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66:††† Chapters

:1,292 Verses

Isaiah 1:

Chapter 1:31 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-1:1††††† A Vision of Isaiah, the sonne of Amoz, which he sawe concerning Iudah and Ierusalem: in the dayes of Vzziah, Iotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah Kings of Iudah.

23-1:2††††† Heare, O heauens, and hearken, O earth: for the Lorde hath sayde, I haue nourished and brought vp children, but they haue rebelled against me.

23-1:3††††† The oxe knoweth his owner, and the asse his masters crib: but Israel hath not knowen: my people hath not vnderstand.

23-1:4††††† Ah, sinfull nation, a people laden with iniquitie: a seede of the wicked, corrupt children: they haue forsaken the Lord: they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel to anger: they are gone backewarde.

23-1:5††††† Wherefore shoulde ye be smitten any more? For ye fall away more and more: the whole head is sicke, and the whole heart is heauie.

23-1:6††††† From the sole of the foote vnto the head, there is nothing whole therein, but wounds, and swelling, and sores full of corruption: they haue not bene wrapped, nor bound vp, nor mollified with oyle.

23-1:7††††† Your land is waste: your cities are burnt with fire: strangers deuoure your lande in your presence, and it is desolate like the ouerthrowe of strangers.

23-1:8††††† And the daughter of Zion shall remaine like a cotage in a vineyarde, like a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, and like a besieged citie.

23-1:9††††† Except the Lorde of hostes had reserued vnto vs, euen a small remnant: we should haue bene as Sodom, and should haue bene like vnto Gomorah.

23-1:10†††† Heare the worde of the Lorde, O princes of Sodom: hearken vnto the Law of our God, O people of Gomorah.

23-1:11†††† What haue I to doe with the multitude of your sacrifices, sayth the Lorde? I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, & of the fat of fed beasts: and I desire not the blood of bullocks, nor of lambs, nor of goates.

23-1:12†††† When ye come to appeare before me, who required this of your hands to tread in my courts?

23-1:13†††† Bring no mo oblations, in vaine: incense is an abomination vnto me: I can not suffer your newe moones, nor Sabbaths, nor solemne dayes (it is iniquitie) nor solemne assemblies.

23-1:14†††† My soule hateth your newe moones and your appointed feastes: they are a burden vnto me: I am weary to beare them.

23-1:15†††† And when you shall stretch out your hands, I wil hide mine eyes from you: and though ye make many prayers, I wil not heare: for your hands are full of blood.

23-1:16†††† Wash you, make you cleane: take away the euill of your workes from before mine eyes: cease to doe euill.

23-1:17†††† Learne to doe well: seeke iudgement, relieue the oppressed: iudge the fatherlesse and defend the widowe.

23-1:18†††† Come nowe, and let vs reason together, sayth the Lord: though your sinnes were as crimsin, they shalbe made white as snowe: though they were red like skarlet, they shalbe as wooll.

23-1:19†††† If ye consent and obey, ye shall eate the good things of the land.

23-1:20†††† But if ye refuse and be rebellious, ye shalbe deuoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

23-1:21†††† Howe is the faithfull citie become an harlot? It was full of iudgement, and iustice lodged therein, but now they are murtherers.

23-1:22†††† Thy siluer is become drosse: thy wine is mixt with water.

23-1:23†††† Thy Princes are rebellious and companions of theeues: euery one loueth giftes, and followeth after rewards: they iudge not the fatherlesse, neither doeth the widowes cause come before them.

23-1:24†††† Therefore sayth the Lorde God of hostes, the mightie one of Israel, Ah, I will ease me of mine aduersaries, & auenge me of mine enemies.

23-1:25†††† Then I will turne mine hand vpon thee, and burne out thy drosse, till it be pure, and take away all thy tinne.

23-1:26†††† And I will restore thy iudges as at the first, and thy counsellers as at the beginning: afterward shalt thou be called a citie of righteousnes, and a faithfull citie.

23-1:27†††† Zion shalbe redeemed in iudgement, and they that returne in her, in iustice.

23-1:28†††† And the destruction of the transgressers and of the sinners shalbe together: and they that forsake the Lord, shalbe consumed.

23-1:29†††† For they shalbe confounded for the okes, which ye haue desired, and ye shall be ashamed of the gardens, that ye haue chosen.

23-1:30†††† For ye shalbe as an oke, whose leafe fadeth: and as a garden that hath no water.

23-1:31†††† And the strong shalbe as towe, and the maker thereof, as a sparke: and they shall both burne together, and none shall quench them.

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Isaiah 2:

Chapter 2:22 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-2:1††††† The worde that Isaiah the sonne of Amoz sawe vpon Iudah and Ierusalem.

23-2:2††††† It shall be in the last dayes, that the mountaine of the house of the Lorde shalbe prepared in the top of the mountaines, and shall be exalted aboue the hilles, and all nations shall flowe vnto it.

23-2:3††††† And many people shall go, and say, Come, and let vs go vp to the mountaine of the Lord, to the house of the God of Iaakob, and hee will teach vs his wayes, and we will walke in his paths: for the Lawe shall go foorth of Zion, and the worde of the Lord from Ierusalem,

23-2:4††††† And he shall iudge among the nations, and rebuke many people: they shall breake their swords also into mattocks, and their speares into siethes: nation shall not lift vp a sworde against nation, neither shal they learne to fight any more.

23-2:5††††† O house of Iaakob, come ye, and let vs walke in the Lawe of the Lord.

23-2:6††††† Surely thou hast forsaken thy people, the house of Iaakob, because they are full of the East maners, and are sorcerers as the Philistims, and abound with strange children.

23-2:7††††† Their land also was full of siluer & golde, and there was none ende of their treasures: and their land was full of horses, and their charets were infinite.

23-2:8††††† Their land also was full of idols: they worshipped the worke of their owne hands, which their owne fingers haue made.

23-2:9††††† And a man bowed himselfe, and a man humbled himselfe: therefore spare them not.

23-2:10†††† Enter into the rocke, and hide thee in the dust from before the feare of the Lord, and from the glory of his maiestie.

23-2:11†††† The hie looke of man shall be humbled, and the loftinesse of men shalbe abased, and the Lord onely shall be exalted in that day.

23-2:12†††† For the day of the Lorde of hostes is vpon all the proude and hautie, and vpon all that is exalted: and it shalbe made lowe.

23-2:13†††† Euen vpon all the cedars of Lebanon, that are hie & exalted, & vpon all the okes of Bashan,

23-2:14†††† And vpon all the hie mountaines, and vpon all the hilles that are lifted vp,

23-2:15†††† And vpon euery hie tower, and vpon euery strong wall,

23-2:16†††† And vpon all the shippes of Tarshish, and vpon all pleasant pictures.

23-2:17†††† And the hautinesse of men shalbe brought low, and the loftinesse of men shalbe abased, and the Lord shall onely be exalted in that day.

23-2:18†††† And the idoles will he vtterly destroy.

23-2:19†††† Then they shall goe into the holes of the rockes, & into the caues of the earth, from before the feare of the Lorde, and from the glory of his maiestie, when he shall arise to destroy the earth.

23-2:20†††† At that day shall man cast away his siluer idoles, & his golden idoles (which they had made themselues to worship them) to the mowles and to the backes,

23-2:21†††† To goe into the holes of the rockes, and into the toppes of the ragged rockes from before the feare of the Lorde, and from the glory of his maiestie, when he shall rise to destroy the earth.

23-2:22†††† Cease you from the man whose breath is in his nostrels: for wherein is he to be esteemed?

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Isaiah 3:

Chapter 3:26 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-3:1††††† For lo, the Lord God of hostes will take away from Ierusalem and from Iudah the stay and the strength: euen all the staye of bread, and all the stay of water,

23-3:2††††† The strong man, & the man of warre, the iudge and the prophet, the prudent and the aged,

23-3:3††††† The captaine of fiftie, and the honourable, and the counseller, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent man.

23-3:4††††† And I will appoint children to bee their princes, and babes shall rule ouer them.

23-3:5††††† The people shalbe oppressed one of another, and euery one by his neighbour: the children shall presume against the ancient, and the vile against the honourable.

23-3:6††††† When euery one shall take holde of his brother of the house of his father, and say, Thou hast clothing: thou shalt bee our prince, and let this fall be vnder thine hand.

23-3:7††††† In that day hee shall sweare, saying, I cannot bee an helper: for there is no bread in mine house, nor clothing: therefore make me no prince of the people.

23-3:8††††† Doubtlesse Ierusalem is fallen, and Iudah is fallen downe, because their tongue & workes are against the Lord, to prouoke the eyes of his glory.

23-3:9††††† The triall of their countenance testifieth against them, yea, they declare their sinnes as Sodom, they hide them not. Wo be vnto their soules: for they haue rewarded euil vnto themselues.

23-3:10†††† Say ye, Surely it shalbe well with the iust: for they shall eate the fruite of their workes.

23-3:11†††† Woe be to the wicked, it shalbe euill with him: for the reward of his handes shalbe giuen him.

23-3:12†††† Children are extorcioners of my people, and women haue rule ouer them: O my people, they that leade thee, cause thee to erre, and destroy the way of thy paths.

23-3:13†††† The Lorde standeth vp to pleade, yea, hee standeth to iudge the people.

23-3:14†††† The Lord shall enter into iudgement with the Ancients of his people & the princes thereof: for ye haue eaten vp the vineyarde: the spoyle of the poore is in your houses.

23-3:15†††† What haue ye to do, that ye beate my people to pieces, and grinde the faces of the poore, saith the Lord, euen tho Lord of hostes?

23-3:16†††† The Lord also saith, Because the daughters of Zion are hautie, and walke with stretched out neckes, and with wandering eyes, walking and minsing as they goe, and making a tinkeling with their feete,

23-3:17†††† Therefore shall the Lord make the heades of the daughters of Zion balde, and the Lord shall discouer their secrete partes.

23-3:18†††† In that day shall the Lorde take away the ornament of the slippers, and the calles, and the round tyres,

23-3:19†††† The sweete balles, and the brasselets, and the bonnets,

23-3:20†††† The tyres of the head, and the sloppes, and the head bandes, and the tablets, and the earings,

23-3:21†††† The rings and the mufflers,

23-3:22†††† The costly apparell and the vailes, and the wimples, and the crisping pinnes,

23-3:23†††† And the glasses and the fine linen, and the hoodes, and the launes.

23-3:24†††† And in steade of sweete sauour, there shall be stinke, and in steade of a girdle, a rent, and in steade of dressing of the heare, baldnesse, and in steade of a stomacher, a girding of sackecloth, and burning in steade of beautie.

23-3:25†††† Thy men shall fall by the sworde, and thy strength in the battell.

23-3:26†††† Then shall her gates mourne and lament, and she, being desolate, shall sit vpon the ground.

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Isaiah 4:

Chapter 4:6 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-4:1††††† And in that day shall seuen women take hold of one man, saying, Wee will eate our owne bread, and we wil weare our owne garments: onely let vs bee called by thy name, and take away our reproche.

23-4:2††††† In that day shall the budde of the Lorde bee beautifull and glorious, and the fruite of the earth shalbe excellent and pleasant for them that are escaped of Israel.

23-4:3††††† Then hee that shalbe left in Zion, and hee that shall remaine in Ierusalem, shalbe called holy, and euery one shalbe written among the liuing in Ierusalem,

23-4:4††††† When the Lord shall wash the filthines of the daughters of Zion, and purge the blood of Ierusalem out of the middes thereof by the spirite of iudgement, and by the spirit of burning.

23-4:5††††† And the Lord shal create vpon euery place of mount Zion, and vpon the assemblies thereof, a cloude and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for vpon all the glory shall be a defence.

23-4:6††††† And a couering shalbe for a shadow in the day for the heate, and a place of refuge and a couert for the storme and for the raine.

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Isaiah 5:

Chapter 5:30 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-5:1††††† Nowe will I sing to my beloued a song of my beloued to his vineyarde, My beloued had a vineyarde in a very fruitefull hill,

23-5:2††††† And hee hedged it, and gathered out the stones of it, and he planted it with the best plants, and hee builte a towre in the middes thereof, and made a wine presse therein: then hee looked that it should bring foorth grapes: but it brought foorth wilde grapes.

23-5:3††††† Now therefore, O inhabitants of Ierusalem and men of Iudah, iudge, I pray you, betweene me, and my vineyarde.

23-5:4††††† What coulde I haue done any more to my vineyard that I haue not done vnto it? why haue I looked that it should bring foorth grapes, and it bringeth foorth wilde grapes?

23-5:5††††† And nowe I will tell you what I will do to my vineyarde: I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten vp: I will breake the wall thereof, and it shall be troden downe:

23-5:6††††† And I will laye it waste: it shall not be cut, nor digged, but briers, and thornes shall growe vp: I will also commande the cloudes that they raine no raine vpon it.

23-5:7††††† Surely the vineyard of the Lord of hostes is the house of Israel, and the men of Iudah are his pleasant plant, and hee looked for iudgement, but beholde oppression: for righteousnesse, but beholde a crying.

23-5:8††††† Woe vnto them that ioyne house to house, and laye fielde to fielde, till there bee no place, that ye may be placed by your selues in the mids of the earth.

23-5:9††††† This is in mine cares, saith the Lorde of hostes. Surely many houses shall be desolate, euen great, and faire without inhabitant.

23-5:10†††† For ten acres of vines shal yelde one bath, and the seede of an homer shal yelde an ephah.

23-5:11†††† Wo vnto them, that rise vp early to followe drunkennes, and to them that continue vntill night, till the wine doe inflame them.

23-5:12†††† And the harpe and viole, timbrel, and pipe, and wine are in their feastes: but they regard not the worke of the Lorde, neither consider the worke of his handes.

23-5:13†††† Therefore my people is gone into captiuitie, because they had no knowledge, and the glorie thereof are men famished, and the multitude thereof is dried vp with thirst.

23-5:14†††† Therefore hel hath inlarged it selfe, & hath opened his mouth, without measure, and their glorie, and their multitude, and their pompe, and hee that reioyceth among them, shall descend into it.

23-5:15†††† And man shalbe brought downe, and man shalbe humbled, euen the eyes of the proude shalbe humbled.

23-5:16†††† And the Lorde of hostes shalbe exalted in iudgement, and the holy God shalbe sanctified in iustice.

23-5:17†††† Then shall the lambes feede after their maner, and the strangers shall eate the desolate places of the fat.

23-5:18†††† Woe vnto them, that draw iniquitie with cordes of vanitie, and sinne, as with cart ropes:

23-5:19†††† Which say, Let him make speede: let him hasten his worke, that wee may see it: and let the counsell of the holy one of Israel draw neere and come, that we may knowe it.

23-5:20†††† Woe vnto them that speake good of euill, and euill of good, which put darkenes for light, and light for darkenes, that put bitter for sweete, and sweete for sowre.

23-5:21†††† Woe vnto them that are wise in their owne eyes, and prudent in their owne sight.

23-5:22†††† Wo vnto them that are mightie to drinke wine, and to them that are strong to powre in strong drinke:

23-5:23†††† Which iustifie the wicked for a rewarde, and take away the righteousnesse of the righteous from him.

23-5:24†††† Therefore as the flame of fire deuoureth the stubble, and as the chaffe is cosumed of the flame: so their roote shalbe as rottennesse, and their bud shall rise vp like dust, because they haue cast off the Lawe of the Lorde of hostes, and contemned the word of the holy one of Israel.

23-5:25†††† Therefore is the wrath of the Lord kindled against his people, and hee hath stretched out his hand vpon them, and hath smitten them that the mountaines did tremble: and their carkases were torne in the middes of the streetes, and for all this his wrath was not turned away, but his hande was stretched out still.

23-5:26†††† And he will lift vp a signe vnto the nations a farre, and wil hisse vnto them from the ende of the earth: and beholde, they shall come hastily with speede.

23-5:27†††† None shall faint nor fall among them: none shall slumber nor sleepe, neither shall the girdle of his loynes be loosed, nor the latchet of his shooes be broken:

23-5:28†††† Whose arrowes shall be sharpe, and all his bowes bent: his horse hoofes shal be thought like flint, and his wheeles like a whirlewinde.

23-5:29†††† His roaring shalbe like a lyon, and he shall roare like lyons whelpes: they shall roare, and lay holde of the praye: they shall take it away, and none shall deliuer it.

23-5:30†††† And in that day they shal roare vpon them, as the roaring of the sea: and if they looke vnto the earth, beholde darkenesse, and sorowe, and the light shalbe darkened in their skie.

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Isaiah 6:

Chapter 6:13 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-6:1††††† In the yeere of the death of King Vzziah, I saw also the Lord sitting vpon an high throne, and lifted vp, and the lower partes thereof filled the Temple.

23-6:2††††† The Seraphims stoode vpon it: euery one had sixe wings: with twaine he couered his face, and with twaine hee couered his feete, and with twaine he did flie.

23-6:3††††† And one cryed to another, and sayde, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hostes: the whole world is full of his glory.

23-6:4††††† And the lintles of the doore cheekes moued at the voyce of him that cryed, and the house was filled with smoke.

23-6:5††††† Then I sayd, Wo is me: for I am vndone, because I am a man of polluted lips, & I dwell in the middes of a people of polluted lips: for mine eyes haue seene the King and Lord of hostes.

23-6:6††††† Then flewe one of the Seraphims vnto me with an hote cole in his hand, which he had taken from the altar with the tongs:

23-6:7††††† And he touched my mouth, and sayd, Loe, this hath touched thy lips, & thine iniquitie shall be taken away, and thy sinne shalbe purged.

23-6:8††††† Also I heard the voyce of the Lord, saying, Whome shall I send? and who shall goe for vs? Then I sayd, Here am I, send me.

23-6:9††††† And he sayd, Goe, and say vnto this people, Ye shall heare in deede, but ye shall not vnderstand: ye shall plainely see, and not perceiue.

23-6:10†††† Make the heart of this people fatte, make their eares heauie, and shut their eyes, lest they see with their eyes, and heare with their eares, and vnderstand with their hearts, and conuert, and he heale them.

23-6:11†††† Then sayd I, Lorde, howe long? And he answered, Vntill the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be vtterly desolate,

23-6:12†††† And the Lord haue remoued men farre away, and there be a great desolation in the mids of the land.

23-6:13†††† But yet in it shalbe a tenth, and shall returne, and shalbe eaten vp as an elme or an oke, which haue a substance in them, when they cast their leaues: so the holy seede shall be the substance thereof.

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Isaiah 7:

Chapter 7:25 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-7:1††††† And in the dayes of Ahaz, the sonne of Iotham, the sonne of Vzziah king of Iudah, Rezin the King of Aram came vp, and Pekah the sonne of Remaliah King of Israel, to Ierusalem to fight against it, but he could not ouercome it.

23-7:2††††† And it was tolde the house of Dauid, saying, Aram is ioyned with Ephraim: therefore his heart was moued, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the forest are moued by the winde.

23-7:3††††† Then sayde the Lorde vnto Isaiah, Goe foorth nowe to meete Ahaz (thou and Sheariashub thy sonne) at the ende of the conduit of the vpper poole, in the path of the fullers fielde,

23-7:4††††† And say vnto him, Take heede, and be still: feare not, neither be faint hearted for the two tailes of these smoking firebrands, for the furious wrath of Rezin and of Aram, and of Remaliahs sonne:

23-7:5††††† Because Aram hath taken wicked counsell against thee, and Ephraim, and Remaliahs sonne, saying,

23-7:6††††† Let vs goe vp against Iudah, and let vs waken them vp, and make a breach therein for vs, and set a King in the mids thereof, euen the sonne of Tabeal.

23-7:7††††† Thus sayth the Lorde God, It shall not stand, neither shall it be.

23-7:8††††† For the head of Aram is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin: and within fiue and threescore yeere, Ephraim shalbe destroyed from being a people.

23-7:9††††† And the head of Ephraim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is Remaliahs sonne. If ye beleeue not, surely ye shall not be established.

23-7:10†††† And the Lorde spake againe vnto Ahaz, saying,

23-7:11†††† Aske a signe for thee of the Lorde thy God: aske it, either in the depth beneath or in the height aboue.

23-7:12†††† But Ahaz sayd, I wil not aske, neither will I tempt the Lord.

23-7:13†††† Then he sayd, Heare you nowe, O house of Dauid, Is it a small thing for you to grieue men, that ye will also grieue my God?

23-7:14†††† Therefore the Lorde himselfe will giue you a signe. Beholde, the virgine shall conceiue and beare a sonne, and she shal call his name Immanu-el.

23-7:15†††† Butter and hony shal he eate, till he haue knowledge to refuse the euill, and to chuse the good.

23-7:16†††† For afore the childe shall haue knowledge to eschew the euill, and to chuse the good, the land, that thou abhorrest, shalbe forsaken of both her Kings.

23-7:17†††† The Lord shall bring vpon thee, and vpon thy people, and vpon thy fathers house (the dayes that haue not come from the day that Ephraim departed from Iudah) euen the King of Asshur.

23-7:18†††† And in that day shall the Lorde hisse for the flie that is at the vttermost part of the floods of Egypt, and for the bee which is in the lande of Asshur,

23-7:19†††† And they shall come and shall light all in the desolate valleys, and in the holes of the rockes, and vpon all thorny places, and vpon all bushy places.

23-7:20†††† In that day shall the Lorde shaue with a rasor that is hired, euen by them beyond the Riuer, by the King of Asshur, the head and the heare of the feete, and it shall consume the beard.

23-7:21†††† And in the same day shall a man nourish a yong kowe, and two sheepe.

23-7:22†††† And for the abundance of milke, that they shall giue, hee shall eate butter: for butter and hony shall euery one eate, which is left within the land.

23-7:23†††† And at the same day euery place, wherein shalbe a thousand vines, shalbe at a thousand pieces of siluer: so it shalbe for the briers and for the thornes.

23-7:24†††† With arrowes and with bowe shall one come thither: because all the land shall be briers and thornes.

23-7:25†††† But on all the mountaines, which shalbe digged with the mattocke, there shal not come thither the feare of briers and thornes: but they shalbe for the sending out of bullocks, and for the treading of sheepe.

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Isaiah 8:

Chapter 8:22 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-8:1††††† Moreouer, the Lord sayd vnto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a mans penne, Make speede to the spoyle: haste to the praye.

23-8:2††††† Then I tooke vnto me faithfull witnesses to recorde, Vriah the Priest, and Zechariah the sonne of Ieberechiah.

23-8:3††††† After, I came vnto the Prophetesse, which conceiued, and bare a sonne. Then sayd the Lord to me, Call his name, Mahershalalhash-baz.

23-8:4††††† For before the childe shall haue knowledge to crye, My father, & my mother, he shall take away the riches of Damascus and the spoyle of Samaria, before the King of Asshur.

23-8:5††††† And the Lord spake yet againe vnto me, saying,

23-8:6††††† Because this people hath refused the waters of Shiloah that runne softly, and reioyce with Rezin, and the sonne of Remaliah,

23-8:7††††† Nowe therefore, beholde, the Lorde bringeth vp vpon them the waters of the Riuer mightie and great, euen the King of Asshur with all his glory, and he shall come vp vpon all their riuers, and goe ouer all their banks,

23-8:8††††† And shall breake into Iudah, and shal ouerflowe and passe through, and shall come vp to the necke, and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanu-el.

23-8:9††††† Gather together on heapes, O ye people, and ye shalbe broken in pieces, and hearken all ye of farre countreys: gird your selues, and you shalbe broken in pieces: gird your selues, and you shalbe broken in pieces.

23-8:10†††† Take counsell together, yet it shall be brought to nought: pronounce a decree, yet shall it not stand: for God is with vs.

23-8:11†††† For the Lorde spake thus to me in taking of mine hand, and taught me, that I should not walke in the way of this people, saying,

23-8:12†††† Say ye not, A confederacie to all them, to whome this people sayth a confederacie, neither feare you their feare, nor be afrayd of them.

23-8:13†††† Sanctifie the Lord of hostes, and let him be your feare, and let him be your dread,

23-8:14†††† And he shalbe as a Sanctuarie: but as a stumbling stone, and as a rocke to fall vpon, to both the houses of Israel, and as a snare and as a net to the inhabitants of Ierusalem.

23-8:15†††† And many among them shall stumble, and shal fall and shalbe broken and shalbe snared and shalbe taken.

23-8:16†††† Binde vp the testimonie: seale vp the Law among my disciples.

23-8:17†††† Therefore I will waite vpon the Lord that hath hid his face from the house of Iaakob, and I wil looke for him.

23-8:18†††† Beholde, I and the children whome the Lorde hath giuen me, are as signes and as wonders in Israel, by the Lord of hostes, which dwelleth in mount Zion.

23-8:19†††† And when they shal say vnto you, Enquire at them that haue a spirit of diuination, and at the soothsayers, which whisper and murmure, Should not a people enquire at their God? from the liuing to the dead?

23-8:20†††† To the Law, and to the testimonie, if they speake not according to this worde: it is because there is no light in them.

23-8:21†††† Then he that is afflicted and famished, shal go to and fro in it: and when he shalbe hungry, he shall euen freat himselfe, and curse his King and his gods, and shall looke vpward.

23-8:22†††† And when he shall looke to the earth, beholde trouble, and darkenes, vexation and anguish, and he is driuen to darkenes.

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Isaiah 9:

Chapter 9:21 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-9:1††††† Yet the darkenes shal not be according to the affliction that it had when at the first hee touched lightly the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, nor afteward when he was more grieuous by the way of the sea beyond Iorden in Galile of the Gentiles.

23-9:2††††† The people that walked in darkenes haue seene a great light: they that dwelled in the land of the shadowe of death, vpon them hath the light shined.

23-9:3††††† Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased their ioye: they haue reioyced before thee according to the ioye in haruest, and as men reioyce when they deuide a spoyle.

23-9:4††††† For the yoke of their burthen, and the staffe of their shoulder and the rod of their oppressour hast thou broken as in the day of Midian.

23-9:5††††† Surely euery battell of the warriour is with noyse, and with tumbling of garments in blood: but this shall be with burning and deuouring of fire.

23-9:6††††† For vnto vs a childe is borne, and vnto vs a Sonne is giuen: and the gouernement is vpon his shoulder, and he shall call his name Wonderfull, Counseller, The mightie God, The euerlasting Father, The prince of peace,

23-9:7††††† The increase of his gouernement & peace shall haue none end: he shall sit vpon the throne of Dauid, and vpon his kingdome, to order it, and to stablish it with iudgement and with iustice, from hencefoorth, euen for euer: the zeale of the Lord of hostes will performe this.

23-9:8††††† The Lord hath sent a worde into Iaakob, and it hath lighted vpon Israel.

23-9:9††††† And all the people shall knowe, euen Ephraim, and the inhabitant of Samaria, that say in the pride and presumption of the heart,

23-9:10†††† The brickes are fallen, but we will build it with hewen stones: the wilde figge trees are cut downe, but we will change them into ceders.

23-9:11†††† Neuerthelesse the Lord will raise vp the aduersaries of Rezin against him, and ioyne his enemies together.

23-9:12†††† Aram before and the Philistims behinde, and they shall deuoure Israel with open mouth: yet for all this his wrath is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

23-9:13†††† For the people turneth not vnto him that smiteth them, neither doe they seeke the Lord of hostes.

23-9:14†††† Therefore will the Lord cut off from Israel head and taile, branche and rush in one day.

23-9:15†††† The ancient and the honorable man, he is the head: and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the taile.

23-9:16†††† For the leaders of the people cause them to erre: and they that are led by them are deuoured.

23-9:17†††† Therefore shall the Lord haue no pleasure in their yong men, neither will he haue compassion of their fatherlesse and of their widowes: for euery one is an hypocrite and wicked, and euery mouth speaketh follie: yet for all this his wrath is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out stil.

23-9:18†††† For wickednesse burneth as a fire: it deuoureth the briers and the thornes and will kindle in the thicke places of the forest: and they shall mount vp like the lifting vp of smoke.

23-9:19†††† By the wrath of the Lorde of hostes shall the land be darkened, and the people shall be as the meate of ye fire: no man shal spare his brother.

23-9:20†††† And he shall snatch at the right hand, and be hungrie: and he shall eate on the left hand, and shall not be satisfied: euery one shall eate ye flesh of his owne arme.

23-9:21†††† Manasseh, Ephraim: and Ephraim Manasseh, and they both shall be against Iudah yet for all this his wrath is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

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Isaiah 10:

Chapter 10:34 Verses

23 Isaiah

(Geneva 1587) .

23-10:1†††† Wo vnto them that decree wicked decrees, and write grieuous things,

23-10:2†††† To keepe backe ye poore from iudgement, and to take away the iudgement of the poore of my people, that widowes may be their pray, and that they may spoyle the fatherlesse.

23-10:3†††† What will ye doe nowe in the day of visitation, and of destruction, which shall come from farre? To whom will ye flee for helpe? And where will ye leaue your glorie?

23-10:4†††† Without me euery one shall fall among them that are bound, and they shall fall downe among the slayne: yet for all this his wrath is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

23-10:5†††† O Asshur, the rodde of my wrath: and the staffe in their hands is mine indignation.

23-10:6†††† I will sende him to a dissembling nation, and I will giue him a charge against the people of my wrath to take the spoyle and to take the pray, and to treade them vnder feete like the mire in the streete.

23-10:7†††† But he thinketh not so, neither doeth his heart esteeme it so: but he imagineth to destroy and to cut off not a fewe nations.

23-10:8†††† For he sayeth, Are not my princes altogether Kings?

23-10:9†††† Is not Calno as Carchemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad? Is not Samaria as Damascus?

23-10:10††† Like as mine hand hath founde the kingdomes of the idoles, seeing their idoles were aboue Ierusalem, and aboue Samaria:

23-10:11††† Shall not I, as I haue done to Samaria, and to the idoles thereof, so doe to Ierusalem and to the idoles thereof?

23-10:12††† But when the Lorde hath accomplished all his worke vpon mount Zion and Ierusalem, I will visite the fruite of the proude heart of the King of Asshur, and his glorious and proud lookes,

23-10:13††† Because he said, By ye power of mine owne hand haue I done it, and by my wisdome, because I am wise: therefore I haue remooued the borders of the people, and haue spoyled their treasures, and haue pulled downe the inhabitants like a valiant man.

23-10:14††† And mine hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people, and as one gathereth egges that are left, so haue I gathered all the earth: and there was none to mooue the wing or to open the mouth, or to whisper.

23-10:15††† Shall the axe boast it selfe against him that heweth therewith? or shall the sawe exalt it selfe against him that moueth it? as if the rod shoulde lift vp it selfe against him that taketh it vp, or the staffe should exalt it selfe, as it were no wood.

23-10:16††† Therefore shall the Lorde God of hostes