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1 Timothy  


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1 Timothy 1:  

Chapter 1:20 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-1:1      Paul an Apostle of Iesus Christ, by the commission of God our sauiour, and Lorde Iesus Christe [whiche is] our hope,  

54-1:2      Unto Timothie a natural sonne in the faith: Grace, mercie [and] peace from God our father and Iesus Christe our Lorde.  

54-1:3      As I besought thee to abyde styll in Ephesus, when I departed into Macedonia [so do] that thou comaunde some that they teache no other doctrine:  

54-1:4      Neither geue heede to fables and endlesse genealogies, whiche breede questions, more then godly edifying which is in fayth.  

54-1:5      But the ende of the commaundement, is loue out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, & of fayth vnfaigned.  

54-1:6      From the whiche thynges, some hauyng erred, haue tourned vnto vayne ianglyng:  

54-1:7      Couetyng to be doctours of the lawe, not vnderstandyng what they speake, neither wherof they affirme.  

54-1:8      But we knowe that the lawe is good, yf a man vse it lawfully:  

54-1:9      Knowyng this, that the lawe is not geuen vnto a ryghteous man, but vnto the lawlesse and disobedient, to the vngodly and to sinners, to vnholy and vncleane, to murtherers of fathers & murtherers of mothers, to manslears,  

54-1:10     To whoremongers, to them that defyle them selues with mankynde, to manstealers, to lyers, to periured, and yf there be any other thyng that is contrarie to wholsome doctrine:  

54-1:11     Accordyng to the Gospell of glorie of the blessed God, whiche is committed vnto me.  

54-1:12     And I thanke Christ Iesus our Lord whiche hath made me strong: For he counted me faythfull, puttyng [me] into the ministerie,  

54-1:13     Beyng a blasphemer, and a persecuter, and an oppressour: But yet I obtayned mercie, because I dyd it ignorauntly in vnbeliefe.  

54-1:14     Neuerthelesse, the grace of our Lorde was exceedyng aboundaunt, with faith and loue, which is in Christe Iesus.  

54-1:15     This is a faythfull saying, and by all meanes worthy to be receaued, that Christe Iesus came into the worlde to saue synners, of whom I am chiefe.  

54-1:16     Notwithstandyng, for this cause was mercie shewed vnto me, that in me the first, Iesus Christe myght shewe all long sufferyng, to the example of them which shoulde beleue on hym to lyfe euerlastyng.  

54-1:17     Nowe, vnto the kyng euerlastyng, immortall, inuisible, vnto God onlye wise [be] honour and glorie for euer and euer, Amen.  

54-1:18     This commaundement commit I vnto thee sonne Timotheus, accordyng to the prophesies which went before vpon thee, that thou in them shouldest fyght a good fyght:  

54-1:19     Hauyng fayth and good conscience, which some hauyng put awaye as concernyng fayth, haue made shipwracke.  

54-1:20     Of whom is Hymeneus and Alexander, whom I haue delyuered vnto Satan, that they maye learne not to blaspheme.  





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1 Timothy 2:  

Chapter 2:15 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-2:1      I exhort therefore, that firste of all, prayers, supplications, intercessios and geuynge of thankes be made for all men:  

54-2:2      For kynges, and for all that are in auctoritie, that we maye leade a quiete and peaceable lyfe, in all godlynesse and honestie.  

54-2:3      For that is good and accepted in the syght of God our sauiour,  

54-2:4      Who wyll haue all men to be saued, and to come vnto the knowledge of the trueth.  

54-2:5      For [there is] one God, and one mediatour of God and men, the man Christe Iesus:  

54-2:6      Who gaue him selfe a raunsome for all, a testimonie in due tymes.  

54-2:7      Wherevnto I am ordeined a preacher and an apostle (I tell the trueth in Christe, and lye not) a teacher of the gentiles in fayth and veritie.  

54-2:8      I wyll therefore, that the men praye euerywhere, lyftyng vp holy handes, without wrath and reasonyng.  

54-2:9      Lykewyse also the women, that they araye them selues in comely apparell, with shamefastnesse, and discrete behauiour, not in brayded heere, either golde or pearles, or costly aray:  

54-2:10     But (that becommeth women professyng godlynesse) through good workes.  

54-2:11     Let the woman learne in scilence in all subiection.  

54-2:12     But I suffer not a woman to teache, neither to vsurpe auctoritie ouer ye man, but to be in scilence.  

54-2:13     For Adam was first fourmed, then Eue.  

54-2:14     And Adam was not deceaued: but the woman beyng deceaued, was in the transgression.  

54-2:15     Notwithstandyng through bearyng of chyldren she shalbe saued, yf they continue in fayth and loue, and holynesse, with modestie.  





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1 Timothy 3:  

Chapter 3:16 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-3:1      This is a faithful saying: Yf a man desire ye office of a bishop, he desireth a good worke.  

54-3:2      A bishop therfore must be blamelesse, the husband of one wyfe, watchyng, sober, comely apparelled, a louer of hospitalitie, apt to teache,  

54-3:3      Not geuen to ouermuch wine, no striker, not greedy of fylthy lucre: but gentle, abhorryng fyghtyng, abhorryng couetousnesse:  

54-3:4      One that ruleth well his owne house, hauyng chyldren in subiection, with all grauitie.  

54-3:5      For yf a man knowe not to rule his owne house, howe shall he care for the Churche of God?  

54-3:6      Not a young scoler, lest he, beyng puffed vp, fall into the condempnation of the deuyll.  

54-3:7      He must also haue a good report of the which are without, lest he fall into the rebuke and snare of the deuyll.  

54-3:8      Likewise must ye ministers be graue, not double tongued, not geuen to much wine, neither greedy of fylthy lucre:  

54-3:9      Holdyng the misterie of the fayth in a pure conscience.  

54-3:10     And let them first be proued, then let them minister, beyng blamelesse.  

54-3:11     Euen so must their wyues be graue, not euyll speakers, sober, faythfull in all thynges.  

54-3:12     Let the deacons be the husbandes of one wife, and such as can rule their children well, and their owne housholdes.  

54-3:13     For they that haue ministred well, get them selues a good degree, and great libertie in the fayth [whiche is] in Christe Iesus.  

54-3:14     These thynges write I vnto thee, hopyng to come shortly vnto thee:  

54-3:15     But yf I tary long, that thou mayest knowe howe thou oughtest to behaue thy selfe in the house of God, whiche is the Church of the lyuyng God, the pyller and grounde of trueth.  

54-3:16     And without doubt, great is that misterie of godlynesse: God was shewed in the flesshe, was iustified in the spirite, was seene among the angels, was preached vnto the gentiles, was beleued on in the worlde, and was receaued vp in glorie.  





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1 Timothy 4:  

Chapter 4:16 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-4:1      Nowe the spirite speaketh euidently, that in the latter tymes some shall depart from the fayth, geuing heede vnto spirites of errour, & doctrines of deuyls,  

54-4:2      Which speake false in hypocrisie, hauyng their conscience seared with an hotte iron:  

54-4:3      Forbidding to marrie [& commaunding] to abstayne from meates whiche God hath created to be receaued with geuing thankes, of them whiche beleue, and knowe the trueth.  

54-4:4      For euery creature of God [is] good, and nothyng to be refused, yf it be receaued with thankes geuyng.  

54-4:5      For it is sanctified by the worde of God and prayer.  

54-4:6      Yf thou put the brethren in remembraunce of these thynges, thou shalt be a good minister of Iesus Christ, which hast ben norysshed vp in the wordes of fayth and of good doctrine, which thou hast continually folowed.  

54-4:7      But cast away prophane & old wiues fables: Exercise thy selfe rather vnto godlynesse.  

54-4:8      For bodyly exercise profiteth litle: but godlinesse is profitable vnto all thinges, hauing promise of the lyfe that is nowe, and of that which is to come.  

54-4:9      [This is] a sure saying, & by all meanes worthy to be receaued.  

54-4:10     For therfore we both labour, and suffer rebuke, because we haue hoped in the lyuyng God, whiche is the sauiour of all men, specially of those that beleue.  

54-4:11     These thynges commaunde & teache.  

54-4:12     Let no man despise thy youth: but be thou a paterne of the beleuers, in worde, in conuersation, in loue, in spirite, in fayth, in chastitie.  

54-4:13     Tyll I come geue attendaunce to readyng, to exhortation, to doctrine.  

54-4:14     Despise not the gyfte that is in thee, which was geuen thee through prophesie, with the laying on of handes by the auctoritie of the eldership.  

54-4:15     Haue a care of these thinges, and geue thy selfe vnto them, that it may be seene howe thou profitest in all thynges.  

54-4:16     Take heede vnto thy selfe, and vnto doctrine, and continue therein: For in doying this, thou shalt both saue thy selfe, and them that heare thee.  





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1 Timothy 5:  

Chapter 5:25 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-5:1      Rebuke not an elder, but exhort him as a father, the younger men as brethren,  

54-5:2      The elder women as mothers, the younger as sisters, in all chastitie.  

54-5:3      Honour wydowes, whiche are wydowes in deede.  

54-5:4      But yf any wydowe haue chyldren or nephewes, let them learne first to rule their owne houses godly, and to recompence also their elder kynsefolkes: for that is good and acceptable before God.  

54-5:5      And she that is a wydowe in deede, and left alone, hopeth in God, and continueth in supplications and prayers nyght and day.  

54-5:6      But she that liueth in pleasure, is dead beyng alyue.  

54-5:7      And these thynges commaunde, that they may be blamelesse.  

54-5:8      But if any prouide not for his owne, and specially for them of his housholde, he hath denyed the fayth, and is worse then an infidell.  

54-5:9      Let not a wydowe be chosen vnder three score yeres olde, hauyng ben the wyfe of one man.  

54-5:10     And well reported of in good workes, yf she haue brought vp chyldren, yf she haue lodged straungers, yf she haue wasshed the saintes feete, yf she haue ministred vnto them that were in aduersitie, yf she haue ben continually geuen to euery good worke.  

54-5:11     But the yonger wydowes refuse: For whe they haue begun to waxe wanton agaynst Christe, they wyll marrie:  

54-5:12     Hauyng dampnation, because they haue cast away their first fayth.  

54-5:13     They learne to wander about from house to house idle: yea not idle only, but also tatlers and busybodies, speakyng thynges which are not comely.  

54-5:14     I wyll therefore that the yonger women do marrie, to beare chyldren, to guyde the house, to geue none occasion to ye aduersarie to speake slaunderously.  

54-5:15     For certaine of them are alredy turned backe after Satan.  

54-5:16     Yf any man or woman that beleueth haue wydowes, let them susteine them, & let not the Churches be charged, that there maye be sufficient for them that are wydowes in deede.  

54-5:17     The elders that rule well are worthy of double honour, most speciallye they which labour in the worde & teachyng.  

54-5:18     For the scripture sayth: Thou shalt not moosel the oxe that treadeth out the corne: And, the labourer is worthy of his rewarde.  

54-5:19     Agaynst an elder receaue none accusation, but vnder two or three witnesses.  

54-5:20     Them that sinne, rebuke before all, that other also may feare.  

54-5:21     I testifie before God, and the Lorde Iesus Christe, and the elect angels, that thou obserue these thinges without hastynesse of iudgement, and do nothyng after parcialitie.  

54-5:22     Lay handes sodenly on no man, neither be partaker of other mens sinnes. Kepe thy selfe chaste.  

54-5:23     Drinke no longer water, but vse a litle wine for thy stomackes sake & thine often diseases.  

54-5:24     Some mens sinnes are open beforehande, hastyng before vnto iudgement, and in some they folowe after.  

54-5:25     Lykewise also, good workes are manifest before hande, and they that are otherwyse can not be hyd.  





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1 Timothy 6:  

Chapter 6:21 Verses  

54 1 Timothy  

(K.J.V. 1611) .  

54-6:1      Let as many seruauntes as are vnder the yoke, count their maisters worthy of all honour, that the name of god and his doctrine be not blasphemed.  

54-6:2      And they whiche haue beleuyng maisters, despise them not because they are brethren: but rather do seruice, forasmuch as they are beleuyng and beloued and partakers of the benefite. These thynges teache and exhort.  

54-6:3      Yf any man teache otherwyse, and consenteth not vnto the wholsome wordes of our Lorde Iesus Christe, and to the doctrine whiche is accordyng to godlynesse:  

54-6:4      He is puft vp, knowyng nothing, but dotyng about questions and strifes of wordes, wherof commeth enuie, stryfe, raylynges, euyll surmysynges,  

54-6:5      Uayne disputations of men of corrupte myndes, destitute of the trueth, thynkyng lucre to be godlynesse. From suche be thou separate.  

54-6:6      Godlynesse is great lucre, if a man be content with that he hath.  

54-6:7      For we brought nothyng into the worlde, and it is certayne that we may carry nought away.  

54-6:8      But hauyng foode and rayment, we must therwith be content.  

54-6:9      For they that wyll be riche, fall into temptations and snares, and into many folishe & noysome lustes, which drowne men in perdition and destruction.  

54-6:10     For loue of money, is the roote of all euyll, whiche whyle some lusted after, they erred from the fayth, & pearced the selues through with many sorowes.  

54-6:11     But thou O man of God, flee these thynges, and folow after righteousnes, godlynes, faith, loue, pacience, mekenes.  

54-6:12     Fight the good fight of faith, lay hand on eternall lyfe, wherevnto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.  

54-6:13     I geue thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all thynges, and before Iesus Christe, which vnder Pontius Pilate witnessed a good profession,  

54-6:14     That thou kepe the commaundement without spot, vnrebukeable, vntyll the appearyng of our Lorde Iesus Christ:  

54-6:15     Which in his tymes he shall shewe that is blessed and prince only, the kyng of kynges, and Lorde of Lordes,  

54-6:16     Who only hath immortalitie, dwelling in the light that no man can attayne vnto, Whom no man hath seene, neither can see, vnto whom be honour & power euerlastyng. Amen.  

54-6:17     Charge them which are riche in this world, that they be not hie minded, nor trust in vncertayne riches: but in ye lyuyng God, which geueth vs aboundauntly all thinges to enioy:  

54-6:18     That they do good, that they be riche in good workes, that they be redye to geue, glad to distribute:  

54-6:19     Laying vp in store for them selues a good foundation agaynst the tyme to come, that they may lay holde on eternall lyfe.  

54-6:20     O Timotheus, saue that which is geuen thee to kepe, auoydyng prophane [and] vayne bablynges, and oppositions of science, falslie so called:  

54-6:21     Which some professyng, haue erred concernyng the fayth. Grace [be] with thee. Amen. [Sent from Laodicea, which is the chiefest citie of Phrygia Pacaciana.]  





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