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Philemon 1:  

Chapter 1:25 Verses  

57 Philemon  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

57-1:1      Paul a prisoner of Iesus Christ, and brother Timotheus: Unto Philemo the beloued, and our felowe labourer,  

57-1:2      And to the beloued Apphia, and to Archippus our felowe souldier, and to the Churche in thy house:  

57-1:3      Grace to you, and peace from God our father, and the Lorde Iesus Christ.  

57-1:4      I thanke my God, makyng mention alwayes of thee in my prayers,  

57-1:5      Hearyng of thy loue and fayth, which thou hast towarde the Lorde Iesus, and towarde all saintes:  

57-1:6      That the felowshippe of thy fayth may be effectuall in the knowledge of euery good [worke] which is in you, towarde Christe Iesus.  

57-1:7      For we haue great ioy & consolation in thy loue, because the bowels of the saintes are refresshed by thee, brother.  

57-1:8      Wherfore, though I myght be much bolde in Christe, to inioyne thee that which is conuenient:  

57-1:9      Yet for loues sake, I rather beseche thee, beyng such a one as Paul the aged, & nowe also a prisoner of Iesus Christe.  

57-1:10     I beseche thee for my sonne Onesimus, whom I haue begotten in my bondes:  

57-1:11     Which in tyme passed, was to thee vnprofitable, but nowe profitable to thee and to me.  

57-1:12     Whom I haue sent agayne: Thou therefore receaue hym, that is, myne owne bowels,  

57-1:13     Whom I woulde haue retayned with me, that in thy steade he myght haue ministred vnto me in the bondes of the Gospell:  

57-1:14     But without thy mynde woulde I do nothyng, that thy benefite shoulde not be as it were of necessitie, but willingly.  

57-1:15     For happyly he therfore departed for a season, that thou shouldest receaue hym for euer:  

57-1:16     Not nowe as a seruaunt, but aboue a seruaunt, a brother beloued, specially to me: but howe much more vnto thee, both in the fleshe, and in the Lorde?  

57-1:17     If thou count me therfore a felowe, receaue hym as my selfe.  

57-1:18     If he haue iniuried, or oweth [thee ought] that lay to my charge.  

57-1:19     I Paul haue written it with myne owne hande, I wyll recompence it: Albeit, I do not say to thee, howe that thou owest vnto me euen thyne owne selfe.  

57-1:20     Yea brother, let me enioy this pleasure of thee in the Lorde: Comfort my bowels in the Lorde.  

57-1:21     Trustyng in thine obedience, I wrote vnto thee, knowyng, that thou wilt also do more then I say.  

57-1:22     Moreouer, prepare me also a lodgyng: for I trust that through your prayers, I shalbe geuen vnto you.  

57-1:23     There salute thee Epaphras, my felowe prisoner in Christe Iesus.  

57-1:24     Marcus, Aristarcus, Demas, Lucas, my felowe labourers.  

57-1:25     The grace of our Lorde Iesus Christ [be] with your spirite. Amen. [Written from Rome, by Onesimus a seruaunt.]  





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