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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 1:

Chapter 1:17 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-1:1††††† Then Salomon the sonne of Dauid was confirmed in his kingdome: and the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him highly.

14-1:2††††† And Salomon spake vnto all Israel, to the captaines of thousandes, and of hundreths, and to the iudges, and to all the gouernours in all Israel, euen the chiefe fathers.

14-1:3††††† So Salomon and all the Congregation with him went to the hie place that was at Gibeon: for there was the Tabernacle of the Congregation of God which Moses the seruant of the Lord had made in the wildernesse.

14-1:4††††† But the Arke of God had Dauid brought vp from Kiriath-iearim, when Dauid had made preparation for it: for he had pitched a tent for it in Ierusalem.

14-1:5††††† Moreouer the brasen altar that Bezaleel the sonne of Vri, the sonne of Hur had made, did hee set before the Tabernacle of the Lorde: and Salomon and the Congregation sought it.

14-1:6††††† And Salomon offred there before the Lord vpon the brasen altar that was in the Tabernacle of the Congregation: euen a thousand burnt offrings offred he vpon it.

14-1:7††††† The same night did God appeare vnto Salomon, and sayde vnto him, Aske what I shall giue thee.

14-1:8††††† And Salomon sayde vnto God, Thou hast shewed great mercy vnto Dauid my father and hast made me to reigne in his stead.

14-1:9††††† Nowe therefore, O Lorde God, let thy promes vnto Dauid my father be true: for thou hast made mee King ouer a great people, like to the dust of the earth.

14-1:10†††† Giue me now wisdome & knowledge, that I may go out and go in before this people: for who can iudge this thy great people?

14-1:11†††† And God sayde to Salomon, Because this was in thine heart, and thou hast not asked riches, treasures nor honour, nor the liues of thine enemies, neither yet hast asked long life, but hast asked for thee wisdome & knowledge that thou mightest iudge my people, ouer whome I haue made thee King,

14-1:12†††† Wisdome and knowledge is granted vnto thee, and I will giue thee riches and treasures and honour, so that there hath not bene the like among the Kings which were before thee, neither after thee shal there be the like.

14-1:13†††† Then Salomon came from the hie place, that was at Gibeon, to Ierusalem from before the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and reigned ouer Israel.

14-1:14†††† And Salomon gathered the charets and horesemen: and he had a thousand and foure hundreth charets, and twelue thousande horsemen, whome he placed in the charet cities, and with the King at Ierusalem.

14-1:15†††† And the King gaue siluer and gold at Ierusalem as stones, & gaue cedar trees as the wilde figge trees, that are abundantly in the playne.

14-1:16†††† Also Salomon had horses brought out of Egypt & fine linen: the Kings marchants receiued the fine linen for a price.

14-1:17†††† They came vp also and brought out of Egypt some charet, worth sixe hundreth shekels of siluer, that is an horse for an hundreth and fiftie: and thus they brought horses to all the Kings of the Hittites, and to the Kings of Aram by their meanes.

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2 Chronicles 2:

Chapter 2:18 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-2:1††††† Then Salomon determined to builde an house for the Name of the Lord, and an house for his kingdome.

14-2:2††††† And Salomon tolde out seuentie thousand that bare burdens, and fourescore thousande men to hewe stones in the mountaine, and three thousand and sixe hundreth to ouersee them.

14-2:3††††† And Salomon sent to Huram the king of Tyrus, saying, As thou hast done to Dauid my father, and didst sende him cedar trees to buylde him an house to dwell in, so do to me.

14-2:4††††† Behold, I buylde an house vnto the Name of the Lord my God, to sanctifie it vnto him, and to burne sweete incense before him, and for the continuall shewbread, and for the burnt offrings of the morning and euening, on the Sabbath dayes, and in the new moneths, & in the solemne feastes of the Lorde our God: this is a perpetuall thing for Israel.

14-2:5††††† And the house which I buylde, is great: for great is our God aboue all gods.

14-2:6††††† Who is he then that can be able to buylde him an house, when the heauen, & the heauen of heauens can not conteine him? who am I then that I should buylde him an house? but I do it to burne incense before him.

14-2:7††††† Sende me nowe therefore a cunning man that can worke in golde, in siluer, & in brasse, and in yron, & in purple, and crimosin & blue silke, & that can graue in grauen worke with the cunning men that are with me in Iudah & in Ierusalem, whom Dauid my father hath prepared.

14-2:8††††† Sende mee also cedar trees, firre trees and Algummim trees from Lebanon: for I knowe that thy seruants can skill to hewe timber in Lebanon: and beholde, my seruantes shalbe with thine,

14-2:9††††† That they may prepare me timber in abudance: for the house which I doe buylde, is great and wonderfull.

14-2:10†††† And behold, I will giue to thy seruants the cutters & the hewers of timber twentie thousand measures of beaten wheate, & twentie thousand measures of barley, & twentie thousand baths of wine, and twentie thousand baths of oyle.

14-2:11†††† Then Huram King of Tyrus answered in writing which he sent to Salomon, Because the Lorde hath loued his people, he hath made thee King ouer them.

14-2:12†††† Huram sayd moreouer, Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, which made the heauen and the earth, and that hath giuen vnto Dauid the King a wise sonne, that hath discretion, prudence and vnderstanding to buylde an house for the Lorde, and a palace for his kingdome.

14-2:13†††† Now therefore I haue sent a wise man, and of vnderstanding of my father Hurams,

14-2:14†††† The sonne of a woman of the daughters of Dan: and his father was a man of Tyrus, and he can skill to worke in golde, in siluer, in brasse, in yron, in stone, and in timber, in purple, in blue silke, and in fine linen, and in crimosin, and can graue in all grauen workes, and broyder in all broydered worke that shalbe giuen him, with thy cunning men, and with the cunning men of my lord Dauid thy father.

14-2:15†††† Now therefore the wheate and the barley, the oyle and the wine, which my lorde hath spoken of, let him send vnto his seruants.

14-2:16†††† And we wil cut wood in Lebanon as much as thou shalt neede, and will bring it to thee in raftes by the sea to Iapho, so thou mayest cary them to Ierusalem.

14-2:17†††† And Salomon nombred al the strangers that were in the land of Israel, after the nombring that his father Dauid had nombred them: & they were found an hundreth and three & fiftie thousand, and sixe hundreth.

14-2:18†††† And he set seuentie thousande of them to the burden, and fourescore thousande to hewe stones in the mountaine, and three thousande and sixe hundreth ouerseers to cause the people to worke.

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2 Chronicles 3:

Chapter 3:17 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-3:1††††† So Salomon began to buyld the house of the Lord in Ierusalem, in mount Moriah which had bene declared vnto Dauid his father, in the place that Dauid prepared in the thresshing floore of Ornan the Iebusite.

14-3:2††††† And he beganne to buylde in the seconde moneth and the second day, in the fourth yeere of his reigne.

14-3:3††††† And these are the measures, whereon Salomon grounded to buylde the house of God: the length of cubites after the first measure was threescore cubites, & the breadth twenty cubites:

14-3:4††††† And the porch, that was before the length in the front of the breadth was twentie cubits, and the height was an hundreth and twentie, & he ouerlayd it within with pure golde.

14-3:5††††† And the greater house he sieled with firre tree which he ouerlayd with good golde, & graued thereon palme trees and chaines.

14-3:6††††† And hee ouerlayde the house with precious stone for beautie: and the golde was gold of Paruaim.

14-3:7††††† The house, I say, the beames, postes, and walles thereof & the doores thereof ouerlayde he with gold, & graued Cherubims vpon the walles.

14-3:8††††† He made also the house of the most holy place: the length thereof was in the front of the breadth of the house, twenty cubits, & the breadth thereof twentie cubites: and he ouerlayde it with the best golde, of sixe hundreth talents.

14-3:9††††† And the weight of the nayles was fiftie shekels of golde, and hee ouerlayde the chambers with golde.

14-3:10†††† And in the house of the most holy place he made two Cherubims wrought like children, and ouerlayd them with golde.

14-3:11†††† And the winges of the Cherubims were twentie cubites long: the one wing was fiue cubites, reaching to the wall of the house, and the other wing fiue cubites, reaching to the wing of the other Cherub.

14-3:12†††† Likewise the wing of ye other Cherub was fiue cubites, reaching to the wall of the house, & the other wing fiue cubites ioyning to the wing of the other Cherub.

14-3:13†††† The wings of these Cherubims were spread abroade twentie cubites: they stoode on their feete, and their faces were toward the house.

14-3:14†††† He made also the vaile of blew silke & purple, and crimosin, and fine linen, and wrought Cherubims thereon.

14-3:15†††† And he made before the house two pillars of fiue and thirtie cubites hie: and the chapiter that was vpon the top of eche of them, was fiue cubites.

14-3:16†††† He made also chaines for the oracle, and put them on the heads of the pillars, and made an hundreth pomegranates, and put them among the chaines.

14-3:17†††† And he set vp the pillars before the Temple, one on the right hande and the other on the left, and called that on the right hand Iachin, & that on the left hand Boaz.

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2 Chronicles 4:

Chapter 4:22 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-4:1††††† And hee made an altar of brasse twentie cubites long, and twentie cubites broade, and ten cubites hie.

14-4:2††††† And he made a molten Sea of ten cubites from brim to brim, rounde in compasse, and fiue cubites hie: and a line of thirtie cubites did compasse it about.

14-4:3††††† And vnder it was ye facion of oxen, which did compasse it rounde about, tenne in a cubite compassing the Sea about: two rowes of oxen were cast when it was molten.

14-4:4††††† It stoode vpon twelue oxen: three looked toward the North, and three looked towarde the West, and three looked towarde the South, and three looked towarde the East, and the Sea stoode about vpon them, and all their hinder parts were inwarde.

14-4:5††††† And the thickenesse thereof was an hande breadth, & the brim thereof was like the worke of the brim of a cuppe with floures of lilies: it conteined three thousand baths.

14-4:6††††† He made also ten caldrons, and put fiue on the right hand, and fiue on the left, to wash in them, and to clense in them that which apperteined to the burnt offrings: but the Sea was for the Priests to wash in.

14-4:7††††† And he made ten candlestickes of golde (according to their forme) and put them in the Temple, fiue on the right hand, & fiue on the left.

14-4:8††††† And he made ten tables, & put them in the Temple, fiue on the right hand, & fiue on the left: and he made an hundreth basens of golde.

14-4:9††††† And he made the court of the Priests, and the great court and doores for the court, and ouerlayd the doores thereof with brasse.

14-4:10†††† And he set the Sea on the right side Eastward toward the South.

14-4:11†††† And Huram made pottes and besoms and basens, and Huram finished the worke that hee shoulde make for King Salomon for the house of God,

14-4:12†††† To wit, two pillars, and the bowles & the chapiters on the top of ye two pillars, & two grates to couer the two bowles of the chapiters which were vpon the toppe of the pillars:

14-4:13†††† And foure hundreth pomegranates for the two grates, two rowes of pomegranates for euery grate to couer the two bowles of the chapiters, that were vpon the pillars.

14-4:14†††† He made also bases, and made caldrons vpon the bases:

14-4:15†††† And a Sea, and twelue bulles vnder it:

14-4:16†††† Pottes also and besomes, and fleshhookes, and all these vessels made Huram his father, to King Salomon for the house of the Lord, of shining brasse.

14-4:17†††† In the playne of Iorden did the King cast them in clay betweene Succoth & Zeredathah.

14-4:18†††† And Salomon made al these vessels in great abundance: for the weight of brasse could not be rekoned.

14-4:19†††† And Salomon made al the vessels that were for the house of God: the golden altar also & the tables, whereon the shewbread stoode.

14-4:20†††† Moreouer the candlestickes, with their lampes to burne them after the maner, before the oracle, of pure golde.

14-4:21†††† And the floures and the lampes, and the snuffers of gold, which was fine golde.

14-4:22†††† And the hookes, and the basens, and the spoones, and the ashpans of pure golde: the entrie also of the house & doores thereof within, euen of the most holy place: and the doores of the house, to wit, of the Temple were of golde.

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2 Chronicles 5:

Chapter 5:14 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-5:1††††† So was all the worke finished that Salomon made for the house of the Lord, and Salomon brought in the things that Dauid his father had dedicated, with the siluer and the golde, and all the vessels, and put them among the treasures of the house of God.

14-5:2††††† Then Salomon assembled the Elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, the chiefe fathers of the children of Israel vnto Ierusalem to bring vp the Arke of the couenant of the Lorde from the citie of Dauid, which is Zion.

14-5:3††††† And all ye men of Israel assembled vnto the King at the feast: it was in ye seuenth moneth.

14-5:4††††† And all the Elders of Israel came, and the Leuites tooke vp the Arke.

14-5:5††††† And they caried vp the Arke and the Tabernacle of the Congregation: and all the holy vessels that were in the Tabernacle, those did the Priests and Leuites bring vp.

14-5:6††††† And King Salomon & all the Congregation of Israel that were assembled vnto him, were before ye Arke, offring sheepe & bullocks, which could not be told nor nobred for multitude.

14-5:7††††† So the Priests brought the Arke of the couenant of the Lord vnto his place, into the Oracle of the house, into the most Holy place, euen vnder the wings of the Cherubims.

14-5:8††††† For ye Cherubims stretched out their wings ouer the place of the Arke, and the Cherubims couered the Arke and the barres thereof aboue.

14-5:9††††† And they drewe out the barres, that the endes of the barres might bee seene out of the Arke before the Oracle, but they were not seene without: and there they are vnto this day.

14-5:10†††† Nothing was in the Arke, saue the two Tables, which Moses gaue at Horeb, where the Lorde made a couenant with the children of Israel, when they came out of Egypt.

14-5:11†††† And when the Priestes were come out of the Sanctuarie (for all the Priests that were present, were sanctified & did not waite by course.

14-5:12†††† And the Leuites the singers of all sortes, as of Asaph, of Heman, of Ieduthun, and of their sonnes and of their brethren, being clad in fine linen, stoode with cymbales, and with violes and harpes at the East ende of the altar, and with them an hundreth and twentie Priestes blowing with trumpets:

14-5:13†††† And they were as one, blowing trumpets, and singing, and made one sounde to bee heard in praysing and thanking the Lorde, and when they lift vp their voyce with trumpets and with cymbales, and with instruments of musicke, and when they praysed the Lord, singing, For he is good, because his mercie lasteth for euer) then the house, euen the house of the Lorde was filled with a cloude,

14-5:14†††† So that the Priests could not stand to minister, because of the cloude: for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.

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2 Chronicles 6:

Chapter 6:42 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-6:1††††† Then Salomon sayd, The Lord hath sayde that he would dwell in the darke cloude:

14-6:2††††† And I haue built thee an house to dwell in, an habitation for thee to dwell in for euer.

14-6:3††††† And the King turned his face, and blessed all the Congregation of Israel (for all the Congregation of Israel stoode there )

14-6:4††††† And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who spake with his mouth vnto Dauid my father, & hath with his hand fulfilled it, saying,

14-6:5††††† Since the day that I brought my people out of the land of Egypt, I chose no citie of al the tribes of Israel to buylde an house, that my Name might be there, neyther chose I any man to be a ruler ouer my people Israel:

14-6:6††††† But I haue chosen Ierusalem, that my Name might be there, & haue chosen Dauid to be ouer my people Israel.

14-6:7††††† And it was in the heart of Dauid my father to builde an house vnto the Name of the Lord God of Israel,

14-6:8††††† But the Lorde sayde to Dauid my father, Whereas it was in thine heart to buylde an house vnto my Name, thou diddest well, that thou wast so minded.

14-6:9††††† Notwithstanding thou shalt not build the house, but thy sonne which shall come out of thy loynes, he shall buylde an house vnto my Name.

14-6:10†††† And the Lorde hath performed his worde that he spake: and I am risen vp in the roume of Dauid my father, and am set on the throne of Israel as the Lord promised, & haue built an house to the Name of the Lord God of Israel.

14-6:11†††† And I haue set the Arke there, wherein is the couenant of the Lorde, that he made with the children of Israel.

14-6:12†††† And the King stoode before the altar of the Lord, in the presence of all the Congregation of Israel, and stretched out his hands,

14-6:13†††† (For Salomon had made a brasen skaffold and set it in the middes of the court, of fiue cubites long, and fiue cubites broade, and three cubites of height, and vpon it he stoode, and kneeled downe vpon his knees before all the Congregation of Israel, and stretched out his hands toward heauen)

14-6:14†††† And sayd, O Lord God of Israel, there is no God like thee in heauen nor in earth, which keepest couenant, and mercie vnto thy seruants, that walke before thee with all their heart.

14-6:15†††† Thou that hast kept with thy seruant Dauid my father, that thou hast promised him: for thou spakest with thy mouth, and hast fulfilled it with thine hand, as appeareth this day.

14-6:16†††† Therefore now Lord God of Israel, keepe with thy seruant Dauid my father, that thou hast promised him, saying, Thou shalt not want a man in my sight, that shall sit vpon the throne of Israel: so that thy sonnes take heede to their wayes, to walke in my Lawe, as thou hast walked before me.

14-6:17†††† And now, O Lorde God of Israel, let thy worde be verified, which thou spakest vnto thy seruant Dauid.

14-6:18†††† (Is it true in deede that God will dwell with man on earth? beholde, the heauens, and the heauens of heauens are not able to conteine thee: how much more vnable is this house, which I haue buylt?)

14-6:19†††† But haue thou respect to the prayer of thy seruant, and to his supplication, O Lord my God, to heare the crye and prayer which thy seruant prayeth before thee,

14-6:20†††† That thine eyes may be open toward this house day & night, euen toward the place, whereof thou hast sayde, that thou wouldest put thy Name there, that thou mayest hearken vnto the prayer, which thy seruant prayeth in this place.

14-6:21†††† Heare thou therefore the supplication of thy seruant, and of thy people Israel, which they pray in this place: and heare thou in the place of thine habitation, euen in heauen, and when thou hearest, be mercifull.

14-6:22†††† When a man shall sinne against his neighbour, and he laye vpon him an othe to cause him to sweare, and the swearer shal come before thine altar in this house,

14-6:23†††† Then heare thou in heauen, and doe, and iudge thy seruants, in recompensing the wicked to bring his way vpon his head, and in iustifying the righteous, to giue him according to his righteousnes.

14-6:24†††† And when thy people Israel shalbe ouerthrowen before the enemie, because they haue sinned against thee, and turne againe, and confesse thy Name, and pray, and make supplication before thee in this house,

14-6:25†††† Then heare thou in heauen, and be mercifull vnto the sinne of thy people Israel, and bring them againe vnto the land which thou gauest to them and to their fathers.

14-6:26†††† When heauen shall be shut vp, and there shalbe no rayne, because they haue sinned against thee, and shall pray in this place, and confesse thy Name, and turne from their sinne, when thou doest afflict them,

14-6:27†††† Then heare thou in heauen, and pardon the sinne of thy seruants, and of thy people Israel (when thou hast taught them the good way wherein they may walke) and giue rayne vpon thy lande, which thou hast giuen vnto thy people for an inheritance.

14-6:28†††† When there shalbe famine in the land, when there shalbe pestilence, blasting, or mildew, when there shall be grashopper, or caterpiller, when their enemie shall besiege them in the cities of their land, or any plague or any sickenesse,

14-6:29†††† Then what prayer and supplication so euer shalbe made of any man, or of all thy people Israel, whe euery one shall knowe his owne plague, and his owne disease, and shall stretch forth his hands toward this house,

14-6:30†††† Heare thou then in heauen, thy dwelling place, and be merciful, and giue euery man according vnto all his wayes, as thou doest knowe his heart (for thou onely knowest the hearts of the children of men)

14-6:31†††† That they may feare thee, and walke in thy wayes as long as they liue in the land which thou gauest vnto our fathers.

14-6:32†††† Moreouer, as touching ye stranger which is not of thy people Israel, who shall come out of a farre countrey for thy great Names sake, and thy mighty hande, and thy stretched out arme: when they shal come and pray in this house,

14-6:33†††† Heare thou in heauen thy dwelling place, and doe according to all that the stranger calleth for vnto thee, that all the people of the earth may knowe thy Name, and feare thee like thy people Israel, and that they may knowe, that thy Name is called vpon in this house which I haue built.

14-6:34†††† When thy people shall goe out to battell against their enemies, by the way that thou shalt send them, and they pray to thee, in the way towarde this citie, which thou hast chosen, euen toward the house which I haue built to thy Name,

14-6:35†††† Then heare thou in heauen their prayer & their supplication, and iudge their cause.

14-6:36†††† If they sinne against thee ( for there is no man that sinneth not) and thou be angry with them and deliuer them vnto the enemies, and they take them and cary them away captiue vnto a land farre or neere,

14-6:37†††† If they turne againe to their heart in the lande whither they be caryed in captiues, and turne and pray vnto thee in the lande of their captiuitie, saying, We haue sinned, we haue transgressed and haue done wickedly,

14-6:38†††† If they turne againe to thee with all their heart, and with all their soule in the land of their captiuitie, whither they haue caryed them captiues, and pray toward their land, which thou gauest vnto their fathers, & toward the citie which thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I haue built for thy Name,

14-6:39†††† Then heare thou in heauen, in the place of thine habitation their prayer and their supplication, and iudge their cause, and be mercifull vnto thy people, which haue sinned against thee.

14-6:40†††† Nowe my God, I beseech thee, let thine eyes be open, & thine eares attent vnto the prayer that is made in this place.

14-6:41†††† Nowe therefore arise, O Lorde God, to come into thy rest, thou, and the Arke of thy strength: O Lorde God, let thy Priestes be clothed with saluation, and let thy Saints reioyce in goodnesse.

14-6:42†††† O Lord God, refuse not the face of thine anoynted: remember the mercies promised to Dauid thy seruant.

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2 Chronicles 7:

Chapter 7:22 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-7:1††††† And when Salomon had made an ende of praying, fire came downe from heauen, and consumed the burnt offring and the sacrifices: and the glory of the Lord filled the house,

14-7:2††††† So that the Priestes could not euter into the house of the Lorde, because the glory of the Lord had filled the Lordes house.

14-7:3††††† And when all the children of Israel saw the fire, and the glory of the Lord come downe vpon the house, they bowed themselues with their faces to the earth vpon the pauement, and worshipped and praysed the Lord, saying, For he is good, because his mercy lasteth for euer.

14-7:4††††† Then the King and all the people offred sacrifices before the Lord.

14-7:5††††† And King Salomon offered a sacrifice of two and twentie thousand bullockes, and an hundreth and twentie thousand sheepe. so the King and all the people dedicated the house of God.

14-7:6††††† And the Priests waited on their offices, and the Leuites with the instruments of musicke of the Lorde, which King Dauid had made to praise the Lord, Because his mercy lasteth for euer: whe Dauid praysed God by them, the Priestes also blewe trumpets ouer against them: and all they of Israel stoode by.

14-7:7††††† Moreouer Salomon halowed the middle of the court that was before the house of the Lord: for there hee had prepared burnt offerings, and the fatte of the peace offerings, because the brasen altar which Salomon had made, was not able to receiue the burnt offering, and the meate offring, and the fat.

14-7:8††††† And Salomon made a feast at that time of seuen dayes, and all Israel with him, a very great Congregation, from the entring in of Hamath, vnto the riuer of Egypt.

14-7:9††††† And in the eight day they made a solemne assemblie: for they had made the dedication of the altar seuen daies, and the feast seuen dayes.

14-7:10†††† And the three and twentieth day of the seuenth moneth, he sent the people away into their tentes, ioyous and with glad heart, because of the goodnesse that the Lorde had done for Dauid and for Salomon, & for Israel his people.

14-7:11†††† So Salomon finished the house of the Lorde, and the Kings house, and all that came into Salomons heart to make in the house of the Lorde: and he prospered in his house.

14-7:12†††† And the Lord appeared to Salomon by night and said to him, I haue heard thy prayer, and haue chosen this place for my selfe to be an house of sacrifice.

14-7:13†††† If I shut the heauen that there be no raine, or if I commaunde the grashopper to deuoure the lande, or if I sende pestilence among my people,

14-7:14†††† If my people, among whome my Name is called vpon, doe humble them selues, and praye, and seeke my presence, and turne from their wicked wayes, then will I heare in heauen, and be mercifull to their sinne, & wil heale their land:

14-7:15†††† Then mine eies shalbe open & mine eares attent vnto the prayer made in this place.

14-7:16†††† For I haue nowe chosen and sanctified this house, that my Name may be there for euer: and mine eyes & mine heart shalbe there perpetually.

14-7:17†††† And if thou wilt walke before me, as Dauid thy father walked, to doe according vnto all that I haue commanded thee, and shalt obserue my statutes and my iudgements,

14-7:18†††† Then will I stablish the throne of thy kingdome, according as I made the couenant with Dauid thy father, saying, Thou shalt not want a man to be ruler in Israel.

14-7:19†††† But if ye turne away, and forsake my statutes and my commandements which I haue set before you, and shall goe and serue other gods, and worshippe them,

14-7:20†††† Then will I plucke them vp out of my lande, which I haue giuen them, and this house which I haue sanctified for my Name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a prouerbe and a common talke among all people.

14-7:21†††† And this house which is most hie, shall be an astonishment to euery one that passeth by it, so that he shall say, Why hath the Lorde done thus to this lande, and to this house?

14-7:22†††† And they shall answere, Because they forsooke the Lorde God of their fathers, which brought them out of the lande of Egypt, and haue taken holde on other gods, and haue worshipped them, and serued them, therefore hath he brought all this euill vpon them.

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2 Chronicles 8:

Chapter 8:18 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-8:1††††† And after twentie yeere when Salomon had built the house of the Lorde, and his owne house,

14-8:2††††† Then Salomon built the cities that Huram gaue to Salomon, and caused the children of Israel to dwell there.

14-8:3††††† And Salomon went to Hamath Zobah, and ouercame it.

14-8:4††††† And he built Tadmor in the wildernesse, and repayred all the cities of store which hee built in Hamath.

14-8:5††††† And he built Beth-horon the vpper, and Beth-horon the nether, cities defensed with walles, gates and barres:

14-8:6††††† Also Baalath, and al the cities of store that Salomon had, and all the charet cities, and the cities of the horsemen, and euery pleasaunt place that Salomon had a minde to builde in Ierusalem, and in Lebanon, and throughout all the lande of his dominion.

14-8:7††††† And all the people that were left to ye Hittites, and ye Amorites, and Perizzites, and the Hiuuites, and the Iebusites, which were not of Israel,

14-8:8††††† But of their children which were left after them in the lande, whome the children of Israel had not consumed, euen them did Salomon make tributaries vntill this day.

14-8:9††††† But of the children of Israel did Salomon make no seruantes for his worke: for they were men of warre, and his chiefe princes, and the captaines of his charets and of his horsemen.

14-8:10†††† So these were the chiefe of the officers which Salomon had, euen two hundreth and fiftie that bare rule ouer the people.

14-8:11†††† Then Salomon brought vp the daughter of Pharaoh out of the citie of Dauid, into the house that he had built for her: for he saide, My wife shall not dwel in the house of Dauid King of Israel: for it is holy, because that the Arke of the Lorde came vnto it.

14-8:12†††† Then Salomon offered burnt offrings vnto the Lord, on the altar of the Lorde, which he had built before the porche,

14-8:13†††† To offer according to the commandement of Moses euery day, in the Sabbaths, and in the newe moones, and in the solemne feastes, three times in the yeere, that is, in the feast of the Vnleauened bread, and in the feast of the Weekes, and in the feast of the Tabernacles.

14-8:14†††† And he set the courses of the Priestes to their offices, according to the order of Dauid his father, and the Leuites in their watches, for to praise and minister before the Priestes euery day, and the porters by their courses, at euery gate: for so was the commandement of Dauid the man of God.

14-8:15†††† And they declined not from the commandement of the King, concerning the Priests and the Leuites, touching al things, and touching the treasures.

14-8:16†††† Nowe Salomon had made prouision for all the worke, from the day of the foundation of the house of the Lord, vntill it was finished: so the house of the Lord was perfite.

14-8:17†††† Then went Salomon to Ezion-geber, and to Eloth by the sea side in the lande of Edom.

14-8:18†††† And Huram sent him by the handes of his seruants, shippes, and seruants that had knowledge of the sea: and they went with the seruants of Salomon to Ophir, and brought thence foure hundreth and fiftie talents of golde, and brought them to King Salomon.

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2 Chronicles 9:

Chapter 9:31 Verses

14 2 Chronicles

(Geneva 1587) .

14-9:1††††† And when the Queene of Sheba heard of the fame of Salomon, she came to proue Salomon with hard questions at Ierusalem, with a very great traine, and camels that bare sweete odours and much golde, and precious stones: and when she came to Salomon, she communed with him of all that was in her heart.

14-9:2††††† And Salomon declared her all her questions, and there was nothing hid from Salomon, which he declared not vnto her.

14-9:3††††† Then the Queene of Sheba sawe the wisedome of Salomon, and the house that he had buylt,

14-9:4††††† And the meate of his table, and the sitting of his seruants, and the order of his wayters, and their apparel, and his butlers, and their apparel, & his burnt offrings which he offred in the house of the Lorde, and she was greatly astonied.

14-9:5††††† And she saide to the King, It was a true worde which I heard in mine owne lande of thy sayings, and of thy wisedome:

14-9:6††††† Howbeit I beleeued not their report, vntil I came, and mine eyes had seene it: & beholde, the one halfe of thy great wisedom was not told me: for thou exceedest the fame that I heard.

14-9:7††††† Happie are thy men, and happie are these thy seruants, which stande before thee alway, and heare thy wisedome.

14-9:8††††† Blessed be the Lord thy God, which loued thee, to set thee on his throne as King, in the steade of the Lorde thy God: because thy God loueth Israel, to establish it for euer, therefore hath he made thee King ouer them, to execute iudgement and iustice.

14-9:9††††† Then she gaue the King sixe score talents of golde, and of sweete odours exceeding much & precious stones: neither was there such sweete odours since, as the Queene of Sheba gaue vnto King Salomon.

14-9:10†††† And the seruants also of Huram, and the seruants of Salomon which brought golde from Ophir, brought Algummim wood and precious stones.

14-9:11†††† And the King made of the Algummim wood staires in the house of the Lorde, and in the Kings house, and harpes and violes for singers: and there was no such seene before in the lande of Iudah.

14-9:12†††† And King Salomon gaue to the Queene of Sheba euery pleasant thing that she asked, besides for that which she had brought vnto the King: so she returned and went to her owne countrey, both she, and her seruants.

14-9:13†††† Also the weight of golde that came to Salomon in one yeere, was sixe hundreth three score and sixe talents of golde,

14-9:14†††† Besides that which chapmen and marchants brought: and all the Kings of Arabia, and the princes of the countrey brought golde and siluer to Salomon.

14-9:15†††† And King Salomon made two hundreth targets of beaten golde, and sixe hundreth shekels of beaten golde went to one target,

14-9:16†††† And three hundreth shieldes of beaten golde: three hundreth shekels of golde went to one shielde, and the King put them in the house of the wood of Lebanon.

14-9:17†††† And the King made a great throne of yuorie and ouerlaid it with pure golde.

14-9:18†††† And the throne had sixe steppes, with a footestoole of gold fastened to the throne, and stayes on either side on the place of the seate, and two lyons standing by the stayes.

14-9:19†††† And twelue lyons stoode there on the sixe steps on either side: there was not the like made