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Job 1:

Chapter 1:22 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-1:1††††† There was a man in the lande of Vz called Iob, & this man was an vpright and iust man, one that feared God, and eschewed euill.

18-1:2††††† And he had seue sonnes, & three daughters.

18-1:3††††† His substance also was seuen thousande sheepe, and three thousand camels, and fiue hundreth yoke of oxen, and fiue hundreth shee asses, and his family was very great, so that this man was the greatest of all the men of the East.

18-1:4††††† And his sonnes went & banketted in their houses, euery one his day, and sent, & called their three sisters to eate and to drinke with them.

18-1:5††††† And when the dayes of their banketting were gone about, Iob sent, and sanctified them, and rose vp early in the morning, and offred burnt offrings according to the nomber of them all. For Iob thought, It may be that my sonnes haue sinned, & blasphemed God in their hearts: thus did Iob euery day.

18-1:6††††† Nowe on a day when the children of God came and stoode before the Lorde, Satan came also among them.

18-1:7††††† Then the Lord sayde vnto Satan, Whence commest thou? And Satan answered the Lord, saying, From compassing the earth to and fro, and from walking in it.

18-1:8††††† And the Lord saide vnto Satan, Hast thou not considered my seruant Iob, how none is like him in the earth? an vpright and iust man, one that feareth God, and escheweth euill?

18-1:9††††† Then Satan answered the Lord, and sayde, Doeth Iob feare God for nought?

18-1:10†††† Hast thou not made an hedge about him and about his house, & about all that he hath on euery side? thou hast blessed the worke of his hands, & his substance is increased in the land.

18-1:11†††† But stretch out now thine hand & touch all that he hath, to see if he will not blaspheme thee to thy face.

18-1:12†††† Then the Lorde sayde vnto Satan, Lo, all that he hath is in thine hand: onely vpon himselfe shalt thou not stretch out thine hand. So Satan departed from the presence of the Lord.

18-1:13†††† And on a day, when his sonnes and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brothers house,

18-1:14†††† There came a messenger vnto Iob, and said, The oxen were plowing, and the asses feeding in their places,

18-1:15†††† And the Shabeans came violently, and tooke them: yea, they haue slayne the seruants with the edge of the sworde: but I onely am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:16†††† And whiles he was yet speaking, another came, and sayde, The fire of God is fallen from the heauen, & hath burnt vp the sheepe and the seruants, and deuoured them: but I onely am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:17†††† And whiles he was yet speaking, another came, and sayd, The Caldeans set on three bands, and fell vpon the camels, and haue taken them, and haue slayne the seruantes with the edge of the sworde: but I onely am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:18†††† And whiles he was yet speaking, came an other, and sayd, Thy sonnes, and thy daughters were eating, and drinking wine in their eldest brothers house,

18-1:19†††† And behold, there came a great wind from beyonde the wildernesse, and smote the foure corners of the house, which fel vpon the children, and they are dead, and I onely am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:20†††† Then Iob arose, and rent his garment, and shaued his head, and fel downe vpon the ground, and worshipped,

18-1:21†††† And sayd, Naked came I out of my mothers wombe, and naked shall I returne thither: the Lord hath giuen, and the Lord hath taken it: blessed be the Name of the Lord.

18-1:22†††† In all this did not Iob sinne, nor charge God foolishly.

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Job 2:

Chapter 2:13 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-2:1††††† And on a day the children of God came and stood before the Lord, and Satan came also among them, and stoode before the Lord.

18-2:2††††† Then the Lord sayde vnto Satan, Whence commest thou? And Satan answered the Lorde, and sayd, From compassing the earth to and fro, and from walking in it.

18-2:3††††† And the Lord sayd vnto Satan, Hast thou not considered my seruant Iob, how none is like him in the earth? an vpright and iust man, one that feareth God, and escheweth euill? for yet he continueth in his vprightnesse, although thou mouedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.

18-2:4††††† And Satan answered the Lorde, and sayde, Skin for skin, and all that euer a man hath, will he giue for his life.

18-2:5††††† But stretch now out thine hand, and touch his bones and his flesh, to see if he will not blaspheme thee to thy face.

18-2:6††††† Then the Lorde said vnto Satan, Lo, he is in thine hand, but saue his life.

18-2:7††††† So Satan departed from the presence of the Lord, and smote Iob with sore boyles, from the sole of his foote vnto his crowne.

18-2:8††††† And he tooke a potsharde to scrape him, and he sate downe among the ashes.

18-2:9††††† Then said his wife vnto him, Doest thou continue yet in thine vprightnes? Blaspheme God, and dye.

18-2:10†††† But he said vnto her, Thou speakest like a foolish woman: what? shall we receiue good at the hande of God, and not receiue euill? In all this did not Iob sinne with his lippes.

18-2:11†††† Nowe when Iobs three friends heard of all this euill that was come vpon him, they came euery one from his owne place, to wit, Eliphaz the Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite: for they were agreed together to come to lament with him, and to comfort him.

18-2:12†††† So when they lift vp their eyes a farre off, they knewe him not: therefore they lift vp their voyces and wept, and euery one of them rent his garment, and sprinkled dust vpon their heads toward the heauen.

18-2:13†††† So they sate by him vpon the ground seuen dayes, and seuen nights, and none spake a worde vnto him: for they sawe, that the griefe was very great.

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Job 3:

Chapter 3:26 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-3:1††††† Afterward Iob opened his mouth, and cursed his day.

18-3:2††††† And Iob cryed out, and sayd,

18-3:3††††† Let the day perish, wherein I was borne, and the night when it was sayde, There is a man childe conceiued.

18-3:4††††† Let that day bee darkenesse, let not God regarde it from aboue, neyther let the light shine vpon it,

18-3:5††††† But let darkenesse, and the shadowe of death staine it: let the cloude remayne vpon it, and let them make it fearefull as a bitter day.

18-3:6††††† Let darkenesse possesse that night, let it not be ioyned vnto the dayes of the yeere, nor let it come into the count of the moneths.

18-3:7††††† Yea, desolate be that night, and let no ioy be in it.

18-3:8††††† Let them that curse the day, (being readie to renue their mourning) curse it.

18-3:9††††† Let the starres of that twilight be dimme through darkenesse of it: let it looke for light, but haue none: neither let it see the dawning of the day,

18-3:10†††† Because it shut not vp the dores of my mothers wombe: nor hid sorowe from mine eyes.

18-3:11†††† Why died I not in the birth? or why dyed I not, when I came out of the wombe?

18-3:12†††† Why did the knees preuent me? and why did I sucke the breasts?

18-3:13†††† For so shoulde I now haue lyen and bene quiet, I should haue slept then, and bene at rest,

18-3:14†††† With the Kings & counselers of the earth, which haue buylded themselues desolate places:

18-3:15†††† Or with the princes that had golde, and haue filled their houses with siluer.

18-3:16†††† Or why was I not hid, as an vntimely birth, either as infants, which haue not seene the light?

18-3:17†††† The wicked haue there ceased from their tyrannie, and there they that laboured valiantly, are at rest.

18-3:18†††† The prisoners rest together, and heare not the voyce of the oppressour.

18-3:19†††† There are small and great, and the seruant is free from his master.

18-3:20†††† Wherefore is the light giuen to him that is in miserie? and life vnto them that haue heauie hearts?

18-3:21†††† Which long for death, and if it come not, they would euen search it more then treasures:

18-3:22†††† Which ioy for gladnes, and reioyce, when they can finde the graue.

18-3:23†††† Why is the light giuen to the man whose way is hid, and whom God hath hedged in?

18-3:24†††† For my sighing commeth before I eate, and my roarings are powred out like the water.

18-3:25†††† For the thing I feared, is come vpon me, and the thing that I was afraid of, is come vnto me.

18-3:26†††† I had no peace, neither had I quietnesse, neither had I rest, yet trouble is come.

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Job 4:

Chapter 4:21 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-4:1††††† Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered, and sayde,

18-4:2††††† If we assay to commune with thee, wilt thou be grieued? but who can withholde himselfe from speaking?

18-4:3††††† Behold, thou hast taught many, and hast strengthened the wearie hands.

18-4:4††††† Thy wordes haue confirmed him that was falling, and thou hast strengthened the weake knees.

18-4:5††††† But now it is come vpon thee, and thou art grieued: it toucheth thee, and thou art troubled.

18-4:6††††† Is not this thy feare, thy confidence, thy pacience, and the vprightnesse of thy wayes?

18-4:7††††† Remember, I pray thee: who euer perished, being an innocent? or where were the vpright destroyed?

18-4:8††††† As I haue seene, they that plow iniquitie, and sowe wickednesse, reape the same.

18-4:9††††† With the blast of God they perish, and with the breath of his nostrels are they cosumed.

18-4:10†††† The roaring of the Lion, and the voyce of the Lionesse, & the teeth of the Lions whelpes are broken.

18-4:11†††† The Lyon perisheth for lacke of pray, and the Lyons whelpes are scattered abroade.

18-4:12†††† But a thing was brought to me secretly, and mine eare hath receiued a litle thereof.

18-4:13†††† In the thoughtes of ye visions of the night, when sleepe falleth on men,

18-4:14†††† Feare came vpon me, & dread which made all my bones to tremble.

18-4:15†††† And the wind passed before me, and made the heares of my flesh to stande vp.

18-4:16†††† Then stoode one, and I knewe not his face: an image was before mine eyes, and in silence heard I a voyce, saying,

18-4:17†††† Shall man be more iust then God? or shall a man be more pure then his maker?

18-4:18†††† Beholde, he founde no stedfastnesse in his Seruants, and laid follie vpon his Angels.

18-4:19†††† Howe much more in them that dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust, which shalbe destroyed before the moth?

18-4:20†††† They be destroyed from the morning vnto the euening: they perish for euer, without regarde.

18-4:21†††† Doeth not their dignitie goe away with them? do they not die, & that without wisdom?

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Job 5:

Chapter 5:27 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-5:1††††† Call nowe, if any will answere thee, and to which of the Saintes wilt thou turne?

18-5:2††††† Doubtlesse anger killeth the foolish, and enuie slayeth the idiote.

18-5:3††††† I haue seene the foolish well rooted, and suddenly I cursed his habitation, saying,

18-5:4††††† His children shalbe farre from saluation, and they shall be destroyed in the gate, & none shall deliuer them.

18-5:5††††† The hungrie shall eate vp his haruest: yea, they shall take it from among the thornes, and the thirstie shall drinke vp their substance.

18-5:6††††† For miserie commeth not foorth of the dust, neither doeth affliction spring out of the earth.

18-5:7††††† But man is borne vnto trauaile, as the sparkes flie vpwarde.

18-5:8††††† But I would inquire at God, and turne my talke vnto God:

18-5:9††††† Which doeth great things and vnsearchable, and marueilous things without nomber.

18-5:10†††† He giueth raine vpon the earth, and powreth water vpon the streetes,

18-5:11†††† And setteth vp on hie them that be lowe, that the sorowfull may be exalted to saluation.

18-5:12†††† He scattereth the deuices of the craftie: so that their handes can not accomplish that which they doe enterprise.

18-5:13†††† He taketh the wise in their craftinesse, and the counsel of the wicked is made foolish.

18-5:14†††† They meete with darkenesse in the day time, and grope at noone day, as in the night.

18-5:15†††† But he saueth the poore from the sword, from their mouth, and from the hande of the violent man,

18-5:16†††† So that the poore hath his hope, but iniquitie shall stop her mouth.

18-5:17†††† Beholde, blessed is the man whome God correcteth: therefore refuse not thou the chastising of the Almightie.

18-5:18†††† For he maketh the wound, and bindeth it vp: he smiteth, and his handes make whole.

18-5:19†††† He shall deliuer thee in sixe troubles, and in the seuenth the euill shall not touch thee.

18-5:20†††† In famine he shal deliuer thee from death: and in battel from the power of the sworde.

18-5:21†††† Thou shalt be hid from the scourge of the tongue, and thou shalt not be afraid of destruction when it commeth.

18-5:22†††† But thou shalt laugh at destruction and dearth, and shalt not be afraide of the beast of the earth.

18-5:23†††† For the stones of the fielde shall be in league with thee, and the beastes of the field shal be at peace with thee.

18-5:24†††† And thou shalt knowe, that peace shall be in thy tabernacle, and thou shalt visite thine habitation, and shalt not sinne.

18-5:25†††† Thou shalt perceiue also, that thy seede shalbe great, and thy posteritie as the grasse of the earth.

18-5:26†††† Thou shalt goe to thy graue in a ful age, as a ricke of corne commeth in due season into the barne.

18-5:27†††† Lo, thus haue we inquired of it, and so it is: heare this and knowe it for thy selfe.

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Job 6:

Chapter 6:30 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-6:1††††† Bvt Iob answered, and said,

18-6:2††††† Oh that my griefe were well weighed, and my miseries were layed together in the balance.

18-6:3††††† For it woulde be nowe heauier then the sande of the sea: therefore my wordes are swallowed vp.

18-6:4††††† For the arrowes of the Almightie are in me, the venime whereof doeth drinke vp my spirit, and the terrours of God fight against me.

18-6:5††††† Doeth the wilde asse bray when he hath grasse? or loweth the oxe when he hath fodder?

18-6:6††††† That which is vnsauerie, shall it be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the white of an egge?

18-6:7††††† Such things as my soule refused to touch, as were sorowes, are my meate.

18-6:8††††† Oh that I might haue my desire, and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!

18-6:9††††† That is, that God would destroy me: that he would let his hand go, and cut me off.

18-6:10†††† Then should I yet haue comfort, (though I burne with sorowe, let him not spare) because I haue not denyed the wordes of the Holy one.

18-6:11†††† What power haue I that I should endure? or what is mine end, if I should prolong my life?

18-6:12†††† Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my flesh of brasse?

18-6:13†††† Is it not so, that there is in me no helpe? and that strength is taken from me?

18-6:14†††† He that is in miserie, ought to be comforted of his neighbour: but men haue forsaken the feare of the Almightie.

18-6:15†††† My brethre haue deceiued me as a brook, and as the rising of the riuers they passe away.

18-6:16†††† Which are blackish with yee, and wherein the snowe is hid.

18-6:17†††† But in time they are dryed vp with heate and are consumed: and when it is hote they faile out of their places,

18-6:18†††† Or they depart from their way and course, yea, they vanish and perish.

18-6:19†††† They that go to Tema, considered them, and they that goe to Sheba, waited for them.

18-6:20†††† But they were confounded: when they hoped, they came thither and were ashamed.

18-6:21†††† Surely nowe are ye like vnto it: ye haue seene my fearefull plague, and are afraide.

18-6:22†††† Was it because I said, Bring vnto me? or giue a rewarde to me of your substance?

18-6:23†††† And deliuer me from the enemies hande, or ransome me out of the hand of tyrants?

18-6:24†††† Teach me, and I wil hold my tongue: & cause me to vnderstande, wherein I haue erred.

18-6:25†††† Howe stedfast are the wordes of righteousnes? and what can any of you iustly reproue?

18-6:26†††† Doe ye imagine to reproue wordes, that the talke of the afflicted should be as the winde?

18-6:27†††† Ye make your wrath to fall vpon the fatherlesse, and dig a pit for your friende.

18-6:28†††† Nowe therefore be content to looke vpon me: for I will not lie before your face.

18-6:29†††† Turne, I pray you, let there be none iniquitie: returne, I say, and ye shall see yet my righteousnesse in that behalfe.

18-6:30†††† Is there iniquitie in my tongue? doeth not my mouth feele sorowes?

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Job 7:

Chapter 7:21 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-7:1††††† Is there not an appointed time to man vpon earth? and are not his dayes as the dayes of an hyreling?

18-7:2††††† As a seruant longeth for the shadowe, and as an hyreling looketh for the ende of his worke,

18-7:3††††† So haue I had as an inheritance the moneths of vanitie, and painefull nights haue bene appointed vnto me.

18-7:4††††† If I layed me downe, I sayde, When shall I arise? and measuring the euening I am euen full with tossing to and fro vnto the dawning of the day.

18-7:5††††† My flesh is clothed with wormes and filthinesse of the dust: my skinne is rent, and become horrible.

18-7:6††††† My dayes are swifter then a weauers shittle, and they are spent without hope.

18-7:7††††† Remember that my life is but a wind, and that mine eye shall not returne to see pleasure.

18-7:8††††† The eye that hath seene me, shall see me no more: thine eyes are vpon me, and I shall be no longer.

18-7:9††††† As the cloude vanisheth and goeth away, so he that goeth downe to the graue, shall come vp no more.

18-7:10†††† He shall returne no more to his house, neither shall his place knowe him any more.

18-7:11†††† Therefore I will not spare my mouth, but will speake in the trouble of my spirite, and muse in the bitternesse of my minde.

18-7:12†††† Am I a sea or a whalefish, that thou keepest me in warde?

18-7:13†††† When I say, My couch shal relieue me, and my bed shall bring comfort in my meditation,

18-7:14†††† Then fearest thou me with dreames, and astonishest me with visions.

18-7:15†††† Therefore my soule chuseth rather to be strangled and to die, then to be in my bones.

18-7:16†††† I abhorre it, I shall not liue alway: spare me then, for my dayes are but vanitie.

18-7:17†††† What is man, that thou doest magnifie him, and that thou settest thine heart vpon him?

18-7:18†††† And doest visite him euery morning, and tryest him euery moment?

18-7:19†††† Howe long will it be yer thou depart from me? thou wilt not let me alone whiles I may swallowe my spettle.

18-7:20†††† I haue sinned, what shal I do vnto thee? O thou preseruer of me, why hast thou set me as a marke against thee, so that I am a burden vnto my selfe?

18-7:21†††† And why doest thou not pardon my trespasse? and take away mine iniquitie? for nowe shall I sleepe in the dust, and if thou seekest me in the morning, I shall not be found.

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Job 8:

Chapter 8:22 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-8:1††††† Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and saide,

18-8:2††††† Howe long wilt thou talke of these things? and howe long shall the wordes of thy mouth be as a mightie winde?

18-8:3††††† Doeth God peruert iudgement? or doeth the Almightie subuert iustice?

18-8:4††††† If thy sonnes haue sinned against him, and he hath sent them into the place of their iniquitie,

18-8:5††††† Yet if thou wilt early seeke vnto God, and pray to the Almightie,

18-8:6††††† If thou be pure and vpright, then surely hee will awake vp vnto thee, and he wil make the habitation of thy righteousnesse prosperous.

18-8:7††††† And though thy beginning be small, yet thy latter ende shall greatly encrease.

18-8:8††††† Inquire therefore, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thy selfe to search of their fathers.

18-8:9††††† (For we are but of yesterday, and are ignorant: for our dayes vpon earth are but a shadowe)

18-8:10†††† Shall not they teach thee and tell thee, and vtter the wordes of their heart?

18-8:11†††† Can a rush grow without myre? or can ye grasse growe without water?

18-8:12†††† Though it were in greene and not cutte downe, yet shall it wither before any other herbe.

18-8:13†††† So are the paths of al that forget God, and the hypocrites hope shall perish.

18-8:14†††† His confidence also shalbe cut off, and his trust shalbe as the house of a spyder.

18-8:15†††† He shall leane vpon his house, but it shall not stand: he shal holde him fast by it, yet shall it not endure.

18-8:16†††† The tree is greene before the sunne, and the branches spread ouer the garden thereof.

18-8:17†††† The rootes thereof are wrapped about the fountaine, and are folden about ye house of stones.

18-8:18†††† If any plucke it from his place, and it denie, saying, I haue not seene thee,

18-8:19†††† Beholde, it will reioyce by this meanes, that it may growe in another molde.

18-8:20†††† Behold, God will not cast away an vpright man, neither will he take the wicked by the hand,

18-8:21†††† Till he haue filled thy mouth with laughter, and thy lippes with ioy.

18-8:22†††† They that hate thee, shall be clothed with shame, and the dwelling of the wicked shall not remaine.

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Job 9:

Chapter 9:35 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-9:1††††† Then Iob answered, and sayd,

18-9:2††††† I knowe verily that it is so: for howe should man compared vnto God, be iustified?

18-9:3††††† If I would dispute with him, hee could not answere him one thing of a thousand.

18-9:4††††† He is wise in heart, & mighty in stregth: who hath bene fierce against him & hath prospered?

18-9:5††††† He remoueth the mountaines, and they feele not when he ouerthroweth them in his wrath.

18-9:6††††† Hee remooueth the earth out of her place, that the pillars thereof doe shake.

18-9:7††††† He commandeth the sunne, & it riseth not: hee closeth vp the starres, as vnder a signet.

18-9:8††††† Hee himselfe alone spreadeth out the heauens, and walketh vpon the height of the sea.

18-9:9††††† He maketh the starres Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the climates of the South.

18-9:10†††† He doeth great things, and vnsearcheable: yea, marueilous things without nomber.

18-9:11†††† Lo, when he goeth by me, I see him not: and when he passeth by, I perceiue him not.

18-9:12†††† Behold, when he taketh a pray, who can make him to restore it? who shall say vnto him, What doest thou?

18-9:13†††† God will not withdrawe his anger, and the most mightie helpes doe stoupe vnder him.

18-9:14†††† Howe much lesse shall I answere him? or howe should I finde out my words with him?

18-9:15†††† For though I were iust, yet could I not answere, but I would make supplicatio to my Iudge.

18-9:16†††† If I cry, and he answere me, yet woulde I not beleeue, that he heard my voyce.

18-9:17†††† For he destroyeth mee with a tempest, and woundeth me without cause.

18-9:18†††† He wil not suffer me to take my breath, but filleth me with bitternesse.

18-9:19†††† If we speake of strength, behold, he is strog: if we speake of iudgement, who shall bring me in to pleade?

18-9:20†††† If I woulde iustifie my selfe, mine owne mouth shall condemne mee: if I would be perfite, he shall iudge me wicked.

18-9:21†††† Though I were perfite, yet I knowe not my soule: therefore abhorre I my life.

18-9:22†††† This is one point: therefore I said, Hee destroyeth the perfite and the wicked.

18-9:23†††† If the scourge should suddely slay, should God laugh at the punishment of the innocent?

18-9:24†††† The earth is giuen into the hand of ye wicked: he couereth the faces of the iudges therof: if not, where is he? or who is he?

18-9:25†††† My dayes haue bene more swift then a post: they haue fled, and haue seene no good thing.

18-9:26†††† They are passed as with the most swift ships, and as the eagle that flyeth to the pray.

18-9:27†††† If I say, I wil forget my complaynt, I will cease from my wrath, and comfort mee,

18-9:28†††† Then I am afrayd of all my sorowes, knowing that thou wilt not iudge me innocent.

18-9:29†††† If I be wicked, why labour I thus in vaine?

18-9:30†††† If I wash my selfe with snowe water, and purge mine hands most cleane,

18-9:31†††† Yet shalt thou plunge mee in the pit, and mine owne clothes shal make me filthie.

18-9:32†††† For he is not a man as I am, that I shoulde answere him, if we come together to iudgement.

18-9:33†††† Neyther is there any vmpire that might lay his hand vpon vs both.

18-9:34†††† Let him take his rod away from me, and let not his feare astonish me:

18-9:35†††† Then will I speake, & feare him not: but because I am not so, I holde me still.

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Job 10:

Chapter 10:22 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-10:1†††† My soule is cut off though I liue: I wil leaue my complaint vpon my selfe, & wil speake in the bitternesse of my soule.

18-10:2†††† I will say vnto God, Condemne mee not: shew me, wherefore thou contendest with mee.

18-10:3†††† Thinkest thou it good to oppresse me, and to cast off the labour of thine handes, and to fauour the counsel of the wicked?

18-10:4†††† Hast thou carnall eyes? Or doest thou see as man seeth?

18-10:5†††† Are thy dayes as mans dayes? Or thy yeres, as the time of man,

18-10:6†††† That thou inquirest of mine iniquitie, and searchest out my sinne?

18-10:7†††† Thou knowest that I can not do wickedly: for none can deliuer me out of thine hand.

18-10:8†††† Thine handes haue made me, and fashioned mee wholy rounde about, and wilt thou destroy me?

18-10:9†††† Remeber, I pray thee, that thou hast made me as the clay, and wilt thou bring me into dust againe?

18-10:10††† Hast thou not powred me out as milke? & turned me to cruds like cheese?

18-10:11††† Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and ioyned me together with bones and sinewes.

18-10:12††† Thou hast giuen me life, & grace: & thy visitation hath preserued my spirit.

18-10:13††† Though thou hast hid these things in thine heart, yet I knowe that it is so with thee.

18-10:14††† If I haue sinned, then thou wilt streightly looke vnto me, and wilt not holde mee giltlesse of mine iniquitie.

18-10:15††† If I haue done wickedly, wo vnto me: if I haue done righteously, I will not lift vp mine head, being full of confusion, because I see mine affliction.

18-10:16††† But let it increase: hunt thou me as a lyon: returne and shew thy selfe marueilous vpon me.

18-10:17††† Thou renuest thy plagues against me, and thou increasest thy wrath against me: changes and armies of sorowes are against me.

18-10:18††† Wherfore then hast thou brought me out of the wombe? Oh that I had perished, and that none eye had seene me!

18-10:19††† And that I were as I had not bene, but brought from the wombe to the graue!

18-10:20††† Are not my dayes fewe? let him cease, and leaue off from me, that I may take a litle comfort,

18-10:21††† Before I goe and shall not returne, euen to the land of darkenesse and shadow of death:

18-10:22††† Into a land, I say, darke as darknes it selfe, and into the shadow of death, where is none order, but the light is there as darkenesse.

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Job 11:

Chapter 11:20 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-11:1†††† Then answered Zophar the Naamathite, and sayde,

18-11:2†††† Should not the multitude of wordes be answered? or should a great talker be iustified?

18-11:3†††† Should men holde their peace at thy lyes? & when thou mockest others, shall none make thee ashamed?

18-11:4†††† For thou hast sayde, My doctrine is pure, and I am cleane in thine eyes.

18-11:5†††† But, oh that God would speake and open his lippes against thee!

18-11:6†††† That he might shewe thee the secretes of wisedome, howe thou hast deserued double, according to right: know therefore that God hath forgotten thee for thine iniquitie.

18-11:7†††† Canst thou by searching finde out God? canst thou finde out ye Almighty to his perfection?

18-11:8†††† The heauens are hie, what canst thou doe? it is deeper then the hel, how canst thou know it?

18-11:9†††† The measure thereof is longer then the earth, and it is broader then the sea.

18-11:10††† If hee cut off and shut vp, or gather together, who can turne him backe?

18-11:11††† For hee knoweth vaine men, and seeth iniquitie, and him that vnderstandeth nothing.

18-11:12††† Yet vaine man would be wise, though man new borne is like a wilde asse colte.

18-11:13††† If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him:

18-11:14††† If iniquitie be in thine hand, put it farre away, and let no wickednesse dwell in thy Tabernacle.

18-11:15††† The truely shalt thou lift vp thy face without spot, and shalt be stable, and shalt not feare.

18-11:16††† But thou shalt forget thy miserie, and remember it as waters that are past.

18-11:17††† Thine age also shall appeare more cleare then the noone day: thou shalt shine and bee as the morning.

18-11:18††† And thou shalt bee bolde, because there is hope: and thou shalt digge pittes, and shalt lye downe safely.

18-11:19††† For when thou takest thy rest, none shal make thee afraide: yea, many shall make sute vnto thee.

18-11:20††† But the eyes of the wicked shall faile, and their refuge shall perish, and their hope shalbe sorow of minde.

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Job 12:

Chapter 12:25 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-12:1†††† Then Iob answered, and sayde,

18-12:2†††† In deede because that ye are the people onely, wisedome must dye with you.

18-12:3†††† But I haue vnderstanding aswel as you, and am not inferior vnto you: yea, who knoweth not such things?

18-12:4†††† I am as one mocked of his neighbour, who calleth vpon God, and he heareth him: the iust and the vpright is laughed to scorne.

18-12:5†††† Hee that is readie to fall, is as a lampe despised in the opinion of the riche.

18-12:6†††† The tabernacles of robbers doe prosper, and they are in safetie, that prouoke God, whome God hath enriched with his hand.

18-12:7†††† Aske now the beasts, and they shall teach thee, and the foules of the heauen, and they shall tell thee:

18-12:8†††† Or speake to the earth, and it shall shewe thee: or the fishes of the sea, and they shall declare vnto thee.

18-12:9†††† Who is ignorant of all these, but that the hande of the Lord hath made these?

18-12:10††† In whose hande is the soule of euery liuing thing, and the breath of all mankinde.

18-12:11††† Doeth not the eares discerne the words? and the mouth taste meate for it selfe?

18-12:12††† Among the ancient is wisedome, and in the length of dayes is vnderstanding.

18-12:13††† With him is wisedome and strength: he hath counsell and vnderstanding.

18-12:14††† Beholde, he will breake downe, and it can not be built: he shutteth a man vp, and he can not be loosed.

18-12:15††† Beholde, he withholdeth the waters, and they drie vp: but when he sendeth them out, they destroy the earth.

18-12:16††† With him is strength and wisedome: hee that is deceiued, and that deceiueth, are his.

18-12:17††† He causeth the counsellers to goe as spoyled, and maketh the iudges fooles.

18-12:18††† He looseth the collar of Kings, and girdeth their loynes with a girdle.

18-12:19††† He leadeth away the princes as a pray, and ouerthroweth the mightie.

18-12:20††† He taketh away the speach from the faithfull counsellers, and taketh away the iudgement of the ancient.

18-12:21††† He powreth contempt vpon princes, and maketh the strength of the mightie weake.

18-12:22††† He discouereth the deepe places from their darkenesse, and bringeth foorth the shadowe of death to light.

18-12:23††† He increaseth the people, and destroyeth them: he inlargeth the nations, and bringeth them in againe.

18-12:24††† He taketh away the heartes of the that are the chiefe ouer the people of the earth, & maketh them to wander in the wildernes out of the way.

18-12:25††† They grope in the darke without light: and he maketh the to stagger like a drunken ma.

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Job 13:

Chapter 13:28 Verses

18 Job

(Geneva 1587) .

18-13:1†††† Loe, mine eye hath seene all this: mine eare hath heard, and vnderstande it.

18-13:2†††† I knowe also as much as you knowe: I am not inferiour vnto you.

18-13:3†††† But I will speake to the Almightie, and I desire to dispute with God.

18-13:4†††† For in deede ye forge lyes, and all you are physitions of no value.

18-13:5†††† Oh, that you woulde holde your tongue, that it might be imputed to you for wisedome!

18-13:6†††† Nowe heare my disputation, and giue eare to the arguments of my lips.

18-13:7†††† Will ye speake wickedly for Gods defence, and talke deceitfully for his cause?

18-13:8†††† Will ye accept his person? or will ye contende for God?

18-13:9†††† Is it well that he shoulde seeke of you? will you make a lye for him, as one lyeth for a man?

18-13:10††† He will surely reprooue you, if ye doe secretly accept any person.

18-13:11††† Shall not his excellencie make you afraid? and his feare fall vpon you?

18-13:12††† Your memories may be compared vnto ashes, and your bodyes to bodyes of clay.

18-13:13††† Holde your tongues in my presence, that I may speake, and let come vpon what will.

18-13:14††† Wherefore doe I take my flesh in my teeth, and put my soule in mine hande?

18-13:15††† Loe, though he slay me, yet will I trust in him, and I will reprooue my wayes in his sight.

18-13:16††† He shalbe my saluation also: for the hypocrite shall not come before him.

18-13:17††† Heare diligently my wordes, and marke my talke.

18-13:18††† Beholde nowe: if I prepare<