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:1,273 Verses

Ezekiel 1:

Chapter 1:28 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-1:1††††† It came to passe in the thirtieth yere in the fourth moneth, and in the fift day of the moneth (as I was among the captiues by the riuer Chebar) that the heauens were opened and I sawe visions of GOD.

26-1:2††††† In the fift day of the moneth (which was the fift yere of King Ioiachins captiuitie)

26-1:3††††† The word of the Lorde came vnto Ezekiel the Priest, the sonne of Buzi, in the lande of the Caldeans, by the riuer Chebar, where the hande of the Lord was vpon him.

26-1:4††††† And I looked, and beholde, a whirlewinde came out of the North, a great cloude and a fire wrapped about it, and a brightnesse was about it, and in the middes thereof, to wit, in the middes of the fire came out as the likenesse of amber.

26-1:5††††† Also out of the middes therof came the likenesse of foure beastes, and this was their forme: they had the appearance of a man.

26-1:6††††† And euery one had foure faces, and euery one had foure wings.

26-1:7††††† And their feete were streight feete, and the sole of their feete was like the sole of a calues foote, and they sparkled like the appearance of bright brasse.

26-1:8††††† And the handes of a man came out from vnder their wings in the foure parts of them, & they foure had their faces, and their wings.

26-1:9††††† They where ioyned by their wings one to another, and when they went forth, they returned not, but euery one went streight forward.

26-1:10†††† And the similitude of their faces was as the face of a man: and they foure had the face of a lyon on the right side, and they foure had the face of a bullocke on the left side: they foure also had the face of an egle.

26-1:11†††† Thus were their faces: but their wings were spred out aboue: two wings of euery one were ioined one to another, & two couered their bodies.

26-1:12†††† And euery one went streight forward: they went whither their spirit led them, and they returned not when they went forth.

26-1:13†††† The similitude also of the beasts, and their appearance was like burning coles of fire, & like the appearance of lampes: for the fire ran among the beastes, and the fire gaue a glister, and out of the fire there went lightning.

26-1:14†††† And the beastes ranne, and returned like vnto lightning.

26-1:15†††† Nowe as I behelde the beastes, beholde, a wheele appeared vpon the earth by the beastes, hauing foure faces.

26-1:16†††† The facion of the wheeles and their worke was like vnto a chrysolite: and they foure had one forme, and their facion, and their worke was as one wheele in another wheele.

26-1:17†††† Whe they went, they went vpo their foure sides, and they returned not when they went.

26-1:18†††† They had also rings, and height, and were fearefull to beholde, and their rings were full of eyes, round about them foure.

26-1:19†††† And when the beastes went, the wheeles went with them: and when the beasts were lift vp from the earth, the wheeles were lift vp.

26-1:20†††† Whither the spirit led them, they went, & thither did the spirite of the wheeles leade them, and the wheeles were lifted vp besides them: for the spirit of the beastes was in the wheeles.

26-1:21†††† When the beastes went, they went, & when they stoode, they stoode, and when they were lifted vp from the earth, the wheeles were lifted vp besides them: for the spirite of the beastes was in the wheeles.

26-1:22†††† And the similitude of the firmament vpon the heads of the beasts was wonderfull, like vnto chrystall, spred ouer their heads aboue.

26-1:23†††† And vnder the firmament were their wings streight, the one toward the other: every one had two, which couered the, and euery one had two, which couered their bodies.

26-1:24†††† And when they went foorth, I heard the noyse of their wings, like the noyse of great waters, and as the voyce of the Almightie, euen the voyce of speach, as the noyse of an host: and when they stood, they let downe their wings.

26-1:25†††† And there was a voyce fro the firmament, that was ouer their heads, when they stoode, and had let downe their wings.

26-1:26†††† And aboue the firmament that was ouer their heads, was the facion of a throne like vnto a saphir stone, and vpon the similitude of the throne was by appearance, as the similitude of a man aboue vpon it.

26-1:27†††† And I sawe as the appearance of amber, and as the similitude of fire round about within it to looke to, euen from his loynes vpwarde: and to looke to, euen from his loynes downewarde, I sawe as a likenesse of fire, and brightnesse round about it.

26-1:28†††† As the likenesse of the bowe, that is in the cloude in the day of raine, so was the appearance of the light round about. This was the appearance of the similitude of the glorie of the Lord: and when I sawe it, I fell vpon my face, and I heard a voyce of one that spake.

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Ezekiel 2:

Chapter 2:10 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-2:1††††† And he said vnto me, Sonne of man, stand vp vpon thy feete, & I wil speake vnto thee.

26-2:2††††† And the Spirite entred into me, when he had spoken vnto me, and set me vpon my feete, so that I heard him that spake vnto me.

26-2:3††††† And he said vnto me, Sonne of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: for they and their fathers haue rebelled against me, euen vnto this very day.

26-2:4††††† For they are impudent children, and stiffe hearted: I do send thee vnto them, & thou shalt say vnto them, Thus saith the Lorde God.

26-2:5††††† But surely they will not heare, neither in deede will they cease: for they are a rebellious house: yet shall they knowe that there hath bene a Prophet among them.

26-2:6††††† And thou sonne of man, feare them not, neither be afraide of their wordes, although rebels, and thornes be with thee, and thou remainest with scorpions: feare not their wordes, nor be afrayde at their lookes, for they are a rebellious house.

26-2:7††††† Therefore thou shalt speake my words vnto them: but surely they will not heare, neither will they in deede cease: for they are rebellious.

26-2:8††††† But thou sonne of man, heare what I say vnto thee: be not thou rebellious, like this rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eate that I giue thee.

26-2:9††††† And when I looked vp, beholde, an hande was sent vnto me, and loe, a roule of a booke was therein.

26-2:10†††† And he spred it before me, and it was written within and without, and there was written therein, Lamentations, and mourning, and woe.

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Ezekiel 3:

Chapter 3:27 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-3:1††††† Moreouer he saide vnto me, Sonne of man, eate that thou findest: eate this roule, and goe, and speake vnto the house of Israel.

26-3:2††††† So I opened my mouth, and he gaue mee this roule to eate.

26-3:3††††† And he said vnto me, Sonne of man, cause thy belly to eate, and fill thy bowels with this roule that I giue thee. Then did I eate it, and it was in my mouth as sweete as honie.

26-3:4††††† And he said vnto me, Sonne of man, goe, and enter into the house of Israel, and declare them my wordes.

26-3:5††††† For thou art not sent to a people of an vnknowen tongue, or of an hard language, but to the house of Israel,

26-3:6††††† Not to many people of an vnknowen tongue, or of an harde language, whose wordes thou canst not vnderstand: yet if I should sende thee to them, they would obey thee.

26-3:7††††† But the house of Israel will not obey thee: for they will not obey me: yea, all the house of Israel are impudent and stiffe hearted.

26-3:8††††† Beholde, I haue made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead harde against their foreheads.

26-3:9††††† I haue made thy forehead as the adamant, and harder then the flint: feare them not therefore, neither be afraid at their lookes: for they are a rebellious house.

26-3:10†††† He said moreouer vnto me, Sonne of man, receiue in thine heart al my words that I speake vnto thee, and heare them with thine eares,

26-3:11†††† And goe and enter to them that are led away captiues vnto the children of thy people, and speake vnto them, and tell them, Thus saith the Lord God: but surely they will not heare, neither will they in deede cease.

26-3:12†††† Then the spirite tooke me vp, and I heard behinde me a noise of a great russhing, saying, Blessed be ye glorie of the Lord out of his place.

26-3:13†††† I heard also the noyse of the wings of the beasts, that touched one another, and the ratling of the wheeles that were by them, euen a noyse of a great russhing.

26-3:14†††† So the spirit lift me vp, and tooke me away and I went in bitternesse, and indignation of my spirite, but the hand of the Lorde was strong vpon me.

26-3:15†††† Then I came to them that were led away captiues to Tel-abib, that dwelt by the riuer Chebar, and I sate where they sate, and remained there astonished among them seuen dayes.

26-3:16†††† And at the ende of seuen dayes, the worde of the Lorde came againe vnto me, saying,

26-3:17†††† Sonne of man, I haue made thee a watchman vnto the house of Israel: therefore heare the worde at my mouth, and giue them warning from me.

26-3:18†††† When I shall say vnto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die, and thou giuest not him warning, nor speakest to admonish the wicked of his wicked way, that he may liue, the same wicked man shall die in his iniquitie: but his blood will I require at thine hande.

26-3:19†††† Yet if thou warne the wicked, and he turne not from his wickednesse, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquitie, but thou hast deliuered thy soule.

26-3:20†††† Likewise if a righteous man turne from his righteousnesse, and commit iniquitie, I will lay a stumbling blocke before him, and he shal die, because thou hast not giuen him warning: he shall die in his sinne, and his righteous deedes, which he hath done, shall not be remembred: but his blood will I require at thine hand.

26-3:21†††† Neuerthelesse, if thou admonish that righteous man, that the righteous sinne not, and that he doeth not sinne, he shall liue because he is admonished: also thou hast deliuered thy soule.

26-3:22†††† And the hande of the Lorde was there vpon me, and he said vnto me, Arise, and goe into the fielde, and I will there talke with thee.

26-3:23†††† So when I had risen vp, and gone foorth into the fielde, beholde, the glorie of the Lorde stoode there, as the glorie which I sawe by the riuer Chebar, and I fell downe vpon my face.

26-3:24†††† Then the Spirit entred into me, which set me vp vpon my feete, and spake vnto me, and said to me, Come, and shut thy selfe within thine house.

26-3:25†††† But thou, O sonne of man, beholde, they shall put bandes vpon thee, and shall binde thee with them, and thou shalt not goe out among them.

26-3:26†††† And I will make thy tongue cleaue to the roofe of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dume, and shalt not be to them as a man that rebuketh: for they are a rebellious house.

26-3:27†††† But when I shall haue spoken vnto thee, I will open thy mouth, and thou shalt say vnto them, Thus saith the Lord God, He that heareth, let him heare, and he that leaueth off, let him leaue: for they are a rebellious house.

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Ezekiel 4:

Chapter 4:17 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-4:1††††† Thou also sonne of man, take thee a bricke, and lay it before thee, and pourtray vpon it the citie, euen Ierusalem,

26-4:2††††† And lay siege against it, and builde a fort against it, and cast a mount against it: set the campe also against it, and lay engins of warre against it rounde about.

26-4:3††††† Moreouer, take an yron pan, and set it for a wall of yron betweene thee and the citie, and direct thy face towarde it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it: this shall be a signe vnto the house of Israel.

26-4:4††††† Sleepe thou also vpon thy left side, and lay the iniquitie of the house of Israel vpon it: according to the nomber of the dayes, that thou shalt sleepe vpo it, thou shalt beare their iniquity.

26-4:5††††† For I haue layed vpon thee the yeeres of their iniquitie, according to the nomber of the dayes, euen three hundreth and ninetie dayes: so shalt thou beare the iniquitie of the house of Israel.

26-4:6††††† And when thou hast accomplished them, sleepe againe vpon thy right side, and thou shalt beare the iniquitie of the house of Iudah fourtie dayes: I haue appointed thee a day for a yeere, euen a day for a yeere.

26-4:7††††† Therefore thou shalt direct thy face towarde the siege of Ierusalem, and thine arme shalbe vncouered, and thou shalt prophesie against it.

26-4:8††††† And beholde, I will lay bands vpon thee, and thou shalt not turne thee from one side to another, till thou hast ended the dayes of thy siege.

26-4:9††††† Thou shalt take also vnto thee wheate, and barley, and beanes, and lentiles, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessell, and make thee bread thereof according to the nomber of the dayes, that thou shalt sleepe vpon thy side: euen three hundreth and ninetie dayes shalt thou eate thereof.

26-4:10†††† And the meate, whereof thou shalt eate, shalbe by weight, euen twenty shekels a day: and from time to time shalt thou eate thereof.

26-4:11†††† Thou shalt drinke also water by measure, euen the sixt part of an Hin: from time to time shalt thou drinke.

26-4:12†††† And thou shalt eate it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it in the dongue that commeth out of man, in their sight.

26-4:13†††† And the Lord said, So shall the children of Israel eate their defiled bread among the Gentiles, whither I will cast them.

26-4:14†††† Then said I, Ah, Lord God, beholde, my soule hath not bene polluted: for from my youth vp, euen vnto this houre, I haue not eaten of a thing dead, or torne in pieces, neither came there any vncleane flesh in my mouth.

26-4:15†††† Then he said vnto me, Loe, I haue giuen thee bullockes dongue for mans dongue, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith.

26-4:16†††† Moreouer, he said vnto me, Sonne of man, beholde, I will breake the staffe of bread in Ierusalem, and they shall eate bread by weight, and with care, and they shal drinke water by measure, and with astonishment.

26-4:17†††† Because that bread and water shall faile, they shalbe astonied one with another, and shall consume away for their iniquitie.

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Ezekiel 5:

Chapter 5:17 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-5:1††††† And thou sonne of man, take thee a sharpe knife, or take thee a barbours rasor & cause it to passe vpon thine head, and vpon thy beard: then take thee balances to weigh, and deuide the heare.

26-5:2††††† Thou shalt burne with fire the thirde part in the middes of the citie, when the dayes of the siege are fulfilled, and thou shalt take the other thirde part, and smite about it with a knife, and the last thirde part thou shalt scatter in the winde, and I will drawe out a sworde after them.

26-5:3††††† Thou shalt also take thereof a fewe in nomber, and binde them in thy lappe.

26-5:4††††† Then take of them againe and cast them into the middes of the fire, and burne them in the fire: for thereof shall a fire come foorth into all the house of Israel.

26-5:5††††† Thus saith the Lorde God, This is Ierusalem: I haue set it in the middes of the nations and countreyes, that are rounde about her.

26-5:6††††† And she hath changed my iudgements into wickednes more then the nations, and my statutes more then the countreis, that are round about her: for they haue refused my iudgemets & my statutes, & they haue not walked in them.

26-5:7††††† Therefore thus saith the Lorde God, Because your multitude is greater then the nations that are rounde about you, and ye haue not walked in my statutes, neither haue ye kept my iudgements: no, ye haue not done according to the iudgements of the nations, that are rounde about you,

26-5:8††††† Therefore thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde, I, euen I come against thee, and will execute iudgement in the middes of thee, euen in the sight of the nations.

26-5:9††††† And I will doe in thee, that I neuer did before, neither will do any more the like, because of all thine abominations.

26-5:10†††† For in the middes of thee, the fathers shall eate their sonnes, and the sonnes shall eate their fathers, and I will execute iudgement in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the windes.

26-5:11†††† Wherefore, as I liue, saith the Lorde God, Surely because thou hast defiled my Sanctuarie with all thy filthinesse, and with all thine abominations, therefore will I also destroy thee, neither shall mine eye spare thee, neither will I haue any pitie.

26-5:12†††† The third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they bee consumed in the middes of thee: and another third part shall fall by the sword round about thee: and I will scatter the last third part into all windes, and I will drawe out a sword after them.

26-5:13†††† Thus shall mine anger bee accomplished, and I will cause my wrath to cease in them, and I will be comforted: and they shal knowe, that I the Lord haue spoke it in my zeale, when I haue accomplished my wrath in them.

26-5:14†††† Moreouer, I will make thee waste, and abhorred among the nations, that are round about thee, and in the sight of all that passe by.

26-5:15†††† So thou shalt bee a reproche and shame, a chastisement and an astonishment vnto the nations, that are rounde about thee, when I shall execute iudgements in thee, in anger and in wrath, and in sharpe rebukes: I the Lorde haue spoken it.

26-5:16†††† When I shall sende vpon them the euill arrowes of famine, which shalbe for their destruction, and which I will sende to destroy you: and I will encrease the famine vpon you, and wil breake your staffe of bread.

26-5:17†††† So will I send vpon you famine, and euill beastes, and they shall spoyle thee, and pestilence and blood shall passe through thee, and I will bring the sworde vpon thee: I the Lorde haue spoken it.

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Ezekiel 6:

Chapter 6:14 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-6:1††††† Againe the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying,

26-6:2††††† Sonne of man, Set thy face towardes the mountaines of Israel, and prophecie against them,

26-6:3††††† And say, Ye mountaines of Israel, heare the worde of the Lorde God: thus sayth the Lorde God to the mountaines and to the hilles, to the riuers and to the valleis, Beholde, I, euen I will bring a sworde vpon you, and I will destroy your hie places:

26-6:4††††† And your altars shalbe desolate, and your images of the sunne shalbe broken: and I will cast downe your slaine men before your idoles.

26-6:5††††† And I will lay the dead carkeises of the children of Israel before their idoles, and I will scatter your bones round about your altars.

26-6:6††††† In all your dwelling places the cities shalbe desolate, and the hie places shalbe laide waste, so that your altars shalbe made waste and desolate, and your idoles shalbe broken, and cease, & your images of the sunne shalbe cut in pieces, & your workes shalbe abolished.

26-6:7††††† And the slaine shall fall in the middes of you, and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde.

26-6:8††††† Yet will I leaue a remnant, that you may haue some that shall escape the sword among the nations, when you shalbe scattred through the countreyes.

26-6:9††††† And they that escape of you, shall remember me among the nations, where they shalbe in captiuitie, because I am grieued for their whorish hearts, which haue departed from mee, and for their eyes, which haue gone a whoring after their idoles, and they shalbe displeased in them selues for the euils, which they haue committed in all their abominations.

26-6:10†††† And they shall knowe that I am the Lord, and that I haue not saide in vaine, that I woulde doe this euill vnto them.

26-6:11†††† Thus saith the Lorde God, Smite with thine hand, & stretch forth with thy foote, and say, Alas, for all the wicked abominations of the house of Israel: for they shall fall by the sworde, by the famine, and by the pestilence.

26-6:12†††† He that is farre off, shal dye of the pestilence, and he that is neere, shal fall by the sword, and hee that remaineth and is besieged, shal dye by the famine: thus will I accomplish my wrath vpon them.

26-6:13†††† Then ye shall knowe, that I am ye Lorde, when their slaine men shalbe among their idoles round about their altars, vpon euerie hie hill in al the toppes of the mountaines, and vnder euery greene tree, and vnder euerie thicke oke, which is the place where they did offer sweete sauour to all their idoles.

26-6:14†††† So will I stretch mine hand vpon them, and make the lande waste, and desolate from the wildernes vnto Diblath in all their habitations, and they shall know, that I am the Lorde.

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Ezekiel 7:

Chapter 7:27 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-7:1††††† Moreouer the word of the Lorde came vnto me, saying,

26-7:2††††† Also thou sonne of man, thus saith the Lord God, An ende is come vnto the lande of Israel: the ende is come vpon the foure corners of the lande.

26-7:3††††† Nowe is the ende come vpon thee, and I wil sende my wrath vpon thee, and will iudge thee according to thy wayes, and will laye vpon thee all thine abominations.

26-7:4††††† Neither shall mine eye spare thee, neither will I haue pitie: but I will laye thy waies vpon thee: and thine abomination shall bee in the middes of thee, and yee shall knowe that I am the Lorde.

26-7:5††††† Thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde, one euil, euen one euill is come.

26-7:6††††† An ende is come, the end is come, it watched for thee: beholde, it is come.

26-7:7††††† The morning is come vnto thee, that dwellest in the lande: the time is come, the day of trouble is neere, and not the sounding againe of the mountaines.

26-7:8††††† Now I will shortly powre out my wrath vpon thee, and fulfil mine anger vpon thee: I will iudge thee according to thy wayes, and will lay vpon thee all thine abominations.

26-7:9††††† Neither shall mine eie spare thee, neither will I haue pitie, but I will laye vpon thee according to thy wayes, and thine abominations shalbe in the middes of thee, and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde that smiteth.

26-7:10†††† Beholde, the day, beholde, it is come: the morning is gone forth, the rod florisheth: pride hath budded.

26-7:11†††† Crueltie is risen vp into a rod of wickednes: none of them shal remaine, nor of their riches, nor of any of theirs, neither shall there bee lamentation for them.

26-7:12†††† The time is come, the day draweth neere: let not the byer reioyce, nor let him that selleth, mourne: for the wrath is vpon al the multitude thereof.

26-7:13†††† For hee that selleth, shall not returne to that which is solde, although they were yet aliue: for the vision was vnto al the multitude thereof, and they returned not, neither doeth any encourage himselfe in the punishment of his life.

26-7:14†††† They haue blowen the trumpet, and prepared all, but none goeth to the battel: for my wrath is vpon all the multitude thereof.

26-7:15†††† The sword is without, and the pestilence, and the famine within: he that is in the field, shall dye with the sword, and he that is in the citie, famine and pestilence shall deuoure him.

26-7:16†††† But they that flee away from them, shall escape, and shalbe in the mountaines, like the doues of the valleis: all they shall mourne, euery one for his iniquitie.

26-7:17†††† All handes shalbe weake, and all knees shall fall away as water.

26-7:18†††† They shall also girde them selues with sackecloth, and feare shall couer them, and shame shalbe vpon all faces, & baldnes vpon their heads.

26-7:19†††† They shall cast their siluer in the streetes, and their golde shalbe cast farre off: their siluer and their gold can not deliuer them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfie their soules, neither fill their bowels: for this ruine is for their iniquitie.

26-7:20†††† He had also set the beautie of his ornament in maiestie: but they made images of their abominations, and of their idoles therein: therefore haue I set it farre from them.

26-7:21†††† And I will giue it into the handes of the strangers to be spoyled, and to the wicked of the earth to be robbed, and they shall pollute it.

26-7:22†††† My face will I turne also from them, and they shall pollute my secret place: for the destroyers shall enter into it, and defile it.

26-7:23†††† Make a chaine: for the lande is full of the iudgement of blood, and the citie is full of crueltie.

26-7:24†††† Wherefore I will bring the most wicked of the heathen, and they shall possesse their houses: I will also make the pompe of the mightie to cease, and their holie places shalbe defiled.

26-7:25†††† When destruction commeth, they shall seeke peace, and shall not haue it.

26-7:26†††† Calamitie shall come vpon calamitie, and rumour shall bee vpon rumour: then shall they seeke a vision of the Prophet: but the Lawe shal perish from the Priest, and counsel from the Ancient.

26-7:27†††† The King shall mourne, and the prince shall be clothed with desolation, and the handes of the people in the land shall be troubled: I wil doe vnto them according to their waies, and according to their iudgements will I iudge them, and they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.

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Ezekiel 8:

Chapter 8:18 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-8:1††††† And in the sixt yere, in the sixt moneth, & in the fift day of the moneth, as I sate in mine house, and the Elders of Iudah sate before me, the hand of the Lord God fell there vpon me.

26-8:2††††† Then I beheld, and lo, there was a likenesse, as the appearance of fire, to looke to, from his loynes downeward, & from his loynes vpward, as the appearance of brightnes, & like vnto amber.

26-8:3††††† And he stretched out the likenes of an had, and tooke me by an hearie locke of mine head, and the Spirit lift me vp betweene the earth, and the heauen, and brought mee by a Diuine vision to Ierusalem, into the entry of ye inner gate that lieth toward the North, where remained the idole of indignation, which prouoked indignation.

26-8:4††††† And beholde, the glorie of the God of Israel was there according to the vision, that I saw in the fielde.

26-8:5††††† Then saide he vnto mee, Sonne of man, lift vp thine eyes nowe towarde the North. So I lift vp mine eyes towarde the North, and beholde, Northward, at the gate of the altar, this idole of indignation was in the entrie.

26-8:6††††† He said furthermore vnto me, Sonne of ma, seest thou not what they doe? euen the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here to cause me to depart from my Sanctuarie? but yet turne thee and thou shalt see greater abominations.

26-8:7††††† And he caused me to enter at the gate of the court: and when I looked, beholde, an hole was in the wall.

26-8:8††††† Then said he vnto me, Sonne of man, digge nowe in the wall; when I had digged in the wall, beholde, there was a doore.

26-8:9††††† And he said vnto mee, Go in, and beholde the wicked abominations that they doe here.

26-8:10†††† So I went in, and sawe, and beholde, there was euery similitude of creeping thinges and abominable beasts and all the idoles of the house of Israel painted vpon the wall round about.

26-8:11†††† And there stoode before them seuentie men of the Ancients of the house of Israel, and in the middes of them stoode Iaazaniah, ye sonne of Shaphan, with euerie man his censour in his hand, and the vapour of the incense went vp like a cloude.

26-8:12†††† Then saide hee vnto mee, Sonne of man, hast thou seene what the Ancients of the house of Israel do in the darke, euery one in the chamber of his imagerie? for they say, The Lorde seeth vs not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth.

26-8:13†††† Againe he saide also vnto me, Turne thee againe, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they doe.

26-8:14†††† And he caused me to enter into the entrie of the gate of the Lords house, which was toward the North: and beholde there sate women mourning for Tammuz.

26-8:15†††† Then saide hee vnto me, Hast thou seene this, O sonne of man? Turne thee againe, and thou shalt see greater abominations then these.

26-8:16†††† And he caused me to enter into the inner court of the Lordes house, and beholde, at the doore of the Temple of the Lord, betweene the porche and the altar were about fiue and twentie men with their backs toward the Temple of the Lord, and their faces towarde the East, and they worshipped the sunne, towarde the East.

26-8:17†††† The he said vnto me, Hast thou seene this, O sonne of man? Is it a small thing to the house of Iudah to commit these abominations which they do here? for they haue filled the land with crueltie, and haue returned to prouoke mee: and loe, they haue cast out stinke before their noses.

26-8:18†††† Therefore will I also execute my wrath: mine eye shall not spare them, neither will I haue pitie, and though they crie in mine eares with a loude voyce, yet will I not heare them.

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Ezekiel 9:

Chapter 9:11 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-9:1††††† He cryed also with a loude voyce in mine eares, saying, The visitations of the citie draw neere, and euery man hath a weapon in his hande to destroy it.

26-9:2††††† And beholde, sixe men came by the way of the hie gate, which lieth towarde the North, and euery man a weapon in his hande to destroy it: and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writers ynkhorne by his side, and they went in and stoode beside the brasen altar.

26-9:3††††† And the glorie of the God of Israel was gone vp from ye Cherub, whereupo he was and stoode on the doore of the house, and he called to the man clothed with linnen, which had the writers ynkhorne by his side.

26-9:4††††† And the Lord said vnto him, Goe through the middes of the citie, euen through the middes of Ierusalem and set a marke vpon the foreheads of them that mourne, and cry for all the abominations that be done in the middes thereof.

26-9:5††††† And to the other he said, that I might heare, Goe ye after him through the citie, and smite: let your eye spare none, neither haue pitie.

26-9:6††††† Destroy vtterly the old, and the yong, and the maides, and the children, and the women, but touch no man, vpon whome is the marke, and begin at my Sanctuarie. Then they began at the Ancient men, which were before the house.

26-9:7††††† And he sayde vnto them, Defile the house, and fill the courtes with the slaine, then goe foorth: and they went out, and slewe them in the citie.

26-9:8††††† Nowe when they had slaine them, and I had escaped, I fell downe vpon my face, and cryed, saying, Ah Lorde God, wilt thou destroy all the residue of Israel, in powring out thy wrath vpon Ierusalem?

26-9:9††††† Then saide he vnto me, The iniquitie of the house of Israel, and Iudah is exceeding great, so that the lande is full of blood, and the citie full of corrupt iudgement: for they say, The Lord hath forsaken the earth, & the Lord seeth vs not.

26-9:10†††† As touching me also, mine eye shall not spare them, neither will I haue pitie, but will recompence their wayes vpon their heades.

26-9:11†††† And beholde, the man clothed with linen which had the ynkhorne by his side, made report, and saide, Lorde, I haue done as thou hast commanded me.

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Ezekiel 10:

Chapter 10:22 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Geneva 1587) .

26-10:1†††† And as I looked, beholde, in the firmament that was aboue the head of the Cherubims there appeared vpon them like vnto the similitude of a throne, as it were a saphir stone.

26-10:2†††† And he spake vnto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in betweene the wheeles, euen vnder the Cherub, & fill thine hands with coales of fire from betweene the Cherubims, & scatter the ouer the citie; he went in in my sight.

26-10:3†††† Now the Cherubims stood vpon the right side of the house, when the man went in, and the cloude filled the inner court.

26-10:4†††† Then the glorie of the Lorde went vp from the Cherub, and stoode ouer the doore of the house, & the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was filled with the brightnesse of the Lordes glorie.

26-10:5†††† And the sound of the Cherubims wings was heard into the vtter court, as the voyce of the Almightie God, when he speaketh.

26-10:6†††† And when he had commaunded the man clothed with linnen, saying, Take fire from betweene the wheeles, & from betweene ye Cherubims, then he went in and stood beside ye wheele.

26-10:7†††† And one Cherub stretched forth his hand from betweene the Cherubims vnto the fire, that was betweene the Cherubims, and tooke thereof, and put it into the hands of him that was clothed with linnen: who tooke it and went out.

26-10:8†††† And there appeared in the Cherubims, the likenesse of a mans hande vnder their wings.

26-10:9†††† And when I looked vp, beholde, foure wheeles were beside the Cherubims, one wheele by one Cherub, and another wheele by another Cherub, and the appearance of the wheeles was as the colour of a Chrysolite stone.

26-10:10††† And their appearance (for they were all foure of one facion) was as if one wheele had bene in another wheele.

26-10:11††† When they went foorth, they went vpon their foure sides, and they returned not as they went: but to the place whither the first went, they went after it, and they turned not as they went.

26-10:12††† And their whole bodie, and their rings, and their hands, and their wings, & the wheeles were full of eyes round about, euen in the same foure wheeles.

26-10:13††† And the Cherub cryed to these wheeles in mine hearing, saying, O wheele.

26-10:14††† And euery beast had foure faces: the first face was the face of a Cherub, & the second face was the face of a man, and the thirde the face of a lyon, and the fourth the face of an Egle.

26-10:15††† And the Cherubims were lifted