructed to build the house of God: The length in cubits by the former measure is sixty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits.  

14-3:4      As to the porch that is on the front, the length is by the front of the breadth of the house, twenty cubits, and the height a hundred and twenty, and he overlayeth it within with pure gold.  

14-3:5      And the large house he hath covered with fir-trees, and he doth cover it with good gold, and causeth to ascend on it palms and chains,  

14-3:6      and he overlayeth the house with precious stone for beauty, and the gold is gold of Parvaim,  

14-3:7      and he covereth the house, the beams, the thresholds, and its walls, and its doors, with gold, and hath graved cherubs on the walls.  

14-3:8      And he maketh the most holy house: its length is by the front of the breadth of the house twenty cubits, and its breadth twenty cubits, and he covereth it with good gold, to six hundred talents;  

14-3:9      and the weight of the nails is fifty shekels of gold, and the upper chambers he hath covered with gold.  

14-3:10     And he maketh in the most holy house two cherubs, image work, and he overlayeth them with gold;  

14-3:11     as to the wings of the cherubs, their length is twenty cubits, the wing of the one is five cubits, touching the wall of the house, and the other wing is five cubits, touching the wing of the other cherub.  

14-3:12     And the wing of the other cherub is five cubits touching the wall of the house, and the other wing is five cubits, adhering to the wing of the other cherub.  

14-3:13     The wings of these cherubs are spreading forth twenty cubits, and they are standing on their feet and their faces are inward.  

14-3:14     And he maketh the vail of blue, and purple, and crimson, and fine linen, and causeth cherubs to go up on it.  

14-3:15     And he maketh at the front of the house two pillars, thirty and five cubits in length, and the ornament that is on their heads five cubits.  

14-3:16     And he maketh chains in the oracle, and putteth on the heads of the pillars, and maketh a hundred pomegranates, and putteth on the chains.  

14-3:17     And he raiseth up the pillars on the front of the temple, one on the right, and one on the left, and calleth the name of that on the right Jachin, and the name of that on the left Boaz.  





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2 Chronicles 4:  

Chapter 4:22 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-4:1      And he maketh an altar of brass, twenty cubits its length, and twenty cubits its breadth, and ten cubits its height.  

14-4:2      And he maketh the molten sea; ten by the cubit, from its edge unto its edge, round in compass, and five by the cubit its height, and a line of thirty by the cubit doth compass it, round about.  

14-4:3      And the likeness of oxen is under it, all round about encompassing it, ten in the cubit, compassing the sea round about; two rows of oxen are cast in its being cast.  

14-4:4      It is standing on twelve oxen, three facing the north, and three facing the west, and three facing the south, and three facing the east, and the sea is upon them above, and all their hinder parts are within.  

14-4:5      And its thickness is a handbreadth, and its lip as the work of the lip of a cup flowered with lilies; taking hold--baths three thousand it containeth.  

14-4:6      And he maketh ten lavers, and putteth five on the right, and five on the left, to wash with them; the work of the burnt-offering they purge with them; and the sea is for priests to wash with.  

14-4:7      And he maketh the ten candlesticks of gold, according to their ordinance, and placeth in the temple, five on the right, and five on the left.  

14-4:8      And he maketh ten tables, and placeth in the temple, five on the right, and five on the left; and he maketh bowls of gold a hundred.  

14-4:9      And he maketh the court of the priests, and the great court, and doors for the court, and their doors he hath overlaid with brass.  

14-4:10     And the sea he hath placed on the right shoulder eastward, over-against the south.  

14-4:11     And Huram maketh the pots, and the shovels, and the bowls, and Huram finisheth to make the work that he made for king Solomon in the house of God;  

14-4:12     two pillars, and the bowls, and the crowns on the heads of the two pillars, and the two wreaths to cover the two bowls of the crowns that are on the heads of the pillars;  

14-4:13     and the pomegranates four hundred to the two wreaths, two rows of pomegranates to the one wreath, to cover the two bowls of the crowns that are on the front of the pillars.  

14-4:14     And the bases he hath made; and the lavers he hath made on the bases;  

14-4:15     the one sea, and the twelve oxen under it,  

14-4:16     and the pots, and the shovels, and the forks, and all their vessels, hath Huram his father made for king Solomon, for the house of Jehovah, of brass purified.  

14-4:17     In the circuit of the Jordan hath the king cast them, in the thick soil of the ground, between Succoth and Zeredathah.  

14-4:18     And Solomon maketh all these vessels in great abundance, that the weight of the brass hath not been searched out.  

14-4:19     And Solomon maketh all the vessels that are for the house of God, and the altar of gold, and the tables, and on them is bread of the presence;  

14-4:20     and the candlesticks, and their lamps, for their burning according to the ordinance, before the oracle, of gold refined;  

14-4:21     and the flowers, and the lamps, and the tongs of gold--it is the perfection of gold;  

14-4:22     and the snuffers, and the bowls, and the spoons, and the censers, of gold refined, and the opening of the house, its innermost doors to the holy of holies, and the doors of the house to the temple, of gold.  





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2 Chronicles 5:  

Chapter 5:14 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-5:1      And all the work that Solomon made for the house of Jehovah is finished, and Solomon bringeth in the sanctified things of David his father, and the silver, and the gold, and all the vessels he hath put among the treasures of the house of God.  

14-5:2      Then doth Solomon assemble the elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, princes of the fathers of the sons of Israel, unto Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of the covenant of Jehovah from the city of David--it is Zion.  

14-5:3      And assembled unto the king are all the men of Israel in the feast--it is the seventh month;  

14-5:4      and all the elders of Israel come in, and the Levites lift up the ark,  

14-5:5      and they bring up the ark, and the tent of meeting, and all the vessels of the sanctuary that are in the tent; brought them up have the priests, the Levites;  

14-5:6      and king Solomon and all the company of Israel who are convened unto him before the ark are sacrificing sheep and oxen, that are not counted nor numbered from multitude.  

14-5:7      And the priests bring in the ark of the covenant of Jehovah unto its place, unto the oracle of the house, unto the holy of holies, unto the place of the wings of the cherubs;  

14-5:8      and the cherubs are spreading out wings over the place of the ark, and the cherubs cover over the ark, and over its staves, from above;  

14-5:9      and they lengthen the staves, and the heads of the staves are seen out of the ark on the front of the oracle, and they are not seen without; and it is there unto this day.  

14-5:10     There is nothing in the ark but the two tables that Moses gave in Horeb, where Jehovah covenanted with the sons of Israel, in their going out from Egypt.  

14-5:11     And it cometh to pass, in the going out of the priests from the sanctuary--for all the priests who are present have sanctified themselves, there is none to watch by courses,  

14-5:12     and the Levites, the singers, to all of them, to Asaph, to Heman, to Jeduthun, and to their sons, and to their brethren, clothed in white linen, with cymbals, and with psalteries, and harps, are standing on the east of the altar, and with them priests, to a hundred and twenty, blowing with trumpets--  

14-5:13     yea, it cometh to pass, as one are trumpeters and singers, to sound--one voice--to praise and to give thanks to Jehovah, and at the lifting up of the sound with trumpets, and with cymbals, and with instruments of song, and at giving praise to Jehovah, for good, for to the age is His kindness, that the house is filled with a cloud--the house of Jehovah,  

14-5:14     and the priests have not been able to stand to minister from the presence of the cloud, for the honour of Jehovah hath filled the house of God.  





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2 Chronicles 6:  

Chapter 6:42 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-6:1      Then said Solomon, `Jehovah said--to dwell in thick darkness,  

14-6:2      and I--I have built a house of habitation for Thee, and a fixed place for Thy dwelling to the ages.'  

14-6:3      And the king turneth round his face, and blesseth the whole assembly of Israel, and the whole assembly of Israel is standing,  

14-6:4      and he saith, `Blessed is Jehovah, God of Israel, who hath spoken with His mouth with David my father, and with His hands hath fulfilled it , saying:  

14-6:5      `From the day that I brought out My people from the land of Egypt, I have not fixed on a city out of any of the tribes of Israel to build a house for my name being there, and I have not fixed on a man to be leader over My people Israel;  

14-6:6      and I fix on Jerusalem for My name being there, and I fix on David to be over My people Israel.  

14-6:7      `And it is with the heart of David my father to build a house for the name of Jehovah God of Israel,  

14-6:8      and Jehovah saith unto David my father, Because that it hath been with thy heart to build a house for My name, thou hast done well that it hath been with thy heart,  

14-6:9      but thou dost not build the house, for thy son who cometh forth out from thy loins, he doth build the house for My name.  

14-6:10     `And Jehovah doth establish His word that He spake, and I rise up in the stead of David my father, and sit on the throne of Israel, as Jehovah spake, and I build the house for the name of Jehovah, God of Israel,  

14-6:11     and I place there the ark, where is the covenant of Jehovah that He made with the sons of Israel.'  

14-6:12     And he standeth before the altar of Jehovah, over-against all the assembly of Israel, and spreadeth out his hand, --  

14-6:13     for Solomon hath made a scaffold of brass, and putteth it in the midst of the court, five cubits its length, and five cubits its breadth, and three cubits its height, and he standeth upon it, and kneeleth on his knees over-against all the assembly of Israel, and spreadeth forth his hands towards the heavens--  

14-6:14     and saith, `O Jehovah God of Israel, there is not like Thee a god in the heavens and in the earth, keeping the covenant and the kindness for Thy servants who are walking before Thee with all their heart;  

14-6:15     who hast kept for Thy servant David my father that which Thou didst speak to him; yea, Thou dost speak with Thy mouth, and with Thy hand hast fulfilled it , as at this day.  

14-6:16     `And now, O Jehovah, God of Israel, keep for Thy servant David my father that which Thou didst speak to him, saying, There is not cut off to thee a man from before Me, sitting on the throne of Israel, only, if thy sons watch their way to walk in My law, as thou hast walked before Me.  

14-6:17     `And now, O Jehovah, God of Israel, is Thy word stedfast that Thou hast spoken to Thy servant, to David,  

14-6:18     (for is it true? --God dwelleth with man on the earth! Lo, the heavens, and the heavens of the heavens, do not contain Thee, how much less this house that I have built?)  

14-6:19     `And Thou hast turned unto the prayer of Thy servant, and unto his supplication, O Jehovah my God, to hearken unto the cry and unto the prayer that Thy servant is praying before Thee,  

14-6:20     for Thine eyes being open towards this house by day and by night, towards the place that Thou hast said to put Thy name there, to hearken unto the prayer that Thy servant prayeth towards this place.  

14-6:21     `And Thou hast hearkened unto the supplications of Thy servant, and of Thy people Israel, that they pray towards this place, and Thou dost hear from the place of Thy dwelling, from the heavens, and hast hearkened, and forgiven.  

14-6:22     `If a man doth sin against his neighbour, and he hath lifted up on him an oath to cause him to swear, and the oath hath come in before Thine altar in this house--  

14-6:23     then Thou dost hear from the heavens, and hast done, and hast judged Thy servants, to give back to the wicked, to put his way on his head, and to declare righteous the righteous, to give to him according to his righteousness.  

14-6:24     `And if Thy people Israel is smitten before an enemy, because they sin against Thee, and they have turned back and confessed Thy name, and prayed and made supplication before Thee in this house--  

14-6:25     then Thou dost hear from the heavens, and hast forgiven the sin of Thy people Israel, and caused them to turn back unto the ground that Thou hast given to them, and to their fathers.  

14-6:26     `In the heavens being restrained, and there is no rain, because they sin against Thee, and they have prayed towards this place, and confessed Thy name--from their sin they turn back because Thou dost afflict them--  

14-6:27     then Thou dost hear in the heavens, and hast forgiven the sin of Thy servants, and of Thy people Israel, because Thou directest them unto the good way in which they walk, and hast given rain on Thy land that Thou hast given to Thy people for an inheritance.  

14-6:28     `Famine, when it is in the land, pestilence, when it is, blasting, and mildew, locust, and caterpillar, when they are, when its enemies have distressed it in the land--its gates, any plague and any sickness;  

14-6:29     any prayer, any supplication that is for any man, and for all Thy people Israel, when they know each his own plague, and his own pain, and he hath spread out his hands towards this house:  

14-6:30     then Thou dost hear from the heavens, the settled place of Thy dwelling, and hast forgiven, and hast given to each according to all his ways (because Thou knowest his heart, for Thou--Thou only--hast known the heart of the sons of men),  

14-6:31     so that they fear Thee, to walk in Thy ways, all the days that they are living on the face of the ground that Thou hast given to our fathers.  

14-6:32     `And also, unto the stranger who is not of Thy people Israel, and he hath come from a land afar off for the sake of Thy great name, and Thy strong hand, and Thy stretched-out arm, and they have come in and prayed towards this house:  

14-6:33     then Thou dost hear from the heavens, from the settled place of Thy dwelling, and hast done according to all that the stranger calleth unto Thee for: so that all the peoples of the earth do know Thy name, so as to fear Thee, as Thy people Israel, and to know that Thy name is called on this house that I have built.  

14-6:34     `When Thy people doth go out to battle against its enemies in the way that Thou dost send them, and they have prayed unto Thee the way of this city that Thou hast fixed on, and the house that I have built for Thy name:  

14-6:35     then Thou hast heard from the heavens their prayer and their supplication, and hast maintained their cause.  

14-6:36     `When they sin against Thee--for there is not a man who sinneth not--and Thou hast been angry with them, and hast given them before an enemy, and taken them captive have their captors, unto a land far off or near;  

14-6:37     and they have turned it back unto their heart in the land whither they have been taken captive, and have turned back, and made supplication unto Thee in the land of their captivity, saying, We have sinned, we have done perversely, and have done wickedly;  

14-6:38     yea, they have turned back unto Thee with all their heart, and with all their soul, in the land of their captivity, whither they have taken them captive, and they have prayed the way of their land that Thou hast given to their fathers, and of the city that Thou hast chosen, and of the house that I have built for Thy name:  

14-6:39     then Thou hast heard from the heavens, from the settled place of Thy dwelling, their prayer and their supplications, and hast maintained their cause, and forgiven Thy people who have sinned against Thee.  

14-6:40     `Now, my God, let, I beseech Thee, Thine eyes be open, and Thine ears attentive, to the prayer of this place:  

14-6:41     and now, rise, O Jehovah God, to Thy rest, Thou, and the ark of Thy strength; Thy priests, O Jehovah God, are clothed with salvation, and Thy saints rejoice in the goodness,  

14-6:42     O Jehovah God, turn not back the face of Thine anointed, be mindful of the kind acts of David Thy servant.'  





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2 Chronicles 7:  

Chapter 7:22 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-7:1      And at Solomon's finishing to pray, then the fire hath come down from the heavens, and consumeth the burnt-offering and the sacrifices, and the honour of Jehovah hath filled the house,  

14-7:2      and the priests have not been able to go in unto the house of Jehovah, because the honour of Jehovah hath filled the house of Jehovah.  

14-7:3      And all the sons of Israel are looking on the descending of the fire, and the honour of Jehovah on the house, and they bow--faces to the earth--on the pavement, and do obeisance, and give thanks to Jehovah, for good, for to the age is His kindness.  

14-7:4      And the king and all the people are sacrificing a sacrifice before Jehovah,  

14-7:5      and king Solomon sacrificeth the sacrifice of the herd, twenty and two thousand, and of the flock, a hundred and twenty thousand, and the king and all the people dedicate the house of God.  

14-7:6      And the priests over their charges are standing, and the Levites with instruments of the song of Jehovah--that David the king made, to give thanks to Jehovah, for to the age is His kindness, in David's praising by their hand--and the priests are blowing trumpets over-against them, and all Israel are standing.  

14-7:7      And Solomon sanctifieth the middle of the court that is before the house of Jehovah, for he hath made there the burnt-offerings, and the fat of the peace-offerings: for the altar of brass that Solomon made hath not been able to contain the burnt-offering, and the present, and the fat.  

14-7:8      And Solomon maketh the feast at that time seven days, and all Israel with him--a very great assembly--from the entering in of Hamath unto the brook of Egypt.  

14-7:9      And they make on the eighth day a restraint, because the dedication of the altar they have made seven days, and the feast seven days.  

14-7:10     And on the twenty and third day of the seventh month he hath sent the people to their tents, rejoicing, and glad in heart, for the goodness that Jehovah hath done to David, and to Solomon, and to Israel His people.  

14-7:11     And Solomon finisheth the house of Jehovah, and the house of the king; and all that hath come on the heart of Solomon to do in the house of Jehovah, and in his own house, he hath caused to prosper.  

14-7:12     And Jehovah appeareth unto Solomon by night, and saith to him, `I have heard thy prayer, and have fixed on this place to Me for a house of sacrifice.  

14-7:13     If I restrain the heavens and there is no rain, and if I lay charge on the locust to consume the land, and if I send pestilence among My people--  

14-7:14     and My people on whom My name is called be humbled, and pray, and seek My face, and turn back from their evil ways, then I--I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.  

14-7:15     `Now, Mine eyes are open, and Mine ears attentive, to the prayer of this place;  

14-7:16     and now, I have chosen and sanctified this house for My name being there unto the age; yea, Mine eyes and My heart have been there all the days.  

14-7:17     `And thou, if thou dost walk before Me as David thy father walked, even to do according to all that I have commanded thee, and My statutes and My judgments dost keep--  

14-7:18     then I have established the throne of thy kingdom, as I covenanted with David thy father, saying, There is not cut off a man to thee--a ruler in Israel;  

14-7:19     and if ye turn back--ye--and have forsaken My statutes, and My commands, that I have placed before you, and have gone and served other gods, and bowed yourselves to them--then I have plucked them from off My ground that I have given to them,  

14-7:20     and this house that I have sanctified for My name, I cast from before My face, and make it for a proverb, and for a byword, among all the peoples.  

14-7:21     `And this house that hath been high, to every one passing by it, is an astonishment, and he hath said, Wherefore hath Jehovah done thus to this land, and to this house?  

14-7:22     and they have said, Because that they have forsaken Jehovah, God of their fathers, who brought them out from the land of Egypt, and lay hold on other gods, and bow themselves to them, and serve them, therefore He hath brought upon them all this evil.'  





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2 Chronicles 8:  

Chapter 8:18 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-8:1      And it cometh to pass, at the end of twenty years, that Solomon hath built the house of Jehovah, and his own house.  

14-8:2      As to the cities that Huram hath given to Solomon, Solomon hath built them, and there he causeth the sons of Israel to dwell.  

14-8:3      And Solomon goeth to Hamath-Zobah, and layeth hold upon it;  

14-8:4      and he buildeth Tadmor in the wilderness, and all the cities of store that he hath built in Hamath.  

14-8:5      And he buildeth Beth-Horon the upper, and Beth-Horon the lower--cities of defence, with walls, two-leaved doors, and bar--  

14-8:6      and Baalath, and all the cities of store that Solomon had, and all the cities of the chariot, and the cities of the horsemen, and all the desire of Solomon that he desired to build in Jerusalem, and in Lebanon, and in all the land of his dominion.  

14-8:7      All the people who are left of the Hittite, and the Amorite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, who are not of Israel--  

14-8:8      of their sons who have been left after them in the land, whom the sons of Israel consumed not--doth Solomon lift up a tribute unto this day.  

14-8:9      And none of the sons of Israel hath Solomon made servants for his work, but they are men of war, and heads of his captains, and heads of his charioteers, and of his horsemen;  

14-8:10     and these are heads of the officers whom king Solomon hath, two hundred and fifty who are rulers among the people.  

14-8:11     And the daughter of Pharaoh hath Solomon brought up from the city of David to the house that he built for her, for he said, `My wife doth not dwell in the house of David king of Israel, for they are holy unto whom hath come the ark of Jehovah.'  

14-8:12     Then hath Solomon caused to ascend burnt-offerings to Jehovah on the altar of Jehovah that he built before the porch,  

14-8:13     even by the matter of a day in its day, to cause to ascend according to the command of Moses, on sabbaths, and on new moons, and on appointed seasons, three times in a year--in the feast of unleavened things, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of booths.  

14-8:14     And he establisheth, according to the ordinance of David his father, the courses of the priests over their service, and of the Levites over their charges, to praise and to minister over-against the priests, according to the matter of a day in its day, and the gatekeepers in their courses at gate and gate, for so is the command of David the man of God.  

14-8:15     And they have not turned aside from the command of the king concerning the priests and the Levites, in reference to any matter, and to the treasures.  

14-8:16     And all the work of Solomon is prepared till the day of the foundation of the house of Jehovah, and till its completion; perfect is the house of Jehovah.  

14-8:17     Then hath Solomon gone to Ezion-Geber, and unto Elath, on the border of the sea, in the land of Edom;  

14-8:18     and Huram sendeth to him, by the hand of his servants, ships and servants knowing the sea, and they go with servants of Solomon to Ophir, and take thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and bring in unto king Solomon.  





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2 Chronicles 9:  

Chapter 9:31 Verses  

14 2 Chronicles  

(Young’s L.T. ) .  

14-9:1      And the queen of Sheba hath heard of the fame of Solomon, and cometh in to try Solomon with acute sayings, to Jerusalem, with a very great company, and camels bearing spices and gold in abundance, and precious stone; and she cometh in unto Solomon, and speaketh with him all that hath been with her heart,  

14-9:2      and Solomon declareth to her all her matters, and there hath not been hid a thing from Solomon that he hath not declared to her.  

14-9:3      And the queen of Sheba seeth the wisdom of Solomon, and the house that he hath built,  

14-9:4      and the food of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the standing of his ministers, and their clothing, and his stewards, and their clothing, an his burnt-offering that he offered up in the house of Jehovah, and there hath not been any more spirit in her.  

14-9:5      And she saith unto the king, `True is the word that I heard in my land concerning thy matters and concerning thy wisdom,  

14-9:6      and I have given no credence to their words, till that I have come, and mine eyes see, and lo, there hath not been declared to me the half of the abundance of thy wisdom--thou hast added unto the report that I heard.  

14-9:7      `O the happiness of thy men, and the happiness of thy servants--these--who are standing before thee continually, and hearing thy wisdom.  

14-9:8      Let Jehovah thy God be blessed who hath delighted in thee, to put thee on His throne for king for Jehovah thy God; in the love of thy God to Israel, to establish it to the age, He hath put thee over them for king, to do judgment and righteousness.'  

14-9:9      And she giveth to the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and spices in great abundance, and precious stone; and there hath not been any such spice as the queen of Sheba hath given to king Solomon.  

14-9:10     And also, servants of Huram, and servants of Solomon, who brought in gold from Ophir, have brought in algum-trees and precious stone.  

14-9:11     And the king maketh the algum-trees staircases for the house of Jehovah, and for the house of the king, and harps and psalteries for singers; and there have been none seen like these before in the land of Judah.  

14-9:12     And king Solomon hath given to the queen of Sheba all her desire that she asked, apart from that which she had brought unto the king, and she turneth and goeth to her land, she and her servants.  

14-9:13     And the weight of the gold that is coming to Solomon in one year is six hundred and sixty and six talents of gold,  

14-9:14     apart from what the tourists, and the merchants, are bringing in; and all the kings of Arabia, and the governors of the land, are bringing in gold and silver to Solomon.  

14-9:15     And king Solomon maketh two hundred targets of alloyed gold, six hundred shekels of alloyed gold he causeth to go up on the one target;  

14-9:16     and three hundred shields of alloyed gold,