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:1,364 Verses

Jeremiah 1:

Chapter 1:19 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-1:1††††† The wordes of Ieremiah the sonne of Hilkiah one of the Priests that were at Anathoth in the lande of Beniamin.

24-1:2††††† To whom the worde of the Lorde came in the dayes of Iosiah the sonne of Amon King of Iudah in the thirteenth yeere of his reigne:

24-1:3††††† And also in the dayes of Iehoiakim the sonne of Iosiah King of Iudah vnto the ende of the eleuenth yeere of Zedekiah, the sonne of Iosiah King of Iudah, euen vnto the carying away of Ierusalem captiue in the fift moneth.

24-1:4††††† Then the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying,

24-1:5††††† Before I formed thee in the wombe, I knewe thee, and before thou camest out of the wombe, I sanctified thee, and ordeined thee to be a Prophet vnto the nations.

24-1:6††††† Then said I, Oh, Lord God, behold, I can not speake, for I am a childe.

24-1:7††††† But the Lord said vnto me, Say not, I am a childe: for thou shalt goe to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoeuer I command thee, shalt thou speake.

24-1:8††††† Be not afraide of their faces: for I am with thee to deliuer thee, saith the Lord.

24-1:9††††† Then the Lord stretched out his hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said vnto me, Beholde, I haue put my wordes in thy mouth.

24-1:10†††† Beholde, this day haue I set thee ouer the nations and ouer the kingdomes to plucke vp, and to roote out, and to destroye and throwe downe, to builde, and to plant.

24-1:11†††† After this the worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying, Ieremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almonde tree.

24-1:12†††† Then saide the Lorde vnto me, Thou hast seene aright: for I will hasten my worde to performe it.

24-1:13†††† Againe the worde of the Lorde came vnto me the second time, saying, What seest thou? And I saide, I see a seething pot looking out of the North.

24-1:14†††† Then saide the Lorde vnto me, Out of the North shall a plague be spred vpon all the inhabitants of the land.

24-1:15†††† For loe, I will call all the families of the kingdomes of the North, saith the Lord, and they shall come, and euery one shall set his throne in the entring of the gates of Ierusalem, and on all the walles thereof rounde about, and in all the cities of Iudah.

24-1:16†††† And I will declare vnto them my iudgements touching all the wickednesse of them that haue forsaken me, and haue burnt incense vnto other gods, and worshipped the workes of their owne handes.

24-1:17†††† Thou therefore trusse vp thy loynes, and arise and speake vnto them all that I commaunde thee: be not afraide of their faces, lest I destroy thee before them.

24-1:18†††† For I, beholde, I this day haue made thee a defenced citie, and an yron pillar and walles of brasse against the whole lande, against the Kings of Iudah, and against the princes thereof, against the Priestes thereof and against the people of the lande.

24-1:19†††† For they shall fight against thee, but they shall not preuaile against thee: for I am with thee to deliuer thee, sayth the Lord.

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Jeremiah 2:

Chapter 2:37 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-2:1††††† Moreouer, the woorde of the Lord came vnto me, saying,

24-2:2††††† Goe, and crie in the eares of Ierusalem, saying, Thus sayeth the Lord, I remember thee, with the kindenes of thy youth and the loue of thy marriage, when thou wentest after me in the wildernes in a lande that was not sowen.

24-2:3††††† Israel was as a thing halowed vnto the Lord, and his first fruits: all they that eat it, shall offend: euil shal come vpon them, saith the Lord.

24-2:4††††† Heare ye the word of the Lord, O house of Iaakob, and all the families of the house of Israel.

24-2:5††††† Thus sayeth the Lord, What iniquitie haue your fathers founde in mee, that they are gone farre from mee, and haue walked after vanitie, and are become vaine?

24-2:6††††† For they saide not, Where is the Lorde that brought vs vp out of the lande of Egypt? That led vs through the wildernesse, through a desert, and waste land, through a drie land, and by the shadow of death, by a land that no man passed through, and where no man dwelt?

24-2:7††††† And I brought you into a plentifull countrey, to eat the fruit thereof, and the commodities of the same: but when yee entred, yee defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination.

24-2:8††††† The priests said not, Where is the Lorde? And they that should minister the Lawe, knewe me not: the pastours also offended against me, and the Prophets prophesied in Baal, and went after things that did not profite.

24-2:9††††† Wherefore I wil yet plead with you, saith the Lorde, and I will pleade with your childrens children.

24-2:10†††† For goe ye to the yles of Chittim, & beholde, and sende vnto Kedar; take diligent heede, and see whether there be such things.

24-2:11†††† Hath any nation changed their gods, which yet are no gods? But my people haue chaged their glorie, for that which doeth not profite.

24-2:12†††† O yee heauens, be astonied at this: bee afraid and vtterly confounded, sayeth the Lord.

24-2:13†††† For my people haue committed two euils: they haue forsaken mee the fountaine of liuing waters, to digge them pittes, euen broken pittes, that can holde no water.

24-2:14†††† Is Israel a seruaunt, or is hee borne in the house? Why then is he spoiled?

24-2:15†††† The lions roared vpon him & yelled, and they haue made his land waste: his cities are burnt without an inhabitant.

24-2:16†††† Also the children of Noph and Tahapanes haue broken thine head.

24-2:17†††† Hast not thou procured this vnto thy selfe, because thou hast forsaken the Lorde thy God, when he led thee by the way?

24-2:18†††† And what hast thou now to do in the way of Egypt? To drinke the water of Nilus? Or what makest thou in the way of Asshur? To drinke the water of the Riuer?

24-2:19†††† Thine owne wickednes shal correct thee, and thy turnings backe shal reprooue thee: know therefore and beholde, that it is an euil thing, and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, and that my feare is not in thee, sayeth the Lorde God of hostes.

24-2:20†††† For of olde time I haue broken thy yoke, and burst thy bondes, and thou saidest, I will no more transgres, but like an harlot thou runnest about vpon al hie hilles, and vnder all greene trees.

24-2:21†††† Yet I had planted thee, a noble vine, whose plants were all natural: howe then art thou turned vnto me into the plants of a strange vine?

24-2:22†††† Though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much sope, yet thine iniquitie is marked before me, sayeth the Lord God.

24-2:23†††† Howe canst thou say, I am not polluted, neither haue I followed Baalim? beholde thy waies in the valley, & know, what thou hast done: thou art like a swift dromedarie, that runneth by his waies.

24-2:24†††† And as a wilde asse, vsed to the wildernesse, that snuffeth vp the winde by occasion at her pleasure: who can turne her backe? all they that seeke her, will not wearie themselues, but wil finde her in her moneth.

24-2:25†††† Keepe thou thy feete from barenes, and thy throte from thirst: but thou saidest desperately, No, for I haue loued strangers, and them will I followe.

24-2:26†††† As the theefe is ashamed, when he is foud, so is the house of Israel ashamed, they, their kings, their princes and their Priests, and their Prophets,

24-2:27†††† Saying to a tree, Thou art my father, and to a stone, Thou hast begotten me: for they haue turned their back vnto me, & not their face: but in ye time of their troble they wil say, Arise, & help vs.

24-2:28†††† But where are thy gods, that thou hast made thee? let them arise, if they can helpe thee in the time of thy trouble: for according to the nomber of thy cities, are thy gods, O Iudah.

24-2:29†††† Wherefore wil ye pleade with me? ye all haue rebelled against me, sayeth the Lord.

24-2:30†††† I haue smitten your children in vaine, they receiued no correction: your owne sworde hath deuoured your Prophets like a destroying lyon.

24-2:31†††† O generation, take heede to the worde of the Lorde: haue I bene as a wildernesse vnto Israel? or a lande of darkenesse? Wherefore sayeth my people then, We are lordes, we will come no more vnto thee?

24-2:32†††† Can a maid forget her ornament, or a bride her attire? yet my people haue forgotten me, daies without number.

24-2:33†††† Why doest thou prepare thy way, to seeke amitie? euen therefore will I teach thee, that thy waies are wickednesse.

24-2:34†††† Also in thy wings is founde the bloud of the soules of ye poore innocents: I haue not found it in holes, but vpon all these places.

24-2:35†††† Yet thou saiest, Because I am giltles, surely his wrath shall turne from mee: beholde, I will enter with thee into iudgement, because thou saiest, I haue not sinned.

24-2:36†††† Why runnest thou about so much to change thy waies? for thou shalt be confounded of Egypt, as thou art confounded of Asshur.

24-2:37†††† For thou shalt goe foorth from thence, and thine hands vpon thine head, because the Lorde hath reiected thy confidence, and thou shalt not prosper thereby.

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Jeremiah 3:

Chapter 3:25 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-3:1††††† They say, If a man put away his wife, and she goe from him, and become another mans, shall hee returne againe vnto her? Shall not this land be polluted? But thou hast played the harlot with many louers: yet turne againe to mee, sayeth the Lord.

24-3:2††††† Lift vp thine eyes vnto the hie places, and beholde, where thou hast not plaied the harlot: thou hast sit waiting for them in the waies, as the Arabian in the wildernesse: and thou hast polluted the lande with thy whoredomes, and with thy malice.

24-3:3††††† Therefore the showres haue beene restrained, and the latter raine came not, and thou haddest a whores forehead: thou wouldest not bee ashamed.

24-3:4††††† Diddest thou not stil crie vnto me, Thou art my father, and the guide of my youth?

24-3:5††††† Wil he keepe his anger for euer? Will he reserue it to the ende? Thus hast thou spoken, but thou doest euill, euen more and more.

24-3:6††††† The Lord saide also vnto me, in the daies of Iosiah the King, Hast thou seene what this rebell Israel hath done? for she hath gone vp vpon euery high mountaine, and vnder euery greene tree, and there plaied the harlot.

24-3:7††††† And I sayde, when shee had done all this, Turne thou vnto me: but she returned not, as her rebellious sister Iudah sawe.

24-3:8††††† When I sawe, howe that by all occasions rebellious Israel had plaied the harlot, I cast her away, and gaue her a bill of diuorcement: yet her rebellious sister Iudah was not afraied, but shee went also, and plaied the harlot.

24-3:9††††† So that for the lightnesse of her whoredome shee hath euen defiled the lande: for shee hath committed fornication with stones and stockes.

24-3:10†††† Neuerthelesse for all this, her rebellious sister Iudah hath not returned vnto mee with her whole heart, but fainedly, sayth the Lord.

24-3:11†††† And the Lord said vnto me, The rebellious Israel hath iustified her selfe more then the rebellious Iudah.

24-3:12†††† Goe and crie these woordes towarde the North and say, Thou disobedient Israel, returne, sayeth the Lorde, and I will not let my wrath fall vpon you: for I am mercifull, sayeth the Lord, and I will not always keepe mine anger.

24-3:13†††† But knowe thine iniquitie: for thou hast rebelled against the Lord thy God, & hast scattered thy waies to the straunge gods vnder euery greene tree, but yee woulde not obey my voyce, sayeth the Lord.

24-3:14†††† O yee disobedient children, turne againe, sayeth the Lorde, for I am your Lorde, and I will take you one of a citie, and two of a tribe and wil bring you to Zion,

24-3:15†††† And I will giue you pastours according to mine heart, which shal feede you with knowledge and vnderstanding.

24-3:16†††† Moreouer, when yee be increased and multiplied in the land, in those daies, saieth the Lorde, they shall say no more, The Arke of the couenant of the Lorde: for it shall come no more to minde, neither shall they remember it, neither shal they visite it, for that shalbe no more done.

24-3:17†††† At that time they shal cal Ierusalem, The throne of the Lord, & all the nations shall be gathered vnto it, euen to the Name of the Lorde in Ierusalem: and thence foorth they shal followe no more the hardnesse of their wicked heart.

24-3:18†††† In those daies ye house of Iudah shall walke with the house of Israel, and they shall come together out of the lande of the North, into the lande, that I haue giuen for an inheritance vnto your fathers.

24-3:19†††† But I sayde, Howe did I take thee for children and giue thee a pleasant lande, euen the glorious heritage of the armies of the heathen, and saide, Thou shalt call mee, saying, My father, and shalt not turne from me?

24-3:20†††† But as a woman rebelleth against her husband: so haue yee rebelled against me, O house of Israel, sayeth the Lord.

24-3:21†††† A voice was heard vpon the hie places, weeping and supplications of the children of Israel: for they haue peruerted their way, and forgotten the Lord their God.

24-3:22†††† O yee disobedient children, returne and I wil heale your rebellions. Behold, we come vnto thee, for thou art the Lord our God.

24-3:23†††† Truly the hope of the hilles is but vaine, nor the multitude of mountaines: but in the Lorde our God is the health of Israel.

24-3:24†††† For confusion hath deuoured our fathers labour, from our youth their sheepe and their bullocks, their sonnes and their daughters.

24-3:25†††† Wee lie downe in our confusion, and our shame couereth vs: for we haue sinned against the Lorde our God, we and our fathers from our youth, euen vnto this day, and haue not obeyed the voyce of the Lord our God.

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Jeremiah 4:

Chapter 4:31 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-4:1††††† O Israel, if thou returne, returne vnto me, saith the Lorde: and if thou put away thine abominations out of my sight, then shalt thou not remoue.

24-4:2††††† And thou shalt sweare, The Lord liueth in trueth, in iudgement, and in righteousnesse, and the nations shall be blessed in him, and shall glorie in him.

24-4:3††††† For thus saith the Lorde to the men of Iudah, and to Ierusalem,

24-4:4††††† Breake vp your fallowe ground, and sowe not among the thornes: be circumcised to the Lord, & take away the foreskinnes of your hearts, ye men of Iudah, and inhabitants of Ierusalem, lest my wrath come foorth like fire, and burne, that none can quenche it, because of the wickednesse of your inuentions.

24-4:5††††† Declare in Iudah, and shewe forth in Ierusalem, and say, Blowe the trumpet in the lande: cry, and gather together, and say, Assemble your selues, and let vs goe into strong cities.

24-4:6††††† Set vp the standart in Zion: prepare to flee, and stay not: for I will bring a plague from the North, and a great destruction.

24-4:7††††† The lyon is come vp from his denne, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is departed, and gone forth of his place to lay thy land waste, and thy cities shalbe destroyed without an inhabitant.

24-4:8††††† Wherefore girde you with sackecloth: lament, and howle, for the fierce wrath of the Lord is not turned backe from vs.

24-4:9††††† And in that day, saith the Lorde, the heart of the King shall perish, and the heart of the princes and the Priestes shall be astonished, and the Prophets shall wonder.

24-4:10†††† Then saide I, Ah, Lord God, surely thou hast deceiued this people and Ierusalem, saying, Ye shall haue peace, and the sworde perceth vnto the heart.

24-4:11†††† At that time shall it bee saide to this people and to Ierusalem, A dry winde in the hie places of the wildernes commeth towarde ye daughter of my people, but neither to fanne nor to clense.

24-4:12†††† A mightie winde shall come vnto me from those places, and nowe will I also giue sentence vpon them.

24-4:13†††† Beholde, he shall come vp as the cloudes, and his charets shalbe as a tempest: his horses are lighter then egles. Woe vnto vs, for wee are destroyed.

24-4:14†††† O Ierusalem, wash thine heart from wickednes, that thou maiest be saued: how long shall thy wicked thoughtes remaine within thee?

24-4:15†††† For a voyce declareth from Dan, and publisheth affliction from mount Ephraim.

24-4:16†††† Make ye mention of the heathen, and publish in Ierusalem, Beholde, the skoutes come from a farre countrey, and crie out against the cities of Iudah.

24-4:17†††† They haue compassed her about as the watchmen of the fielde, because it hath prouoked me to wrath, saith the Lord.

24-4:18†††† Thy wayes and thine inuentions haue procured thee these things, such is thy wickednesse: therefore it shall be bitter, therefore it shall perce vnto thine heart.

24-4:19†††† My bely, my bely, I am pained, euen at the very heart: mine heart is troubled within me: I cannot be still: for my soule hath heard the sounde of the trumpet, and the alarme of the battell.

24-4:20†††† Destruction vpon destruction is cryed, for the whole lande is wasted: suddenly are my tents destroyed, and my curtaines in a moment.

24-4:21†††† Howe long shall I see the standert, and heare the sounde of the trumpet?

24-4:22†††† For my people is foolish, they haue not knowen me: they are foolish children, and haue none vnderstanding: they are wise to doe euill, but to doe well they haue no knowledge.

24-4:23†††† I haue looked vpon the earth, and loe, it was without forme and voide: and to the heauens, and they had no light.

24-4:24†††† I behelde the mountaines: and loe, they trembled and all the hilles shooke.

24-4:25†††† I behelde, and loe, there was no man, and all the birdes of the heauen were departed.

24-4:26†††† I behelde, and loe, the fruitfull place was a wildernesse, and all the cities thereof were broken downe at the presence of the Lorde, and by his fierce wrath.

24-4:27†††† For thus hath the Lorde saide, The whole lande shall be desolate: yet will I not make a full ende.

24-4:28†††† Therefore shall the earth mourne, and the heauens aboue shall be darkened, because I haue pronounced it: I haue thought it, and will not repent, neither will I turne backe from it.

24-4:29†††† The whole citie shall flee, for the noyse of the horsemen and bowemen: they shall goe into thickets, and clime vp vpon the rockes: euery citie shall be forsaken, and not a man dwell therein.

24-4:30†††† And when thou shalt be destroyed, what wilt thou doe? Though thou clothest thy selfe with skarlet, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of golde, though thou paintest thy face with colours, yet shalt thou trimme thy selfe in vaine: for thy louers will abhorre thee and seeke thy life.

24-4:31†††† For I haue heard a noyse as of a woman trauailing, or as one labouring of her first child, euen the voyce of the daughter Zion that sigheth and stretcheth out her handes: woe is me nowe: for my soule fainteth because of the murtherers.

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Jeremiah 5:

Chapter 5:31 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-5:1††††† Rvnne to and fro by the streetes of Ierusalem, and beholde nowe, and knowe, and inquire in the open places thereof, if ye can finde a man, or if there be any that executeth iudgement, and seeketh the trueth, and I will spare it.

24-5:2††††† For though they say, The Lord liueth, yet doe they sweare falsely.

24-5:3††††† O Lord, are not thine eyes vpo the trueth? Thou hast striken them, but they haue not sorowed: thou hast consumed them, but they haue refused to receiue correction: they haue made their faces harder then a stone, and haue refused to returne.

24-5:4††††† Therefore I saide, Surely they are poore, they are foolish, for they know not the way of the Lord, nor the iudgement of their God.

24-5:5††††† I will get me vnto the great men, and will speake vnto them: for they haue knowen the way of the Lord, and the iudgement of their God: but these haue altogether broken the yoke, and burst the bondes.

24-5:6††††† Wherefore a lyon out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolfe of the wildernesse shall destroy them: a leopard shall watch ouer their cities: euery one that goeth out thence, shall be torne in pieces, because their trespasses are many, and their rebellions are increased.

24-5:7††††† Howe should I spare thee for this? Thy children haue forsaken me, and sworne by them that are no gods: though I fed them to the full, yet they committed adulterie, and assembled them selues by companies in the harlots houses.

24-5:8††††† They rose vp in the morning like fed horses: for euery man neyed after his neighbours wife.

24-5:9††††† Shall I not visite for these things, saith the Lorde? Shall not my soule be auenged on such a nation as this?

24-5:10†††† Clime vp vpon their walles, and destroy them, but make not a full ende: take away their batilments, for they are not the Lords.

24-5:11†††† For the house of Israel, and the house of Iudah haue grieuously trespassed against me, saith the Lord.

24-5:12†††† They haue denied the Lorde, and saide, It is not he, neither shall the plague come vpon vs, neither shall we see sworde nor famine.

24-5:13†††† And the Prophetes shall be as winde, and the worde is not in them: thus shall it come vnto them.

24-5:14†††† Wherefore thus saith the Lorde God of hostes, Because ye speake such wordes, beholde, I will put my wordes into thy mouth, like a fire, and this people shall be as wood, and it shall deuoure them.

24-5:15†††† Loe, I will bring a nation vpon you from farre, O house of Israel, saith the Lord, which is a mightie nation, and an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither vnderstandest what they say.

24-5:16†††† Whose quiuer is as an open sepulchre: they are all very strong.

24-5:17†††† And they shall eate thine haruest and thy bread: they shall deuoure thy sonnes and thy daughters: they shall eate vp thy sheepe and thy bullocks: they shall eate thy vines and thy figge trees: they shall destroy with the sworde thy fensed cities, wherein thou didest trust.

24-5:18†††† Neuerthelesse at those dayes, sayth the Lord, I will not make a full ende of you.

24-5:19†††† And when ye shall say, Wherefore doeth the Lord our God doe these things vnto vs? then shalt thou answere them, Like as ye haue forsaken me and serued strange gods in your land, so shall ye serue strangers in a land that is not yours.

24-5:20†††† Declare this in the house of Iaakob, and publish it in Iudah, saying,

24-5:21†††† Heare nowe this, O foolish people, and without vnderstanding, which haue eyes and see not, which haue eares and heare not.

24-5:22†††† Feare ye not me, saith the Lord? Or will ye not be afraide at my presence, which haue placed the sand for the bounds of the sea by the perpetuall decree that it cannot passe it, and though the waues thereof rage, yet can they not preuaile, though they roare, yet can they not passe ouer it?

24-5:23†††† But this people hath an vnfaithfull and rebellious heart: they are departed and gone.

24-5:24†††† For they say not in their heart, Let vs nowe feare the Lorde our God, that giueth raine both early and late in due season: hee reserueth vnto vs the appointed weekes of the haruest.

24-5:25†††† Yet your iniquities haue turned away these things, and your sinnes haue hindred good things from you.

24-5:26†††† For among my people are founde wicked persons, that lay waite as hee that setteth snares: they haue made a pit, to catch men.

24-5:27†††† As a cage is full of birdes, so are their houses full of deceite: thereby they are become great and waxen riche.

24-5:28†††† They are waxen fat and shining: they doe ouerpasse the deedes of the wicked: they execute no iudgement, no not the iudgement of the fatherlesse: yet they prosper, though they execute no iudgement for the poore.

24-5:29†††† Shall I not visite for these things, sayth the Lord? or shall not my soule be auenged on such a nation as this?

24-5:30†††† An horrible and filthie thing is committed in the land.

24-5:31†††† The Prophets prophesie lies, and ye Priests receiue giftes in their handes, and my people delite therein. What will ye then doe in the ende thereof?

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Jeremiah 6:

Chapter 6:30 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-6:1††††† O ye children of Beniamin, prepare to flee out of the middes of Ierusalem, and blowe the trumpet in Tekoa: set vp a standart vpon Beth-haccerem: for a plague appeareth out of the North and great destruction.

24-6:2††††† I haue compared the daughter of Zion to a beautifull and daintie woman.

24-6:3††††† The pastors with their flockes shall come vnto her: they shall pitche their tentes rounde about by her, & euery one shal feede in his place.

24-6:4††††† Prepare warre against her: arise, and let vs goe vp toward the South: wo vnto vs: for the day declineth, and the shadowes of the euening are stretched out.

24-6:5††††† Arise, and let vs goe vp by night, and destroy her palaces.

24-6:6††††† For thus hath the Lord of hostes said, Hewe downe wood, and cast a mounte against Ierusalem: this citie must be visited: all oppression is in the middes of it.

24-6:7††††† As the fountaine casteth out her waters, so she casteth out her malice: crueltie and spoyle is continually heard in her before me with sorowe and strokes.

24-6:8††††† Be thou instructed, O Ierusalem, lest my soule depart from thee, lest I make thee desolate as a land, that none inhabiteth.

24-6:9††††† Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes, They shall gather as a vine, the residue of Israel: turne backe thine hande as the grape gatherer into the baskets.

24-6:10†††† Vnto whome shall I speake, and admonish that they may heare? beholde, their eares are vncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: beholde, the worde of the Lord is vnto them as a reproche: they haue no delite in it.

24-6:11†††† Therefore I am full of the wrath of the Lorde: I am weary with holding it: I will powre it out vpon the children in the streete, and likewise vpon the assembly of the yong men: for the husbande shall euen be taken with the wife, and the aged with him that is full of daies.

24-6:12†††† And their houses with their landes, & wiues also shalbe turned vnto strangers: for I will stretch out mine hande vpon the inhabitants of the land, sayeth the Lord.

24-6:13†††† For from the least of them, euen vnto the greatest of them, euery one is giuen vnto couetousnesse, and from the Prophet euen vnto the Priest, they all deale falsely.

24-6:14†††† They haue healed also ye hurt of the daughter of my people with sweete woordes, saying, Peace, peace, when there is no peace.

24-6:15†††† Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not ashamed, no neither coulde they haue any shame: therefore they shall fall among the slaine: when I shall visite them, they shall be cast downe, sayth the Lorde.

24-6:16†††† Thus sayeth the Lord, Stande in the waies and beholde, and aske for the olde way, which is the good way and walke therein, and yee shall finde rest for your soules: but they saide, We will not walke therein.

24-6:17†††† Also I set watchmen ouer you, which said, Take heede to the sound of the trumpet: but they said, We will not take heede.

24-6:18†††† Heare therefore, yee Gentiles, and thou Congregation knowe, what is among them.

24-6:19†††† Heare, O earth, beholde, I will cause a plague to come vpon this people, euen the fruite of their owne imaginations: because they haue not taken heede vnto my woordes, nor to my Lawe, but cast it off.

24-6:20†††† To what purpose bringest thou mee incense from Sheba, and sweete calamus from a farre countrey? Your burnt offerings are not pleasant, nor your sacrifices sweete vnto me.

24-6:21†††† Therefore thus sayeth the Lorde, Beholde, I will laie stumbling blockes before this people, and the fathers and the sonnes together shall fall vpon them: the neighbour and his friende shall perish.

24-6:22†††† Thus sayeth the Lorde, Beholde, a people commeth from the North countrey, and a great nation shall arise from the sides of the earth.

24-6:23†††† With bowe and shield shal they be weaponed: they are cruell and will haue no compassion: their voyce roareth like the sea, and they ride vpon horses, well appointed, like men of warre against thee, O daughter Zion.

24-6:24†††† We haue heard their fame, and our handes waxe feeble sorrowe is come vpon vs, as the sorrowe of a woman in trauaile.

24-6:25†††† Goe not foorth into the fielde, nor walke by the way: for the sword of the enemie and feare is on euery side.

24-6:26†††† O daughter of my people, girde thee with sackecloth, and wallowe thy selfe in the ashes: make lamentation, and bitter mourning as for thine onely sonne: for the destroier shall suddenly come vpon vs.

24-6:27†††† I haue set thee for a defence and fortres among my people, that thou maiest knowe and trie their waies.

24-6:28†††† They are all rebellious traitours, walking craftily: they are brasse, and yron, they all are destroyers.

24-6:29†††† The bellowes are burnt: the lead is consumed in the fire: the founder melteth in vaine: for the wicked are not taken away.

24-6:30†††† They shall call them reprobate siluer, because the Lord hath reiected them.

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Jeremiah 7:

Chapter 7:34 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Geneva 1587) .

24-7:1††††† The woordes that came to Ieremiah from the Lorde, saying,

24-7:2††††† Stand in the gate of the Lordes house and crie this woorde there, and say, Heare the woorde of the Lord, all yee of Iudah that enter in at these gates to worship the Lorde.

24-7:3††††† Thus sayeth the Lord of hostes, the God of Israel, Amend your waies and your woorkes, and I will let you dwell in this place.

24-7:4††††† Trust not in lying woordes, saying, The Temple of the Lorde, the Temple of the Lorde: this is the Temple of the Lord.

24-7:5††††† For if you amende and redresse your waies and your woorkes: if you execute iudgement betweene a man and his neighbour,

24-7:6††††† And oppresse not the stranger, the fatherlesse and the widow and shed no innocent blood in this place, neither walke after other gods to your destruction,

24-7:7††††† Then will I let you dwell in this place in the lande that I gaue vnto your fathers, for euer and euer.

24-7:8††††† Beholde, you trust in lying woordes, that can not profite.

24-7:9††††† Will you steale, murder, and commit adulterie, and sweare falsely and burne incense vnto Baal, and walke after other gods whome yee knowe not?

24-7:10†††† And come and stande before mee in this House, whereupon my Name is called, and saye, We are deliuered, though we haue done all these abominations?

24-7:11†††† Is this House become a denne of theeues, whereupon my Name is called before your eyes? Beholde, euen I see it, sayeth the Lord.

24-7:12†††† But go ye nowe vnto my place which was in Shilo, where I set my Name at the beginning, and beholde, what I did to it for the wickednesse of my people Israel.

24-7:13†††† Therefore nowe because yee haue done all these woorkes, sayeth the Lorde, (and I rose vp earely and spake vnto you: but when I spake, yee would not heare me, neither when I called, would yee answere).

24-7:14†††† Therefore will I do vnto this House, wherupon my Name is called, wherein also yee trust, euen vnto the place that I gaue to you & to your fathers, as I haue done vnto Shilo.

24-7:15†††† And I will cast you out of my sight, as I haue cast out all your brethren, euen the whole seede of Ephraim.

24-7:16†††† Therfore thou shalt not pray for this people, neither lift vp crie or praier for them neither intreat me, for I will not heare thee.

24-7:17†††† Seest thou not what they doe in the cities of Iudah and in the streetes of Ierusalem?

24-7:18†††† The children gather wood, & the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knede the dough to make cakes to the Queene of heauen and to powre out drinke offrings vnto other gods, that they may prouoke me vnto anger.

24-7:19†††† Doe they prouoke me to anger, sayeth the Lorde, and not themselues to the confusion of their owne faces?

24-7:20†††† Therefore thus sayeth the Lorde God, Beholde, mine anger and my wrath shall be powred vpon this place, vpon man and vpon beast, and vpon the tree of the fielde, and vpon the fruite of the grounde, and it shall burne and not bee quenched.

24-7:21†††† Thus sayth the Lord of hostes, the God of Israel, Put your burnt offerings vnto your sacrifices, and eat the flesh.

24-7:22†††† For I spake not vnto your fathers, nor commaunded them, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offrings and sacrifices.

24-7:23†††† But this thing commanded I them, saying, Obey my voyce, and I will be your God, and yee shalbe my people: and walke yee in all the wayes which I haue commaunded you, that it may be well vnto you.

24-7:24†††† But they would not obey, nor incline their eare, but went after the counsels and the stubbernesse of their wicked heart, and went backewarde and not forwarde.

24-7:25†††† Since the day that your fathers came vp out of the lande of Egypt, vnto this day, I haue euen sent vnto you al my seruants the Prophets, rising vp earely euery day, and sending them.

24-7:26†††† Yet would they not heare me nor encline their eare, but hardened their necke & did worse then their fathers.

24-7:27†††† Therefore shalt thou speake al these words vnto them, but they will not heare thee: thou shalt also crie vnto them, but they will not answere thee.

24-7:28†††† But thou shalt say vnto them, This is a nation that heareth not the voice of the Lorde their God, nor receiueth discipline: trueth is perished, and is cleane gone out of their mouth.

24-7:29†††† Cut off thine heare, O Ierusalem, and cast it away, and take vp a complaint on the hie places: for the Lorde hath reiected and forsaken the generation of his wrath.

24-7:30†††† For the children of Iudah haue done euill in my sight, sayth the Lorde: they haue set their abominations in the House, whereupon my Name is called, to pollute it.

24-7:31†††† And they haue built the hie place of Topheth, which is in the valley of Ben-Hinnom to burne their sonnes & their daughters in the fire, which I commaunded them not, neither came it in mine heart.

24-7:32†††† Therefore beholde, the dayes come, sayeth the Lord, that it shall no more be called Topheth, nor the valley of Ben-Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall burie in Topheth til there be no place.

24-7:33†††† And ye carkeises of this people shalbe meat for the foules of the heauen and for the beastes of the earth, and none shall fraie them away.

24-7:34†††† Then I will cause to cease from the cities of Iudah and from the streetes of Ierusalem the voice of mirth