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:1,364 Verses

Jeremiah 1:

Chapter 1:19 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-1:1††††† These are the sermons of Ieremie the sonne of Helkiah the priest, one of them that dwelt at Anathoth in the lande of Beniamin,

24-1:2††††† When the Lorde had first spoken with hym in the tyme of Iosiah the sonne of Amon kyng of Iuda, in the 13 yere of his raigne:

24-1:3††††† And so duryng vnto the tyme of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah king of Iuda, and vntyll the 11 yere of Zedekiah the sonne of Iosiah kyng of Iuda were ended, when Hierusalem was taken, euen in the fifth moneth.

24-1:4††††† The worde of the Lorde spake thus vnto me.

24-1:5††††† Before I fashioned thee in thy mothers wombe, I dyd knowe thee: and or euer thou wast borne, I sanctified thee, and ordeyned thee to be a prophete vnto the people.

24-1:6††††† Then sayde I: O Lorde God, I can not speake, for I am yet but young.

24-1:7††††† And the Lorde aunswered me thus: Say not so, I am to young: for thou shalt go to all that I shall sende thee vnto, and whatsoeuer I commaunde thee, that shalt thou speake.

24-1:8††††† Be not afrayde of their faces: for I am with thee to deliuer thee, saith the Lorde.

24-1:9††††† And with that the Lorde stretched out his hande and touched my mouth: and the same Lorde sayde vnto me, Beholde, I put my wordes in thy mouth.

24-1:10†††† And beholde, this day do I set thee ouer the people and kyngdomes, that thou mayest roote out, breake of, destroy, and make waste, and that thou mayest builde vp and plant.

24-1:11†††† After this the Lorde spake vnto me, saying: Ieremie, what seest thou? And I sayd, I see a rod of an Almond tree.

24-1:12†††† Then sayde the Lorde vnto me: thou hast seene ryght, for I wyll make haste speedyly vpon my worde to performe it.

24-1:13†††† It happened afterwarde that the Lorde spake to me agayne, and sayde: what seest thou? and I sayde: I do see a seethyng pot, lokyng from out of the north.

24-1:14†††† Then sayde the Lorde vnto me: Out of the north shall come a plague vpon all the dwellers of the lande.

24-1:15†††† For lo, I wyll call all the kinredes of the kingdomes of the north, saith the Lorde: and they shall come, and euery one shall set his seate in the gates of Hierusalem, and in all their walles rounde about, and in all cities of Iuda.

24-1:16†††† And through them shall I declare my iudgement, vpo all the wickednesse of those men that haue forsaken me, that haue burnt incense vnto straunge gods, and worshipped the workes of their owne handes.

24-1:17†††† And therfore girde vp thy loynes, arise, and tell them all that I geue thee in commaundement: Feare them not, lest I destroy thee before them.

24-1:18†††† For beholde, this day do I make thee a strong fensed towne, an iron pyller, and a brasen wall, agaynst the whole lande, agaynst the kinges and mightie men of Iuda, agaynst the priestes and people of the lande.

24-1:19†††† They shall fight agaynst thee, but they shall not be able to ouercome thee: for I am with thee to deliuer thee, saith the Lorde.

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Jeremiah 2:

Chapter 2:37 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-2:1††††† Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:

24-2:2††††† Go thy way, crye in the eares of Hierusalem, and say, Thus saith the Lorde: I remember thee, the kindnesse of thy youth, and the loue of thy despousyng, in that thou folowedst me through the wildernesse in an vntylled lande.

24-2:3††††† Israel was an halowed thyng vnto the Lorde, and was his first fruites: All they that deuour Israel shall offende, misfortune shall fall vpon them, saith the Lorde.

24-2:4††††† Heare therfore the worde of the Lord O thou house of Iacob, and all the generations of the house of Israel.

24-2:5††††† Thus saith the Lorde, What vnfaithfulnesse founde your fathers in me, that they went so farre away fro me, fallyng to lightnesse, and beyng so vayne?

24-2:6††††† They thought not in their heartes, where is the Lord that brought vs out of the lande of Egypt, that led vs thorowe the wildernesse, through a desert & rough lande, through a drye and deadly lande, yea a lande that no man had gone through, and wherin no man had dwelt?

24-2:7††††† And when I had brought you into a pleasauut fertile lande, that ye myght enioy the fruites & all the commodities of the same: ye went foorth and defiled my lande, and brought mine heritage to abhomination.

24-2:8††††† The priestes them selues sayde not, Where is the Lord? They that had the lawe in their handes knewe me not, the sheepheardes offended agaynst me, the prophetes did prophecie in Baal, and folowed such thinges as shal bryng them no profite.

24-2:9††††† Wherfore I am constrayned, saith the Lorde, yet agayne to contende in iudgement with you, and with your childers children.

24-2:10†††† Go into the Isles of Cethim, and loke well: sende vnto Cedar, take diligent heede, and see whether such thynges be done there,

24-2:11†††† Whether the gentiles them selues haue chaunged their gods which yet are no gods in deede? but my people hath chaunged their honour for a thyng that may not helpe them.

24-2:12†††† Be astonished O ye heauens, be afraide and abashed at such a thyng, saith the Lorde.

24-2:13†††† For my people hath done two euils: they haue forsaken me the well of the water of lyfe, and digged them pittes, yea vile and broken pittes that can holde no water.

24-2:14†††† Is Israel a bonde seruaunt, or one of the housholde? why is he the so spoyled?

24-2:15†††† They rore and crye vpon him as lions, they haue made his lande waste: his cities are so burnt vp, that there is no man dwellyng in them:

24-2:16†††† Yea the children of Noph & Taphnes shall cracke their crowne.

24-2:17†††† Commeth not this vnto thee because thou hast forsaken the Lorde thy God, euen when he led thee by the way?

24-2:18†††† And what hast thou nowe to do in the streete of Egypt, to drynke water out of Nilus? Either what makest thou in the way to Assyria, to drynke water of the fludde?

24-2:19†††† Thine owne wickednesse shall reproue thee, and thy turnyng away shall condempne thee: that thou mayest knowe and vnderstand howe euyll and hurtfull a thyng it is, that thou hast forsaken the Lorde thy God, and hast not feared me, saith the Lorde God of hoastes.

24-2:20†††† I haue euer broken thy yoke of olde, and burst thy bondes, yet sayest thou: I wyll no more transgresse: but like an harlot thou runnest about vpon all hye hylles, and among all greene trees.

24-2:21†††† Wheras I planted thee a noble vine, and wholly a right seede: howe art thou turned then into a bitter vnfruitfull and straunge grape?

24-2:22†††† [Yea and that so sore] that though thou washe thee with Nitrus, and make thy selfe to sauour with that sweete smellyng hearbe of Borith: yet in my sight thou art stayned with thy wickednesse, saith the Lorde thy God.

24-2:23†††† Howe sayest thou nowe, I am not vncleane, and I haue not folowed Baalim? Loke vpon thine owne wayes in the valleys what thou hast done? Thou art like a swift dromedarie that goeth easyly her way.

24-2:24†††† And thy wantonnesse is lyke a wylde Asse that vseth the wildernesse, and that snuffeth and bloweth at her wyll: who can tame her? All they that seeke her, shall not fayle but fynde her in her moneth.

24-2:25†††† Kepe thy foote from nakednesse, and thy throte from thirst, and thou thinkest in thy selfe: tushe, I wil take no sorowe, for I haue loued the straungers, and them wyll I folowe.

24-2:26†††† Lyke as a theefe that is taken with the deede, commeth to shame: euen so is the house of Israel come to confusion, the common people, their kynges and rulers, their priestes and prophetes.

24-2:27†††† For they say to a stocke, Thou art my father, & to a stone, Thou hast begotten me: yea they haue turned their backe vpon me, and not their face: but in the tyme of their trouble, when they say, stande vp and helpe vs:

24-2:28†††† [I shall aunswere them] Where are nowe thy gods that thou hast made thee? bid them stande vp, and helpe thee in the time of thy neede: For loke howe many cities thou hast O Iuda, so many gods hast thou also.

24-2:29†††† Wherfore then wyll ye go to lawe with me? seeyng ye all are sinners agaynst me, saith the Lorde.

24-2:30†††† It is but lost labour that I smite your children, for they receaue not my correction: your owne sworde destroyeth your prophetes, lyke a deuouryng lion.

24-2:31†††† Oh generation, hearken vnto the worde of the Lorde: Am I become a wildernesse vnto the people of Israel? or a lande that hath no lyght? wherfore saith my people then, We are lordes, we wyll come no more vnto thee?

24-2:32†††† Doth a mayde forget her rayment, or a bride her stomacher? but my people hath forgotten me a very long whyle.

24-2:33†††† Why beautifiest thou thy wayes so hyely, to obteyne fauour therthrough? therfore also hast thou taught wickednesse through thy wayes.

24-2:34†††† Upon thy wynges is found the blood of poore and innocent people, whom thou didst not fynde in corners & holes: but thou sluest the prophetes for reprouyng all these thynges.

24-2:35†††† Yet darest thou say, I am [without sinne and] giltlesse, Tushe, his wrath can not come vpon me: Beholde, I wyll reason with thee, because thou darest say, I haue not offended.

24-2:36†††† Why gaddest thou so much hither and thither, to chaunge thy wayes? for thou shalt be confounded aswell of Egypt as thou wast of the Assyrians.

24-2:37†††† Yea thou shalt go thy way from them, and smite thine handes together vpon thy head, because the Lorde shall bring that confidence and hope of thine to naught, & thou shalt not prosper withal.

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Jeremiah 3:

Chapter 3:25 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-3:1††††† Commonly when a man putteth away his wyfe, and she goeth from hym & maryeth with another, then the question is: shoulde he resort vnto her any more after that? (Is not that lande then defiled and vncleane?) But as for thee thou hast played the harlot with many louers, yet turne agayne to me, saith the Lorde.

24-3:2††††† Lift vp thine eyes to the hygh places, and loke where thou hast not ben defiled: Thou hast wayted for them in the streetes, and as a murtherer in the wildernesse, through thy whoredome and shamefull blasphemies is the lande defiled.

24-3:3††††† This is the cause that the rayne and euenyng deawe hath ceassed: Thou hast gotten thee an whores forehead, and wylt not be ashamed.

24-3:4††††† Wylt thou not herafter say vnto me, O my father, thou art he that hast brought me vp, and led me from my youth?

24-3:5††††† Wyll God continue his wrath for euer? wyll he kepe our faultes in memorie to the ende? Neuerthelesse, thou speakest such wordes, but thou art euer doyng worse and worse to the vtmost of thy power.

24-3:6††††† The Lorde sayde also vnto me in the tyme of Iosiah the kyng, Hast thou seene what that rebellion Israel hath done? howe she hath runne vp vpon all the hylles, and among all thicke trees, and there played the harlot?

24-3:7††††† Hast thou seene also when she had done all this, howe I sayde vnto her, that she shoulde turne agayne vnto me, and yet she is not returned? Iuda that vnfaithfull sister of hers also sawe this:

24-3:8††††† Namely, that after I had well seene the adulterie of the shrinckyng harlot Israel, I put her away, and gaue her a byll of deuorcement: For all this, her vnfaithfull sister Iuda was not ashamed, but went backe and played the whore.

24-3:9††††† Yea and the wantonnesse of her whoredome hath defyled the whole lande: For she hath comitted fornication with stones and stockes.

24-3:10†††† Neuerthelsse, her vnfaithfull sister Iuda is not turned vnto me agayne with her whole heart, but faignedlye saith the Lorde.

24-3:11†††† And the Lorde sayde vnto me, The backslyder Israel, is more righteous then the vnfaithfull Iuda.

24-3:12†††† And therfore go preach these wordes towarde the north, and say, Thou disobedient Israel, turne agayne saith the Lorde, and I wyll not bring my wrath vpon you: for I am mercifull saith the Lorde, and I wyll not alway beare displeasure agaynst thee:

24-3:13†††† But on this condition, that thou know thy great blasphemie, namely that thou hast vnfaithfully forsaken the Lord thy God, and hast made thy selfe partaker of straunge gods vnder all greene trees, and hast had no wyll to heare my voyce, saith the Lorde.

24-3:14†††† O ye disobedient childre, turne againe saith the Lorde, and I wyll be maryed with you: for I wyll take one out of the citie, and two out of one generation from among you, and bryng you into Sion,

24-3:15†††† And wyll geue you heardmen after myne owne mynde, which shall feede you with learnyng and wisdome.

24-3:16†††† Moreouer, when ye be encreased and multiplied in the lande, then saith the Lorde, there shall no more boast be made of the arke of the Lordes testament: No man shall thinke vpon it, neither shall any man make mention of it: for from thencefoorth it shall neither be visited, neither shall such thyng be done any more.

24-3:17†††† Then shall Hierusalem be called the Lordes seate, and all heathen shalbe gathered vnto it for the name of the Lordes sake which shalbe set vp at Hierusalem: And from that tyme foorth they shall folowe no more the imagination of their owne frowarde heart.

24-3:18†††† Then those that be of the house of Iuda, shal go vnto the house of Israel, and they shall come together out of the north, into the same lande that I haue geuen your fathers.

24-3:19†††† I haue thought thus: howe shall I take thee to be my children, and geue a pleasaunt lande for thine heritage, yea and a goodly hoast of the heathen? And I sayd, Call me father, and shrincke not from me.

24-3:20†††† Truely, lyke as a woman fayleth her husbande, so are ye vnfaithfull vnto me O ye house of Israel, saith the Lorde.

24-3:21†††† The voyce of the children of Israel was hearde on hye, weepyng and waylyng: for that they haue defiled their way, and forgotten God their Lorde.

24-3:22†††† O ye disobedient children, turne againe, & so shall I heale your backturnynges. Lo we come vnto thee, for thou art the Lorde our God.

24-3:23†††† Truely, in vayne is health hoped for from the hylles, be they neuer so many: but the health of Israel standeth only vpon God our Lorde.

24-3:24†††† Confusion hath deuoured our fathers labour from our youth vp, yea their sheepe and bullockes, their sonnes and daughters.

24-3:25†††† So do we also sleepe in our confusion, and shame couereth vs: for we & our fathers from our youth vp vnto this day haue sinned agaynst the Lord our God, and haue not obeyed the voyce of the Lorde our God.

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Jeremiah 4:

Chapter 4:31 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-4:1††††† O Israel, yf thou wylt turne thee, then turne vnto me, saith ye Lord: and yf thou wylt put away thine abhominations out of my sight, thou shalt not be moued.

24-4:2††††† And shalt sweare, The Lord lyueth, in trueth, in equitie, and righteousnesse, and all people shalbe fortunable and ioyfull in hym.

24-4:3††††† For thus saith the Lorde to all Iuda and Hierusalem: Plowe your lande, and sowe not among the thornes.

24-4:4††††† Be circumcised in the Lorde, and cut away the foreskynne of your heartes all ye of Iuda, and all the indwellers of Hierusalem: that myne indignation breake not out lyke fire, and kindle, so that no man may quenche it, because of the wickednesse of your imaginations.

24-4:5††††† Preach in Iuda and Hierusalem, crye out and speake, blowe the trumpettes in the lande, crye that euery man may heare, and say, Gather you together, and we wyll go into strong cities.

24-4:6††††† Set vp the token in Sion, speede you and make no tarying: for I wyll bring a great plague and a great destruction from the north.

24-4:7††††† For the spoyler of the gentiles is broken vp from his place as a lion out of his denne: that he may make thy lande waste, and destroy the cities, so that no man may dwell therin.

24-4:8††††† Wherfore girde your selues about with sackcloth, mourne and weepe: for the fearefull wrath of the Lorde is not withdrawen from vs.

24-4:9††††† At the same tyme saith the Lord, the heart of the kyng & of the princes shalbe gone, the priestes shalbe astonished, and the prophetes shalbe sore afrayde.

24-4:10†††† Then sayde I: Oh Lorde God, hast thou then deceaued this people and Hierusalem, saying, Ye shall haue peace: and nowe the sworde goeth through their lyues?

24-4:11†††† Then shall it be sayde to the people and Hierusalem, A strong winde in the hye places of the wildernesse commeth through the way of my people, but neither to fanne nor to cleanse.

24-4:12†††† After that, shall there come vnto me a strong wynde from those places, & then wyll I also geue sentence vpon them.

24-4:13†††† For lo, he ariseth like a cloude, and his charrets are like a stormie wynde, his horses are swifter then the Egle: Wo vnto vs, for we are destroyed.

24-4:14†††† O Hierusalem, washe thine heart from wickednesse, that thou mayest be helped: Howe long shall thy vayne thoughtes remayne with thee?

24-4:15†††† For a voyce from Dan and from the hill of Ephraim speaketh out, and telleth of a destruction.

24-4:16†††† Remember the heathen, and geue Hierusalem warning, and preache vnto her, that watchers ouer her are commyng from farre countries, they haue cryed out against the cities of Iuda.

24-4:17†††† And they haue beset her about in euery place, lyke as the watchmen in the fielde: For they haue prouoked me to wrath, saith the Lorde.

24-4:18†††† Thy wayes and thy thoughtes haue brought thee vnto this, such is thine owne wickednesse and disobedience: and because it is a bitter thyng, it hath stricken thee to the heart.

24-4:19†††† Ah my belly, ah my belly shalt thou crie, howe is my heart so sore? my heart panteth within me, I can not be styll, for I haue hearde the crying of the trumpettes, and peales of warre.

24-4:20†††† They crye murther vpon murther, the whole lande shall perishe: Immediatly my tentes were destroyed, and my hanginges in the twincklyng of an eye.

24-4:21†††† Howe long shall I see the tokens of warre, and heare the noyse of the trumpettes?

24-4:22†††† [Neuerthelesse, this shall come vpon them,] because my people is become foolishe, and hath not knowen me: they are the children of foolishnesse, and without any discretion: To do euyll, they haue wit inough: but to do well, they haue no wisdome.

24-4:23†††† I haue loked vpon the earth, and see it was waste and voyde: I loked towarde heauen, and it had no shine.

24-4:24†††† I behelde the mountaynes, and lo, they trembled, and all the hylles were in a feare.

24-4:25†††† I loked about me, and there was no body: and all the birdes of the ayre were away.

24-4:26†††† I marked well, and the plowed fielde was become waste, yea all their cities were broken downe at the presence of the Lord and indignation of his wrath.

24-4:27†††† For thus hath the Lorde saide: The whole lande shalbe desolate, yet wyll I not then haue done.

24-4:28†††† And therfore shall the earth mourne, and the heauen be sorie aboue: for the thyng that I haue spoken to the prophetes, purposed, and taken vpon me to do, shall not repent me, and I wyll not go from it.

24-4:29†††† The whole lande shall flee for the noyse of horsemen and bowmen, they shall runne into dennes, into wooddes, and climbe vp the stonye rockes: all the cities shalbe voyde, and no man dwellyng therin.

24-4:30†††† What wylt thou nowe do, thou being destroyed? For though thou clothest thy selfe with scarlet, and deckest thee with golde, though thou payntest thy face with colours nowe, yet shalt thou trimme thy selfe in vayne: For those that hitherto haue ben thy louers, shall abhorre thee, and go about to slay thee.

24-4:31†††† For I heare a noyse lyke as it were of a woman trauaylyng, & one labouryng of her first childe, Euen the voyce of the daughter Sion, that casteth out her armes, and sowneth, saying: Ah, wo is me, howe sore vexed and faynt is my heart for feare of the murtherers?

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Jeremiah 5:

Chapter 5:31 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-5:1††††† Loke through Hierusalem, beholde and see, seeke through her streetes also within, yf ye can fynde one man that doth equall and ryght, or seketh for the trueth, and I shall spare that citie, saith the Lorde.

24-5:2††††† For though they can say, the Lorde lyueth: yet they sweare to deceaue.

24-5:3††††† Wheras thou (O Lorde) lokest only vpon faith and trueth: Thou hast scourged them, but they toke no repentaunce, thou hast corrected them for amendement, but they refused thy correction, they made their faces harder then a stone, and woulde not amende.

24-5:4††††† Therfore I thought in my selfe: peraduenture they are so simple & foolishe that they vnderstande nothyng of the Lordes way, and iudgementes of their God.

24-5:5††††† Therfore will I go vnto their heades and rulers, and talke with them, if they knowe the way of the Lord, and iudgementes of their God: But these [in lyke maner] haue broken the yoke, and burst the bondes in sunder.

24-5:6††††† Wherfore a lion out of the wood hath hurt them, and a woolfe in the euenyng shall destroy them, the Leoparde doth lye lurkyng by their cities, to teare in peeces all them that come therout: for their offences are multiplied, and their departyng away is encreased.

24-5:7††††† Shoulde I then for all this haue mercie vpon thee? Thy children haue forsaken me, and sworne by them that are no gods: and albeit that I fed them to the full, yet they fall to adulterie, and haunt harlottes houses.

24-5:8††††† In the desire of vncleanly lust they are become lyke the stoned horse, euery man neyeth at his neighbours wife.

24-5:9††††† Shoulde I not correct this, saith the Lorde? shoulde I not be auenged of euery people that is lyke vnto this?

24-5:10†††† Climbe vp vpon their walles, beate them downe, and destroy them not vtterly: take away their battlementes, because they are not the lordes.

24-5:11†††† For vnfaithfully hath the house of Israel and Iuda forsaken me, saith the Lorde.

24-5:12†††† They haue denied the Lorde and sayde, It is not he [that loketh vpon vs] tushe, there shall no misfortune come vpon vs, we shall see neither sworde nor hunger.

24-5:13†††† As for the warning of the prophetes, it is but wynde, yea there is not the worde of God in them: such thynges shall happen vnto them selues.

24-5:14†††† Wherfore thus saith the Lorde God of hoastes, Because ye speake such wordes, beholde, the wordes that are in thy mouth wyll I turne to fire, and make the people to be wood, that the fire may consume them.

24-5:15†††† Lo, I wyll bryng a people vpon you from farre, O house of Israel, saith the Lorde, a mightie people, an olde people, a people whose speache thou knowest not, neither vnderstandest what they say.

24-5:16†††† Their arrowes are sodayne death, yea they them selues be very giauntes.

24-5:17†††† This people shall eate vp thy fruite and thy meate, yea they shall deuour thy sonnes & thy daughters, thy sheepe and thy bullockes, they shall eate vp thy grapes and figges: As for thy strong and well defensed cities wherin thou didst trust, they shall bryng to pouertie, and that through the sworde.

24-5:18†††† Neuerthelesse, I wyll not then haue done with you, saith the Lorde.

24-5:19†††† But if they say, wherfore doth the Lorde our God all this vnto vs? Then aunswere them: because that lyke as ye haue forsaken me, & serued straunge gods in your lande, euen so shal ye serue straungers out of your lande.

24-5:20†††† Preach this vnto the house of Iacob, and crye it out in Iuda, and say thus:

24-5:21†††† Heare this thou foolishe and vndiscreete people, ye haue eyes but ye see not, eares haue ye but ye heare not.

24-5:22†††† Feare ye not me, saith the Lorde? will ye not tremble at my presence? which bynde the sea with the sande by a continuall decree, so that it can not passe his boundes: for though it rage, yet can it do nothing, and though the waues therof do swell, yet may they not go ouer.

24-5:23†††† But this people hath a false and obstinate heart, they are departed and gone away fro me.

24-5:24†††† They thinke not in their heartes, O let vs feare the Lord our God, who geueth vs raine early and late when nede is, whiche kepeth euer still the haruest for vs yerely.

24-5:25†††† Neuerthesse, your misdeedes haue turned these from you, and your sinnes haue robbed you of good thinges.

24-5:26†††† For among my people are found wicked persons, that priuily lay snares and wayte for men, to take them and destroy them.

24-5:27†††† And like as a nette is full of byrdes, so are their houses full of that which they haue gotten with falshood and deceipt: Hereof commeth their great substaunce and riches,

24-5:28†††† Hereof are they fat and welthy, and are more mischieuous then any other: they minister not the lawe, they make no ende of the fatherlesse cause, yea and they prosper: yet they iudge not the poore according to equitie.

24-5:29†††† Should I not punishe these thinges saith the Lorde? should not I be auenged of all suche people as these be?

24-5:30†††† Horrible and greeuous thinges are done in the lande.

24-5:31†††† The prophetes teache falsely, and the preachers receaue giftes, and my people hath pleasure therein: what wyll come thereof at the last.

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Jeremiah 6:

Chapter 6:30 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-6:1††††† Come out of Hierusalem, ye strong chyldre of Beniamin blowe vp the trumpettes ye Thecuites, set vp a token vnto Bethcaran: for a plague & a great miserie appeareth out from the north.

24-6:2††††† I wyll liken the daughter Sion to a faire and tender woman, and to her shall come the shepheardes with their flockes.

24-6:3††††† Their tentes shall they pitche rounde about her, and euery one shall feede in his place.

24-6:4††††† Make battayle against her [shall they say] aryse, let vs go vp whyle it is yet day: Alas the day goeth away, and the night shadowes fall downe.

24-6:5††††† Arise, let vs go vp by night, and destroy her strong holdes.

24-6:6††††† For thus hath the Lorde of hoastes commaunded, Hewe downe her trees, and set vp bulwarkes against Hierusalem: for the tyme is come that this citie must be punished, for in her is all maliciousnesse.

24-6:7††††† Like as a conduite spouteth out waters, so she spouteth out her wickednesse: Robberie and vnrighteousnesse is hearde in her, sorowe and woundes are euer there in my sight.

24-6:8††††† Amende thee (O Hierusalem) lest I withdrawe my heart from thee, and make thee desolate, and thy lande also, that no man dwell in it.

24-6:9††††† For thus saith the Lorde of hoastes: The residue of Israel shalbe gathered as the remnaunt of grapes: and therefore turne thyne hande agayne into the basket, like the grape gatherer.

24-6:10†††† But vnto whom shall I speake? whom shall I warne that he may take heede? Their eares are so vncircumcised, that they may not heare: beholde, they take the worde of God but for a scorne, and haue no lust therto.

24-6:11†††† And therefore I am so full of thyne indignation O Lorde, that I may suffer no lenger, but shed it out vpon the chyldren that are without, and vpon all young men: yea the man must be taken prisoner with the wife, and the aged with the creeple.

24-6:12†††† Their houses with their landes and wiues shalbe turned into straungers: for I wyll stretche out mine hand vpon the inhabitours of this lande, saith the Lorde.

24-6:13†††† For from the least to the most they hang all vpon couetousnesse: and from the prophete vnto the priest, they go about falshood and lyes.

24-6:14†††† And beside that, they heale the hurt of my people with sweete wordes, saying, Peace, peace: when there is no peace at all.

24-6:15†††† Were they ashamed when they had committed abhomination? Truly nay, they be past shame, and therefore they shall fall among the slayne: and in the houre when I shall visite them, they shalbe brought downe saith the Lorde.

24-6:16†††† Thus saith the Lorde, Go into the streetes, consider and make inquisition for the olde way, and if it be the good and right way, then go therein, that ye may finde rest for your soules: but they say, we wyll not walke therin.

24-6:17†††† Moreouer, I wyl set watchmen ouer you, and therefore take heede vnto the voyce of the trumpet: but they say, we wyll not take heede.

24-6:18†††† Heare therefore ye gentiles, and thou congregation shalt know what I haue deuised for them.

24-6:19†††† Heare thou earth also: behold, I wyll cause a plague to come vpon this people, euen the fruite of their owne imaginations, for that they haue not ben obedient vnto my wordes and to my lawe, but abhorred them.

24-6:20†††† Wherefore bryng ye me incense from Saba, and sweete smelling calamus from farre countreys? your burnt offeringes displease me, and I reioyce not in your sacrifices.

24-6:21†††† And therefore thus saith the Lorde: Beholde, I wyll lay stumbling blockes among this people, and there shall fall at them the father with the chyldren, one neighbour shall perishe with another.

24-6:22†††† Thus saith the Lorde: Beholde, there shall come a people from the north, and a great people shal arise from the endes of the earth.

24-6:23†††† With bowes and with dartes shall they be weaponed, it is a rough and fearce people, & an vnmercifull people: their voyce roareth like the sea, thei ride vpon horses well appointed to the battaile against thee O daughter Sion.

24-6:24†††† The fame of them haue we hearde, our armes are feeble, heauinesse and sorowe is come vpon vs, as vpon a woman trauayling with chylde.

24-6:25†††† Let no man go foorth into the fielde, let no man come vpon the hye streete: for the sworde and feare of the enemie is on euery side.

24-6:26†††† Wherfore gyrde a sackcloth about thee O thou daughter of my people, sprinkle thy selfe with ashes: mourne and weepe bitterly as vpon thyne onlye beloued sonne, for the destroyer shall sodainly fall vpon vs.

24-6:27†††† Thee haue I set for a strong towre [O thou prophete] and a well fensed wall among my people, to seeke out and to trye their wayes.

24-6:28†††† For they are all stubborne apostates and fallen away, walking deceiptfully, they are cleane brasse and iron, for they hurt and destroy euery man.

24-6:29†††† The bellowes are brent in the fire, the leade is not moulten, the melter melteth in vayne, for the euill is not taken away from them.

24-6:30†††† Therefore do they call them naughtie siluer, because the Lorde hath cast them out.

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Jeremiah 7:

Chapter 7:34 Verses

24 Jeremiah

(Bishops 1568) .

24-7:1††††† These are the wordes that God spake vnto Ieremie, saying:

24-7:2††††† Stande vnder the gate of the Lordes house, & crye out these wordes there with a loude voyce, and say, Heare the word of the Lorde all ye of Iuda, that go in at this doore to worship the Lorde:

24-7:3††††† Thus saith the Lorde of hoastes, the God of Israel: Amende your wayes and your counsels, and I wyll let you dwell in this place.

24-7:4††††† Trust not in false lying words, saying: Here is the temple of the Lord, here is the temple of the Lord, here is the temple of the Lorde:

24-7:5††††† But rather in deede amende your wayes and counsels, and iudge right betwixt a man and his neighbour,

24-7:6††††† Oppresse not the straunger, the fatherlesse, and the widowe, shed not innocent blood in this place, cleaue not to straunge gods to your owne destruction:

24-7:7††††† Then wyll I let you dwell in this place, yea in the land that I gaue afore tyme to your fathers for euer.

24-7:8††††† But take heede, ye trust in lying tales, that beguile you and do you no good.

24-7:9††††† For when ye haue stollen, murthered, committed adultrie and periurie, when ye haue offered vnto Baal, folowing straunge and vnknowen gods: shall ye be vnpunished?

24-7:10†††† Yet then come ye and stande before me in this house (whiche hath my name geuen vnto it) and say, tushe, we are absolued quite, though we haue done all these abhominations.

24-7:11†††† What, thinke you this house that beareth my name, is a denne of thieues? And yet I see what you thinke, saith the Lorde.

24-7:12†††† Go to my place in Silo, wherevnto I gaue my name aforetyme, and looke well what I did to the same place for the wickednesse of my people of Israel.

24-7:13†††† And now seing ye haue done all these deedes saith the Lorde, and I my selfe rose vp euer betimes to warne you and to commune with you, yet would ye not heare me, I called, ye would not aunswere:

24-7:14†††† Therefore, euen as I haue done vnto Silo, so wyll I do to this house that my name is geuen vnto, and that you put your trust in, yea vnto the place that I haue geuen to you and your fathers:

24-7:15†††† And I shal thrust you out of my sight, as I haue cast out all your brethren the whole seede of Ephraim.

24-7:16†††† Therfore thou shalt not pray for this people, thou shalt neither geue thankes nor bid prayer for them: make thou no intercession for them, for in no wise will I heare thee.

24-7:17†††† Seest thou not what they do in the cities of Iuda, and in the streetes of Hierusalem?

24-7:18†††† The chyldren gather stickes, the fathers kindle the fire, the wome kneade the dough to bake cakes for the queene of heauen: they powre out drinke offeringes vnto straunge gods, to prouoke me vnto wrath.

24-7:19†††† Howbeit they hurt not me saith the Lord, but rather confounde and shame them selues.

24-7:20†††† And therefore thus saith the Lorde God: Beholde, my wrath and indignation shalbe powred out vpon this place, vpon men and cattell, vpon trees in the fielde, and fruite of the lande: and it shall burne, so that no man may quench it.

24-7:21†††† Thus saith the Lorde of hoastes the God of Israel: Heape vp your burnt offeringes with your sacrifices, and eate the fleshe.

24-7:22†††† For when I brought your fathers out of Egypt, I spake no worde vnto them of burnt offeringes and sacrifices:

24-7:23†††† But this I commaunded them, saying, Hearken and obay my voyce, and I shalbe your God, and ye shalbe my people, so that ye walke in al the wayes whiche I haue commaunded you, that ye may prosper.

24-7:24†††† But they were not obedient, they inclined not their eares there vnto: but went after their owne imaginations, and after the motions of their owne wicked heart, and so turned them selues away, and conuerted not vnto me.

24-7:25†††† And this haue they done from the tyme that your fathers came out of Egypt, vnto this day: Neuerthelesse, I sent vnto you all my seruauntes the prophetes, I rose vp early, and sent you worde.

24-7:26†††† Yet woulde they not hearken nor offer me their eares, but were obstinate, and worse then their fathers.

24-7:27†††† And thou shalt nowe speake all these wordes vnto them, but they shall not heare thee: thou shalt crye vpon them, but they shall not aunswere thee.

24-7:28†††† Therefore shalt thou say vnto them, This is the people that neither heareth the voyce of the Lorde their God, nor receaueth his correction: faythfulnesse and trueth is cleane rooted