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Galatians 1:  

Chapter 1:24 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-1:1      Paul an Apostle, not of men, neither by man: but by Iesus Christe, and by God the father, which raysed hym vp from death:  

48-1:2      And all the brethren which are with me. Unto ye Churches of Galacia:  

48-1:3      Grace [be] with you, and peace from God the father, and from our Lorde Iesus Christe:  

48-1:4      Which gaue hym selfe for our sinnes, to deliuer vs from this present euyll worlde, accordyng to the wyll of God, and our father:  

48-1:5      To whom be glory for euer and euer. Amen.  

48-1:6      I maruayle, that ye are so soone turned from him that had called you in the grace of Christe, vnto another Gospell:  

48-1:7      Which is not another [Gospel] but that there be some which trouble you, and intende to peruert the Gospel of Christ.  

48-1:8      Neuerthelesse, though we, or an Angel from heauen, preache any other Gospel vnto you, then that which we haue preached vnto you, let hym be accursed.  

48-1:9      As we sayde before, so say I nowe agayne, yf any man preache any other Gospell vnto you, then that ye haue receaued, let hym be accursed.  

48-1:10     Do I nowe perswade men, or God? Other do I seke to please men? For yf I shoulde yet please men, I were not the seruaunt of Christe.  

48-1:11     I certifie you brethren, that the Gospell which was preached of me, was not after man.  

48-1:12     For I neither receaued it of man, neither was I taught [it] but by the reuelation of Iesus Christe.  

48-1:13     For ye haue hearde of my conuersation in tyme past in the Iewes religion, howe that beyonde measure I persecuted the Churche of God, & spoyled it:  

48-1:14     And profited in the Iewes religion, aboue many of my companions in mine owne nation, beyng a very feruent maynteyner of the traditions of my fathers.  

48-1:15     But when it pleased God, which seperated me from my mothers wombe, & called [me] by his grace,  

48-1:16     To reueale his sonne by me, that I shoulde by the Gospell preache hym among the Heathen: immediatly I communed not with fleshe and blood:  

48-1:17     Neither returned to Hierusalem, to them which were Apostles before me: but went my wayes into Arabia, and came agayne vnto Damascus.  

48-1:18     Then after three yeres, I returned to Hierusale to see Peter, and abode with hym fyfteene dayes.  

48-1:19     But other of the Apostles sawe I none, saue Iames the Lordes brother.  

48-1:20     The thynges therfore which I write vnto you, beholde, before God I lie not.  

48-1:21     Afterwarde, I came into the coastes of Syria & Cilicia,  

48-1:22     and was vnknowen in face vnto the Churches of Iurie, which were in Christe.  

48-1:23     But they had hearde only, that he which persecuted vs in tyme past, nowe preacheth the fayth, which before he destroyed.  

48-1:24     And they glorified God in me.  





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Galatians 2:  

Chapter 2:21 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-2:1      Then fourteene yeres after, I went vp agayne to Hierusalem with Barnabas, and toke Titus with me.  

48-2:2      I went vp also by reuelation, & I declared vnto them the Gospel which I preache among the gentiles: but priuately, with them which were the chiefe, lest by any meanes, I shoulde runne or had runne in vayne.  

48-2:3      But neither Titus which was with me, beyng a Greke, was compelled to be circumcised,  

48-2:4      And that because of incommers, being false brethren, which came in priuily, to spye out our libertie which we haue in Christe Iesu, that they myght bryng vs into bondage.  

48-2:5      To whom, no not for an houre, we gaue place by subiection, that the trueth of the Gospel might continue with you.  

48-2:6      Of them which seemed to be somewhat (what they were in time passed, it maketh no matter to me, God accepteth no mans person) for they which seemed chiefe, added nothyng [to me.]  

48-2:7      But contrary wyse, when they sawe that the Gospell of the vncircumcision was committed vnto me, as the Gospel of the circumcision was committed vnto Peter.  

48-2:8      (For he that was myghtie in Peter, to the Apostleshyp of the circumcision, the same was myghtie in me towarde the gentiles)  

48-2:9      When they perceaued the grace that was geuen vnto me, then Iames, Cephas, and Iohn, which seemed to be pyllers, gaue to me and Barnabas the ryght handes of felowshyppe, that we [shoulde be Apostles] vnto the Heathen, and they vnto the circumcision.  

48-2:10     Onely that we shoulde remember the poore: Wherin also I was diligent to do the same.  

48-2:11     But whe Peter was come to Antioche, I withstoode him to the face, because he was to be blamed.  

48-2:12     For yer yt certaine came from Iames, he dyd eate with the gentiles: But whe they were come, he withdrue, and seperated himselfe, fearing them which were of the circumcision.  

48-2:13     And the other Iewes dissembled lykewyse with hym: insomuch that Barnabas also was brought into their simulation.  

48-2:14     But when I sawe that they went not the ryght way to the trueth of the Gospel, I saide vnto Peter before them all: If thou beyng a Iewe, lyuest after the maner of the gentiles, and not as do the Iewes: Why causest thou the gentiles to lyue as do the Iewes?  

48-2:15     We [which are] Iewes by nature, and not sinners of the gentiles,  

48-2:16     Knowe that a man is not iustified by the deedes of the lawe, but by the fayth of Iesus Christe: And we haue beleued on Iesus Christ, that we might be iustified by the fayth of Christe, and not by the deedes of the lawe, because by the deedes of the lawe no fleshe shalbe iustified.  

48-2:17     If then, whyle we seke to be made ryghteous by Christe, we our selues are founde sinners: is therfore Christe the minister of sinne? God forbyd.  

48-2:18     For yf I builde agayne the thynges which I destroyed, then make I my selfe a trespasser.  

48-2:19     For I, through the lawe, am dead to the lawe, that I myght lyue vnto God: I am crucified with Christe.  

48-2:20     Neuerthelesse, I lyue: yet nowe not I, but Christe lyueth in me. And ye lyfe which I nowe liue in the fleshe, I lyue by the faith of the sonne of God, which loued me, and gaue hym selfe for me.  

48-2:21     I reiect not the grace of God: For yf ryghteousnesse come of the lawe, then Christe is dead in vayne.  





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Galatians 3:  

Chapter 3:29 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-3:1      O foolishe Galathians, who hath bewitched you, that ye shoulde not obey ye trueth? To whom Iesus Christe was described before the eyes, & among you crucified.  

48-3:2      This only woulde I learne of you, whether ye receaued the spirite by the deedes of the lawe, or by the hearyng of the fayth?  

48-3:3      Are ye such fooles, that after ye haue begun in the spirite, ye woulde nowe ende in the fleshe?  

48-3:4      Haue ye suffered so great thynges in vayne? Yf it be yet in vayne.  

48-3:5      He therfore that ministreth to you the spirite, and worketh miracles among you, doth he it through the deedes of the lawe, or by hearyng of the fayth?  

48-3:6      Euen as Abraham beleued God, & it was ascribed to hym for righteousnesse.  

48-3:7      Knowe ye therfore, that they which are of fayth, the same are the chyldren of Abraham.  

48-3:8      For the scripture seyng aforehande that God woulde iustifie the Heathen through fayth, shewed beforehand glad tydynges vnto Abraham, [saying]: In thee shall all nations be blessed.  

48-3:9      So then, they which be of fayth, are blessed with the faythfull Abraham.  

48-3:10     For as many as are of the deedes of the lawe, are vnder the curse. For it is writte: Cursed is euery one that continueth not in all thinges which are written in the booke of the lawe, to do them.  

48-3:11     But that no man is iustified by ye lawe in the sight of God, it is euident. For the iust shall lyue by fayth.  

48-3:12     And the lawe is not of fayth: but the man that doth them, shall lyue in them.  

48-3:13     Christe hath redeemed vs from the curse of the lawe, beyng made a curse for vs. For it is written: Cursed is euery one that hangeth on tree:  

48-3:14     That the blessyng of Abraham might come on the gentiles through Iesus Christe, that we myght receaue the promise of the spirite through fayth.  

48-3:15     Brethren, I speake after ye maner of men: Though it be but a mans testamet, yet if it be alowed, no man reiecteth it, or addeth therto.  

48-3:16     To Abraham and his seede were the promises made. He sayth not to the seedes, as of many: but to thy seede, as of one, which is Christe.  

48-3:17     This I say, that the lawe which began afterwarde, beyonde foure hundred and thirtie yeres, doth not disanull the testament that was confirmed afore of God, vnto Christe warde, to make the promise of none effect.  

48-3:18     For yf the inheritauce be of the lawe, then not nowe of promise: But God gaue it vnto Abraham by promise.  

48-3:19     Wherfore then [serueth] the lawe? It was added because of transgressions, tyl the seede came to whom the promise was made: and it was ordayned by Angels in the hande of a mediatour.  

48-3:20     A mediatour is not [a mediatour] of one, but God is one.  

48-3:21     Is the lawe then against the promise of God? God forbyd. For yf there had ben a lawe geuen which coulde haue geuen life: then no doubt righteousnesse shoulde haue ben by the lawe.  

48-3:22     But the scripture hath concluded all vnder sinne, that the promise by ye fayth of Iesus Christe shoulde be geuen vnto them that beleue.  

48-3:23     But before fayth came, we were kept vnder the lawe, and were shut vp vnto the fayth which shoulde afterwarde be reuealed.  

48-3:24     Wherfore, the lawe was our scholemaister vnto Christe, that we shoulde be iustified by fayth.  

48-3:25     But after that fayth is come, we are no longer vnder a scholemaister.  

48-3:26     For ye are all the chyldren of God by fayth in Christe Iesu.  

48-3:27     For all ye that are baptized, haue put on Christe.  

48-3:28     There is no Iewe, neither Greke, there is neither bonde nor free, there is neither male, nor female: For ye are all one in Christe Iesu.  

48-3:29     If [ye be] Christes, then are ye Abrahams seede, and heyres accordyng to the promise.  





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Galatians 4:  

Chapter 4:31 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-4:1      And I say, that the heyre, as long as he is a chylde, differeth nothyng from a seruaut, though he be Lorde of all,  

48-4:2      But is vnder tuters and gouernours, vntyll the tyme appoynted of the father.  

48-4:3      Euen so we, when we were chyldren, were in bondage vnder ye rudimentes of the worlde:  

48-4:4      But when the fulnesse of the tyme was come, God sent his sonne, made of a woman, and made vnder the lawe,  

48-4:5      To redeeme them that were vnder the lawe, that we myght receaue the adoption of chyldren.  

48-4:6      Because ye are sonnes, God hath sent the spirite of his sonne into your heartes, crying, Abba, father.  

48-4:7      Wherfore thou art no more a seruaunt, but a sonne: If thou be a sonne, thou art also an heire of God, through Christ.  

48-4:8      Notwithstandyng, when ye knewe not God, ye dyd seruice vnto the which by nature are no Gods.  

48-4:9      But nowe after that ye haue knowen God, yea, rather are knowen of God, howe turne ye agayne vnto the weake and beggarly rudimentes, whervnto againe ye desire a freshe to be in bondage?  

48-4:10     Ye obserue dayes, and monethes, and tymes, and yeres.  

48-4:11     I am in feare of you, lest I haue bestowed on you labour in vayne.  

48-4:12     Brethren, I besech you be as I [am] for I am as ye are. Ye haue not iniured me at all.  

48-4:13     Ye knowe howe through infirmitie of the fleshe, I preached the Gospell vnto you at the first:  

48-4:14     And my temptation which was in my fleshe, ye dispised not, neither abhorred: but receaued me as an Angel of God, euen as Christe Iesus.  

48-4:15     What is then your felicitie? For I beare you recorde, that yf it had ben possible, ye woulde haue plucked out your owne eyes, and haue geuen them to me.  

48-4:16     Am I therfore become your enemie, because I tell you the trueth?  

48-4:17     They are gelouse ouer you amisse: Yea, they intende to exclude you, that ye shoulde be feruent to them warde.  

48-4:18     It is good alwayes to be zelous in a good thyng, and not only when I am present with you  

48-4:19     My litle chyldren, of whom I trauayle in birth agayne, vntyll Christe be fashioned in you.  

48-4:20     But I desire to be present with you nowe, and to chaunge my voyce: for I stande in doubt of you.  

48-4:21     Tell me, ye that desire to be vnder the lawe, do ye not heare the lawe?  

48-4:22     For it is written, that Abraham had two sonnes, the one by a bonde mayde, the other by a free woman:  

48-4:23     But he which was of the bonde woman, was borne after the fleshe: but he which was of the free woman, [was borne] by promise.  

48-4:24     Which thynges are spoken by an allegorie. For these are two testamentes: the one from the mount Sina, which gendreth vnto bondage, which is Agar.  

48-4:25     For Agar is the mount Sina in Arabia, and bordreth vpon the citie, which is nowe [called] Hierusalem, and is in bondage with her chyldren.  

48-4:26     But Hierusalem which is aboue, is free: which is the mother of vs all.  

48-4:27     For it is written: Reioyce thou baren, that bearest no chyldren, breake foorth and crye, thou that trauaylest not: For the desolate hath many mo chyldren, then she which hath an husbande.  

48-4:28     But brethren, we are after Isaac the chyldren of promise.  

48-4:29     But as then he that was borne after the fleshe, persecuted hym that was borne after the spirite: euen so is it now.  

48-4:30     Neuerthelesse, what saith the scripture? put away the bondwoman and her sonne: For the sonne of the bondwoman, shall not be heire with the sonne of the free woman.  

48-4:31     So then brethren, we are not chyldren of the bonde woman, but of the free.  





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Galatians 5:  

Chapter 5:26 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-5:1      Stande fast therfore in the libertie wherwith Christe hath made vs free, and be not intangled agayne with ye yoke of bondage.  

48-5:2      Beholde I Paul saye vnto you, that yf ye be , circumcised Christe shall profite you nothyng.  

48-5:3      For I testifie agayne to euery man which is circumcised, that he is a detter to do the whole lawe.  

48-5:4      Christe is become but vayne to you, as many of you as are iustified by the lawe, are fallen from grace.  

48-5:5      For we through the spirite, wayte for the hope of ryghteousnes by fayth.  

48-5:6      For in Iesus Christe, neither is circumcision any thing woorth, neither yet vncircumcision: but fayth, which worketh by loue.  

48-5:7      Ye dyd runne well, who was a let vnto you, that ye should not obey ye trueth?  

48-5:8      Not the perfection of hym that called you.  

48-5:9      A litle leauen, doth leauen the whole lumpe of dowe.  

48-5:10     I haue truste towarde you in the Lorde, that ye wyll be none otherwyse mynded: But he that troubleth you, shall beare iudgement, whatsoeuer he be.  

48-5:11     And brethren, if I yet preache circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? Then is the slaunder of the crosse ceassed.  

48-5:12     I woulde to God they were cut of which trouble you.  

48-5:13     For brethren, ye haue ben called into libertie: Only let not libertie be an occasio to the flesshe, but by loue serue one another.  

48-5:14     For all the lawe is fulfylled in one worde, which is this: Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour as thy selfe.  

48-5:15     Yf ye byte and deuoure one another, take heede lest ye be consumed one of another.  

48-5:16     Then I say, walke in the spirite, and ye shall not fulfyll the lust of the flesshe.  

48-5:17     For the flesshe lusteth contrary to the spirite, and the spirite contrary to the flesshe. These are contrary one to the other, so that ye can not do what ye woulde.  

48-5:18     But and yf ye be ledde of the spirite, then are ye not vnder the lawe.  

48-5:19     The deedes of the flesshe are manifest, which are these, adulterie, fornication, vncleannesse, wantonnesse,  

48-5:20     Worshippyng of images, witchcrafte, hatred, variaunce, zeale, wrath, strife, seditions, sectes,  

48-5:21     Enuyinges, murthers, drunkennesse, gluttonies, and such lyke: of the whiche I tell you before, as I haue tolde you in tyme past, that they which do suche thinges, shall not inherite the kingdome of God.  

48-5:22     But the fruite of the spirite is, loue, ioye, peace, long sufferyng, gentlenesse, goodnesse, fayth,  

48-5:23     Mekenesse, temperauncie: agaynst such there is no lawe.  

48-5:24     They truely that are Christes, haue crucified the flesshe, with the affections and lustes.  

48-5:25     Yf we lyue in ye spirite, let vs walke in the spirite.  

48-5:26     Let vs not be desirous of vayne glorie, prouoking one another, enuying one another.  





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Galatians 6:  

Chapter 6:18 Verses  

48 Galatians  

(Bishops 1568) .  

48-6:1      Brethren, yf a man be taken in any fault, ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirite of mekenes, consideryng thy selfe, lest thou also be tempted.  

48-6:2      Beare ye one anothers burthen, and so fulfyll the lawe of Christe.  

48-6:3      For if any man seeme to him selfe that he is somewhat, when he is nothyng, the same deceaueth hymselfe in his owne fansie.  

48-6:4      But let euery man proue his owne worke, & then shall he haue reioyceyng only in his owne selfe, and not in another.  

48-6:5      For euery man shall beare his owne burthen.  

48-6:6      Let hym that is taught in the word, minister vnto hym that teacheth hym, in all good thynges.  

48-6:7      Be not deceaued, God is not mocked: For whatsoeuer a man soweth, that shall he also reape.  

48-6:8      For he that soweth into his flesshe, shal of the flesshe reape corruption: But he that soweth into the spirite, shall of the spirite reape lyfe euerlastyng.  

48-6:9      Let vs not be weery in well doyng: for in due season we shall reape, yf we faynt not.  

48-6:10     Whyle we haue therefore tyme, let vs do good vnto all men, specially vnto the which are of the housholde of fayth.  

48-6:11     Ye see how large a letter I haue written vnto you with myne owne hande.  

48-6:12     As many as desire with outwarde appearaunce to please carnally, the same constrayne you to be circumcised, onlye lest they shoulde suffer persecution for the crosse of Christe.  

48-6:13     For they the selues which are circumcised, kepe not the lawe: but desire to haue you circumcised, that they myght reioyce in your flesshe.  

48-6:14     God forbyd that I shoulde reioyce, but in the crosse of our Lorde Iesus Christe, wherby the world is crucified vnto me, and I vnto the worlde.  

48-6:15     For in Christe Iesu, neither circumcision auayleth any thing, nor vncircumcision, but a newe creature.  

48-6:16     And as many as walke accordyng to this rule, peace be on them, and mercie, and vpon the Israel [that is] of God.  

48-6:17     From hencefoorth, let no man put me to busynesse: For I beare in my body the markes of the Lorde Iesus.  

48-6:18     Brethren, the grace of our Lorde Iesus Christe be with your spirite. Amen. [The Epistle vnto the Galathians, was sent from Rome.]  





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