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Nahum 1:

Chapter 1:15 Verses

34 Nahum

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

34-1:1      The burden4853 of Nineveh.5210 The book5612 of the vision2377 of Nahum5151 the Elkoshite.512 

34-1:2      God410 is jealous,7072 and the LORD3068 revengeth;5358 the LORD3068 revengeth,5358 and is furious;1167, 2534 the LORD3068 will take vengeance5358 on his adversaries,6862 and he1931 reserveth5201 wrath for his enemies.341 

34-1:3      The LORD3068 is slow750 to anger,639 and great1419 in power,3581 and will not at all acquit5352, 3808, 5352 the wicked: the LORD3068 hath his way1870 in the whirlwind5492 and in the storm,8183 and the clouds6051 are the dust80 of his feet.7272 

34-1:4      He rebuketh1605 the sea,3220 and maketh it dry,3001 and drieth up2717 all3605 the rivers:5104 Bashan1316 languisheth,535 and Carmel,3760 and the flower6525 of Lebanon3844 languisheth.535 

34-1:5      The mountains2022 quake7493 at4480 him, and the hills1389 melt,4127 and the earth776 is burned5375 at his presence,4480, 6440 yea, the world,8398 and all3605 that dwell3427 therein. 

34-1:6      Who4310 can stand5975 before6440 his indignation?2195 and who4310 can abide6965 in the fierceness2740 of his anger?639 his fury2534 is poured out5413 like fire,784 and the rocks6697 are thrown down5422 by4480 him. 

34-1:7      The LORD3068 is good,2896 a stronghold4581 in the day3117 of trouble;6869 and he knoweth3045 them that trust2620 in him. 

34-1:8      But with an overrunning5674 flood7858 he will make6213 an utter end3617 of the place4725 thereof, and darkness2822 shall pursue7291 his enemies.341 

34-1:9      What4100 do ye imagine2803 against413 the LORD?3068 he1931 will make6213 an utter end:3617 affliction6869 shall not3808 rise up6965 the second time.6471 

34-1:10     For3588 while5704 they be folded together5440 as thorns,5518 and while they are drunken5435 as drunkards,5433 they shall be devoured398 as stubble7179 fully4390 dry.3002 

34-1:11     There is one come out3318 of4480 thee, that imagineth2803 evil7451 against5921 the LORD,3068 a wicked1100 counselor.3289 

34-1:12     Thus3541 saith559 the LORD;3068 Though518 they be quiet,8003 and likewise3651 many,7227 yet thus3651 shall they be cut down,1494 when he shall pass through.5674 Though I have afflicted6031 thee, I will afflict6031 thee no3808 more.5750 

34-1:13     For now6258 will I break7665 his yoke4132 from off4480, 5921 thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.5423, 4147 

34-1:14     And the LORD3068 hath given a commandment6680 concerning5921 thee, that no3808 more5750 of thy name4480, 8034 be sown:2232 out of the house4480, 1004 of thy gods430 will I cut off3772 the graven image6459 and the molten image:4541 I will make7760 thy grave;6913 for3588 thou art vile.7043 

34-1:15     Behold2009 upon5921 the mountains2022 the feet7272 of him that bringeth good tidings,1319 that publisheth8085 peace!7965 O Judah,3063 keep2287 thy solemn feasts,2282 perform7999 thy vows:5088 for3588 the wicked1100 shall no3808 more3254, 5750 pass through5674 thee; he is utterly3605 cut off.3772 





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Nahum 2:

Chapter 2:13 Verses

34 Nahum

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

34-2:1      He that dasheth in pieces6327 is come up5927 before5921 thy face:6440 keep5341 the munition,4694 watch6822 the way,1870 make thy loins strong,2388, 4975 fortify553 thy power3581 mightily.3966 

34-2:2      For3588 the LORD3068 hath turned away7725 (853) the excellency1347 of Jacob,3290 as the excellency1347 of Israel:3478 for3588 the emptiers1238 have emptied1238 them out, and marred7843 their vine branches.2156 

34-2:3      The shield4043 of his mighty men1368 is made red,119 the valiant2428 men376 are in scarlet:8529 the chariots7393 shall be with flaming784 torches6393 in the day3117 of his preparation,3559 and the fir trees1265 shall be terribly shaken.7477 

34-2:4      The chariots7393 shall rage1984 in the streets,2351 they shall jostle one against another8264 in the broad ways:7339 they shall seem4758 like torches,3940 they shall run7323 like the lightnings.1300 

34-2:5      He shall recount2142 his worthies:117 they shall stumble3782 in their walk;1979 they shall make haste4116 to the wall2346 thereof, and the defense5526 shall be prepared.3559 

34-2:6      The gates8179 of the rivers5104 shall be opened,6605 and the palace1964 shall be dissolved.4127 

34-2:7      And Huzzab5324 shall be led away captive,1540 she shall be brought up,5927 and her maids519 shall lead5090 her as with the voice6963 of doves,3123 taboring8608 upon5921 their breasts.3824 

34-2:8      But Nineveh5210 is of old4480, 3117 like a pool1295 of water:4325 yet they1992 shall flee away.5127 Stand,5975 stand,5975 shall they cry; but none369 shall look back.6437 

34-2:9      Take ye the spoil962 of silver,3701 take the spoil962 of gold:2091 for there is none369 end7097 of the store8498 and glory3519 out of all4480, 3605 the pleasant2532 furniture.3627 

34-2:10     She is empty,950 and void,4003 and waste:1110 and the heart3820 melteth,4549 and the knees1290 smite together,6375 and much pain2479 is in all3605 loins,4975 and the faces6440 of them all3605 gather6908 blackness.6289 

34-2:11     Where346 is the dwelling4583 of the lions,738 and the feeding place4829 of the young lions,3715 where834, 8033 the lion,738 even the old lion,3833 walked,1980 and the lion's738 whelp,1482 and none369 made them afraid?2729 

34-2:12     The lion738 did tear in pieces2963 enough1767 for his whelps,1484 and strangled2614 for his lionesses,3833 and filled4390 his holes2356 with prey,2964 and his dens4585 with ravin.2966 

34-2:13     Behold,2009 I am against413 thee, saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 and I will burn1197 her chariots7393 in the smoke,6227 and the sword2719 shall devour398 thy young lions:3715 and I will cut off3772 thy prey2964 from the earth,4480, 776 and the voice6963 of thy messengers4397 shall no3808 more5750 be heard.8085 





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Nahum 3:

Chapter 3:19 Verses

34 Nahum

(K.J.V. Strong’s Numbers) .

34-3:1      Woe1945 to the bloody1818 city!5892 it is all3605 full4392 of lies3585 and robbery;6563 the prey2964 departeth4185 not;3808 

34-3:2      The noise6963 of a whip,7752 and the noise6963 of the rattling7494 of the wheels,212 and of the prancing1725 horses,5483 and of the jumping7540 chariots.4818 

34-3:3      The horseman6571 lifteth up5927 both the bright3851 sword2719 and the glittering1300 spear:2595 and there is a multitude7230 of slain,2491 and a great number3514 of carcasses;6297 and there is none369 end7097 of their corpses;1472 they stumble3782 upon their corpses:1472 

34-3:4      Because of the multitude4480, 7230 of the whoredoms2183 of the well favored2896, 2580 harlot,2181 the mistress1172 of witchcrafts,3785 that selleth4376 nations1471 through her whoredoms,2183 and families4940 through her witchcrafts.3785 

34-3:5      Behold,2009 I am against413 thee, saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts;6635 and I will discover1540 thy skirts7757 upon5921 thy face,6440 and I will show7200 the nations1471 thy nakedness,4626 and the kingdoms4467 thy shame.7036 

34-3:6      And I will cast7993 abominable filth8251 upon5921 thee, and make thee vile,5034 and will set7760 thee as a gazingstock.7210 

34-3:7      And it shall come to pass,1961 that all3605 they that look upon7200 thee shall flee5074 from4480 thee, and say,559 Nineveh5210 is laid waste:7703 who4310 will bemoan5110 her? whence4480, 370 shall I seek1245 comforters5162 for thee? 

34-3:8      Art thou better3190 than populous528 No,4480, 4996 that was situate3427 among the rivers,2975 that had the waters4325 round about5439 it, whose834 rampart2426 was the sea,3220 and her wall2346 was from the sea?4480, 3220 

34-3:9      Ethiopia3568 and Egypt4714 were her strength,6109 and it was infinite;369, 7097 Put6316 and Lubim3864 were1961 thy helpers.5833 

34-3:10     Yet1571 was she1931 carried away,1473 she went1980 into captivity:7628 her young children5768 also1571 were dashed in pieces7376 at the top7218 of all3605 the streets:2351 and they cast3032 lots1486 for5921 her honorable men,3513 and all3605 her great men1419 were bound7576 in chains.2131 

34-3:11     Thou859 also1571 shalt be drunken:7937 thou shalt be1961 hid,5956 thou859 also1571 shalt seek1245 strength4581 because of the enemy.4480, 341 

34-3:12     All3605 thy strongholds4013 shall be like fig trees8384 with5973 the firstripe figs:1061 if518 they be shaken,5128 they shall even fall5307 into5921 the mouth6310 of the eater.398 

34-3:13     Behold,2009 thy people5971 in the midst7130 of thee are women:802 the gates8179 of thy land776 shall be set wide open6605, 6605 unto thine enemies:341 the fire784 shall devour398 thy bars.1280 

34-3:14     Draw7579 thee waters4325 for the siege,4692 fortify2388 thy strongholds:4013 go935 into clay,2916 and tread7429 the mortar,2563 make strong2388 the brickkiln.4404 

34-3:15     There8033 shall the fire784 devour398 thee; the sword2719 shall cut thee off,3772 it shall eat thee up398 like the cankerworm:3218 make thyself many3513 as the cankerworm,3218 make thyself many3513 as the locusts.697 

34-3:16     Thou hast multiplied7235 thy merchants7402 above the stars4480, 3556 of heaven:8064 the cankerworm3218 spoileth,6584 and flieth away.5774 

34-3:17     Thy crowned4502 are as the locusts,697 and thy captains2951 as the great grasshoppers,1462, 1462 which camp2583 in the hedges1448 in the cold7135 day,3117 but when the sun8121 ariseth2224 they flee away,5074 and their place4725 is not known3045, 3808 where335 they are. 

34-3:18     Thy shepherds7462 slumber,5123 O king4428 of Assyria:804 thy nobles117 shall dwell7931 in the dust: thy people5971 is scattered6335 upon5921 the mountains,2022 and no man369 gathereth6908 them. 

34-3:19     There is no369 healing3545 of thy bruise;7667 thy wound4347 is grievous:2470 all3605 that hear8085 the bruit8088 of thee shall clap8628 the hands3709 over5921 thee: for3588 upon5921 whom4310 hath not3808 thy wickedness7451 passed5674 continually?8548 





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